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    The Concert and WhiteBoy7thst

    by , 07-08-2013 at 10:09 PM (385 Views)
    I dream I am in a gymnasium. There is a concert about to begin. The band who's playing doesn't exist IRL and are set up on top of retractable bleachers. I'm on top of the bleachers too for some reason. Down below are hundreds of cheering and screaming people waiting for the band to begin. Luckily due to my practice of ADA, I can recall so much of the detail of the this room. Shadows, sounds, echoes, etc. Before the concert begins the lead singer explains to the crowd if any of their equipment breaks they'll give it to a random fan in the crowd. I look behind me and realize how odd these bleachers are. They're not against a wall, just in the middle of the room with support rails behind them. They stand at least fifty feet high. As the concert begins the band plays a song, and I can't recall what it sounded like. Now the bleachers begin to wobble. I'm freaking out now, and sure enough, the support rails give out and fall apart behind us. We all scream as the bleachers now fall backward. I'm fearful for my life as we fall. The bleachers slam into the ground and break apart. To my surprise, I'm completely unharmed. I now leave the gym as if it's nothing and go to the parking lot. If I recall correctly my Dad and brothers were all waiting there. My brother gave me his laptop, and now I sit down and open it. I'm really excited to finally have a new and improved laptop! I open it and begin to browse around. I end up looking in his video files and I find a huge stash of pornography videos. Both gay and straight. I nearly puke at the sight of some of the videos and slam the laptop shut, never to open it again.

    I'm not sure what happened in between this, but now I'm riding a motocycle through a random town. A bunch of other people are communicating with me via headsets. I'm spectating myself drive the motorcycle in third person. I get off now and look around. I'm back to normal, in my body in first person POV. I see a lot of posters and ads on a cheese store. I soon realize I'm in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I realize I'm in the same city that Whiteboy7thst lives in(NOTE: IRL he doesn't live anywhere near GB, W). I decide to try and find his house, on 1337 7th Street(pretty sure that's not his address anymore IRL). I call someone and ask them for directions, jumping on a motorcycle again. I'm back in third person POV and I begin driving. The other bikers are clumsily driving around and saying they want to follow me. After a little while I get off the bike and I'm back in first person again. I believe I'm off the phone at this point and I'm walking down the sidewalk of the city looking for 7th Street. Dusk is settling in now and I'm desperate to find the street. I walk past a girl who isn't wearing a top or bra, her breasts are completely exposed. I ignore her though and walk right past her. She turns around and questions me ignoring her. I look back for a moment as she acknowledges me, but continue my search. After some more search time the night has come. I'm walking down a brick road in the dark. There're many people out walking in the night surprisingly. I check every street sign and can't find it. Finally I find a man and ask him if he knows where 7th St. is. He tells me to follow him and he leads me to the street. I'm excited and begin looking all over for the address 1337. The man leads me into an apartment building and tells me how he used to know a guy who lived in the building(IRL the real guy lives in a big house not an apartment) until he started doing gaming videos for YouTube. I realize he's talking about WhiteBoy and I feel a little awkward now. The man enters his room and I turn around. Right there on the room door is 1337. I open the door with not a single fuck given and walk in. Inside is WhiteBoy7thst playing video games with all the lights off. He sees me enter.
    "Is it alright if I come in?" I ask.
    "Yeah sure thing," he replies(BTW his real name is Alex). "Just don't snoop around too much.
    "I'm such a big fan!" I exclaim.
    I walk up to him and we shake hands now. I'm having such a nerdgasm as we shake hands. He moves up to his TV now where a naked woman is sitting and watching him play. I look around the apartment a little and them I sit down and join him. After a little bit of time I

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