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    Windhover 10/12

    by , 10-12-2011 at 03:42 PM (450 Views)
    dream 1 - it was about my vampire comic Bit by Bit, but I dont recall anything. fragments of Amy, Bel/ Sel...

    dream 2 - I was in a big bookstore. I saw new Muse album on the shelf. took one out, and there were several songs from Black Holes and Revelations. I was listening to a new song, dont remember the melody, but I heard Bellamy's first vocal sounds. near Muse album there were Muse and Evanescence Wii game(?) with fan art-_- jackets on them...

    on the book shelf I saw Sonic Generation, and one big and 3 small BLAME! books. they were all Nihei's artbooks. book colors were orange and light green. the weird thing was that in the book there was Nihei's family portrait. one fine art I remember was this orange ski and some megastructures and linear jet-cloud thingy...(in the description, that jet-cloud was semen........wut. -__-) on the back of the cover, the price was $16.87. I really wanted to buy BLAME! artbook so badly but I didnt have money. I even thought of begging my parents. suddenly my brother appeared and said that we have to go somewhere.
    "come on, sis! we have to watch Korea vs a country(dont rememebr which country) for World Cup, hurry!"
    I wanted to keep reading BLAME! books so I said...
    "I dont really care about World Cup... dude, that 2010 game sucked! I'm not interested in World Cup right now. I wont go"
    "we have to count the goals and write down on the notebook! did you bring the notebook?"
    he said with frowned face.
    "the notebook? no"
    "I said bring it before!!"
    "I dont recall you saying that."
    so I think he got away himself, frustrated.. I returned reading the book.

    then a brothers-dad-family came behind me with a bluish-grey fur cat. the cat jumped on my lap, playing with my left hand with his paw. the cat was kinda young(I saw his cute little face^^) his paw had sharp nails; my hand hurt. then this boy who's the owner grabbed his paw, putting the nails in(?).. and he said, there you go. the cat again played with my hand and it didnt hurt. I gently stroke his head.

    I think I was leaving the bookstore... my mom came in and she said something with this kind of line:
    stop drawing cartoons already... so I thought, what the heck is the matter with me drawing cartoon? why is it a big deal?, whimpering.

    scene jump

    I was doing the Internet. I saw HHD's blog post 'Ghost Song has finally come to an end!' written. there was no reply so I replied to the post in English(it should have been in Korean..felt weird): Congrats! I'm really happy that you finished your comic ^^ how about publishing webcomic next time...?'. and when I clicked the reply button, there were already some 4-5 posts saying 'I'm first!!!' 'me first' idiots...

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    non-lucid , dream fragment