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    Discovering Human Flight, Weird Speed Limit, and Escaping A Quad-Barrel Shotgun Death

    by , 12-02-2013 at 04:57 AM (357 Views)
    My dream starts off on the street I lived on three years ago. I am by my old house along with many of my good friends and random DCs. There is also a house on the street in the dream which is abandoned, but has running electricity it would appear. Many of us are going in and out of the house and I think some of us may have been scavenging items from inside. I am now outside the house in the middle of the road. I go full on YOLO and I try to fly. I begin running down the sidewalk and jump. And to my surprise, I am flying. I immediately come back down to the ground however. I then try again, and I discover that I must flail my arms to stay airborne. I now land and realize I have discovered human flight! What should I do now?! Go to the government? The news? Nope. Time to go impress girls. So I now begin dashing towards two girls one whom I know, and I don't remember who the other one was. They seemed concerned that I'm coming at them so fast, but a take a jump and go up in the air over their heads. I then begin flailing my arms around like a fool and float above the two girls. They don't seem very interested though for some reason and leave. Dafuq? So I now follow after them in hopes that they'll be impressed with me flying. I mean what the actual fuck? I'm fucking flying! I pass my old history teacher now and show him my flying skill, which he nonchalantly acknowledges and goes on about his business. Okay seriously though, why is no one even remotely surprised that I'm a human fucking being flying on his own? I don't recall anymore after this point, but I do recall a dream later on that morning.

    In the early morning I dream I'm leaving a football stadium. Right next to the stadium there's a very large industrial park. On my way to my school bus home I see my friend Collin's dog. Collin isn't here, so I assume it's lost. I now take the dog on board and sit with my friend Mike. After a long while of highway driving we see a car parked in the middle of the road. The driver panics and swerves into the left lane, barely dodging the car. We now see a car coming at us, and the driver swerves back into the right lane, barely dodging the car. She realizes we missed our ramp, so we now turn off onto a bumpy dirt road. The speed limit sign reads 43. Everyone is really confused by this very specific sign. Not too much further down we see a speed limit sign of 46. Okay what the hell? What's with these weird speed limits? Not too much later, we see a stampede of elephants coming at us. Our driver flips her shit and makes the bus do a 180 before flooring it back up the road. We then return to the highway and try going to the next ramp. Mike, the dog and I get dropped off near an old white house. Our friend Mark is outside standing alone watching us with a smile from ear to ear. He now calls us out in a hostile way.
    "Hey look man!" he shouts with a smirk. "They stole your dog!"
    Mike and I are somewhat confused and shocked now. That intensifies when a crazy old hillbilly comes outside and stands next to Mark.
    "Oh I'm sorry," I say. "I though this was my friend's dog. I was gonna take it to him, but if it's yours then please take him and we can go."
    The man now takes us both hostage and we are transported inside the house. The dream is a little choppy until the next part. Mike has already received his punishment and is bleeding out in the corner of the room. I am now sat down against my will in a blood-stained rotting wood chair. The man now hands me a paper back colored white with a red and blue stripe on it. He tells me to wear it for the purpose of not seeing my death coming...like it'll really make a difference. I hold the bag and look at it carefully as I come to a realization. I look up at the crazy old bag as he loads a quad-barrel shotgun with 12G slugs. If that's not enough, the shells also have large piercing tips on them. Fucking-A, overkill much? I watch him snap the shotgun shut and look at me with a bleak grin. I realize that this is the end of me. I'm dead. There is no escape now.
    "Come on, please!" I beg. "I gave you your dog! Why can't we just leave it at that and go our separate ways?"
    I don't recall if he answered our not, but he now prepares himself. He stands facing me, and is just about to lift his gun when I go ballistic.
    "NO!" I shout, standing up and ripping the paper bag in half and throwing the pieces aside. I now realize I'm dreaming. This is too screwed up to be real. I can't accept this as my real fate. As I stand I unintentionally have slowed time for some reason. This wasn't a lucid decision, but I'm definitely gonna ruin this man's day with this power. He is moving about a thousand times slower than I am right now. I am moving as if time isn't slowed at all. I now extend my right arm out and summon a Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum in my hand and unfreeze time. I put three quick shots into the hillbilly and he falls over dead. I probably only need one with that kind of fire power, but I don't care. This bitch is too crazy! I hear someone come in from behind and turn around. A woman enters, probably his maid or something. She is in fact wearing a pink maid outfit. Fuck it, no witnesses. I now use the last three rounds in the handgun and kill the maid as well. I throw the gun aside and now rush to Mike's side. He's badly wounded. I don't know if he was shot or not, but he probably was. I now lift him up and make my way to door, and I notice people are coming in. Shit! If they see all of and Mike dying in my hands I'm fucked! Time to improvise! I now rush Mike somewhere different and hide him under a desk. I can't think of what to do to keep him down, so I summon a pacifier and put it in his mouth. I then hypnotize him to believe he's a baby who's sleeping in his bed, and remind him not to cry. Several girls I know now enter and I go to greet them. They are seriously concerned about the two bodies on the floor and the blood all over the room. Well God damn it, what now? They ask what happened, to which I say I don't know. I'm sure by this point Mike has probably died due to blood loss. I see his girlfriend is among the group of girls.
    "Hey, I don't know how to tell you this," I begin. "But I think Michael is dead."
    She is now devastated, and she wants to know where he is. I now lead her to Mike, who isn't moving, and Kaitlyn(his GF) now kneels to his side and tries to tend to him. I stand and mourn as well.
    And that's all I remember before waking up.

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