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    Battle Royale/Hunger Games Fight

    by , 03-10-2014 at 12:23 AM (189 Views)
    Now something a little more interesting, which is actually kind of funny because this wasn't a lucid dream.


    So I dream I am in some sort of Hunger Games/Battle Royale kind of competition. Myself and several other people are all closed off in some sort of environment, and there are supplies all around the area for our survival. Most of the weapons scattered around the area are automatic weapons of all sorts.
    I happen to pick up a small PDW of some sort. It is a machine pistol of some type, which a high fire rate. It will be perfect for engaging other survivors in close quarters. I now take the weapon and run up some sort of scaffolding that leads up to a dome tower. I notice that there are multiple survivors running around and shooting each other up in the building floors below the dome. I reach the first floor and sneak my way past all of them and enter into a room. However, someone spots me as I enter and chases after me. I turn around and three people run into the room with guns. I pull the trigger and mow all three of them down with my only magazine of ammo. One of them tumbles back into a closet, another to the floor, and the third one hits the walls and falls back. My blood is pumping adrenaline rapidly now. I now walk outside and look around for a new weapon. I look down and spot an AK-47 sitting by the railing surrounding the building. I pick it up and run back into the building. I notice several more survivors coming up the scaffolding. I wait in the building, and I do so, I

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