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    After Competition Lucid Dream

    by , 03-19-2023 at 08:05 PM (91 Views)

    Before I fell asleep…
    I woke up at 0930am LT. I began to wonder that it will be good time for WBTB bc I woke up by myself directly after dream so in theory I’am in REM phase. So I started WILD. During this I recognised that I’m too rested and propably WILD isn’t a good tech for this moment so I resigned. „I will stay i my bed one minute more and I will stand up. I don’t want mess with my bio clock one day before monday” – I thought. Aaaandd…. After this one minute I just fell asleep…

    Non-lucid section
    I was passing near some kind of restaurant. I stopped to look what is inside and the old woman accosted me. She had white board on her chest with written sign „Good beef – 1pln per 100g” (pln is my country currency and it is circa 0.23 usd). She recommended me her beef but I said
    - Sorry ma’am I’m looking inside that restaurant, not on you
    - Just try it. It’s super cheap!
    I checked my pocket but I left my wallet in my home
    - Wait, I’ll go for my wallet
    Dream scenerio has changed and now I had wallet. I paid that woman 3.50 pln (circa 0.80 usd) and I entered inside that restaurant. After ordering fries I sit down on chair.
    After moment somebody seat near to me. This guy was from my company from crew recruitment department. „Oh shit. I’m sure he will start inportune me”. But no – he wasn’t inportune me. He just took a seat near me and he was waiting for his food. I thought it’s great oportunity to make „job conections” so I started convartation with him
    -Do you have some news from sea world? - I asked
    -Excuse me?
    -Do you have some rumors or news about our job. Especially from shore department. You know – we seafarers like such topics… it’s good to keep conversations onboard.
    -Ah.. not really
    I was looking on city view by window. It’s was a little bit strange because I wasn’t in my home city but I can see characteristic skyscraper.
    -That is weird… I didn’t knew we have office in this city – I said
    -What do you mean?
    -Look – I point on the skyscraper – It’s our office. Literally, I can see name of our company on top of this building.
    He didn’t even looks in this direction.

    Lucid section
    I made RC using nose plug technique. Person ahead of me saw that.
    -What are you doing with you nose?
    -Nothing important. I have runny nose, don’t mind that. Anyway, I’m going to toilet wash my hands. Wait for me.
    I left that place and my „friend”. When I passed the door I was teleported into my home (not intentionally). I entered to second room, I was trying to remind my three-step goals from competition and my personal goals (ofc I know the competition is ended. I wanted to recive some of these goals just for fun). After that I summoned assault rifle. It looks like combinations of Scorpion Evo SMG and AR15 rifle. Next I checked magazine – it’s was full. I smilled. I come back and kicked closed door saying „I’M BACK!”. I just shot him. 3-5 shots in chest and 2-3 shots in head. After, I went to next room in my home and I shot my grandfather in the same way.
    I felt a little bit sorry bc I killed member of my family, but this was my personal goal – do something crazy so I can breake my in-dream fears

    If it was during the competition I should got:
    DILD = 10p
    WBTB = 2p
    RC = 1p
    Using object (I mean making sure my weapon is operational) = 5p

    three-step task:
    Basic summoning = 5p

    Personal goals:
    Kill someone with a rifle = 15p

    Total: 38p
    That's much more than I got in entire competition (33p) XDD
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Oh noo Well, lucids are the important thing, points are secondary Hope we get to see you in Summer 2023 again
      Iluzjusz likes this.
    2. theshirecat's Avatar
      That's pretty awesome that you were lucid enough to take on an in-dream fear like that. One of my goals is to straight up battle a nightmare monster and/or ask it about what it might represent.
      Iluzjusz likes this.
    3. Iluzjusz's Avatar
      Ofc LD is much more important. I just wanted to check how points work with my dream control I'm very happy with today dream because it passed 6 days from last almost-successful try. Usually I have 2-3 weeks of "cooldown".

      About my fears - I lost years of experience because of my fear of do anything more than regular things. And it made me upset so I started to play "more agressive/dynamic" in dream
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