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    Mulan and Eating Contest

    by , 11-07-2011 at 04:42 PM (495 Views)
    I am Mulan(due to re-watching Mulan 2 days ago).

    I am in some kind of white building. I feel like it is somehow has to do with military thing.. there are bunch of people in Chinese restaurant.
    in the kitchen, there is giant person, showing-off eating a whole chicken very easily, as if he chewing a gum. then he says
    "who wants to challenge me?!"
    and people start to have 'eating contest'(this is due to having watched eating contest episode from High Kick). I hold my rice bowl and sit near the wall. there is my 'real' mom, too. I see some other characters from Mulan.

    I think I eat almost 8 bowls of rice... at last I order one chicken wing from the kitchen. tastes real honey wing chicken... I am really full.
    next to me there is a girl and her daddy. the daddy bring a package of sweet-rice-cake sticks? for her daughter. he open it and we share together. when I put one rice cake stick in my mouth I am worried that this 'made-in-china' stuff will make me sick. it is in my mouth anyway, so I just chew and chew, but it's just sugary, there's nothing 'tasty'... I feel like chewing rubber. -.-

    suddenly a man presses his finger on my throat.(I am still Mulan) the man says a line along with this meaning: if you keep swallowing then the food at the end of throat wont go down...
    what the hell, is he demonstrating something on me?! so I say
    "hey I almost threw up!!!"

    scene jump

    my parents and I at a snowy place. kids are sliding down the hill. some people are making fake hills for sliding with water, digging snow. I see a person with snowboard.
    next to me, one man puts a cost for sliding. its not free anymore..

    scene jump

    I am at school. I see someone I know coming toward me, then passes. she is holding a baby who is familiar to someone I know well. then I recognize that she had a baby between....other girl I know.
    I am like, WHAT THE F**K??!? how can two females.... have baby?!?! I am really shocked. at this point I am almost lucid. but the scene jumps again.

    I am at book store with my mom and brother. I see lucid dream book by Stephen LaBerge and other books that are related to lucid dreaming on a counter.

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