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    Dry Spell Broken!

    by , 03-10-2014 at 12:10 AM (198 Views)
    Hey, I won't say many details about this dream because I was going to write the entry a few days ago when it happened but a bunch came up and I came back today and it didn't auto save anything, so I'm not gonna write a detailed DJ, especially because I have several others I'd like to type up tonight that were much more interesting, but ironically not lucid.

    Anyway, I dreamt I bought some soup at a Chinese restaurant and I had no money, so I ran off with it. I became lucid in the process and threw the soup aside. I then spawned in an orange Dodge Charger and get in it to drive. That's about all I remember.

    Don't worry, much more interesting dream journals to come in the next hour or so.

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