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    Shit Everywhere, Deer Attack, and Possible TOTM Success

    by , 12-03-2013 at 11:18 PM (780 Views)
    Okay so this one wasn't too clear to me, but it still was a pretty interesting dream. It is also pretty short because i had this dream around 4:30 and woke up at 5:30. So I start off coming home from school or something, and I'm at my old house for some reason. I come inside to see my dog waiting in his cage as he does everyday, only like I said this is in my old house. This is the third dream in less than a week I've dreamed myself there for some reason. Any insight on that? Anyway, I come inside and I see my dog has absolutely covered his entire cage floor in shit! I scowl at the awful smell and scenery emanating from his cage. I guess I gotta clean that all up now...fuck that. I now disregard he's even there and go to my room. I also notice my lizard's cage is sat next to my dog's, and it is also filled with piles on piles of shit. I quickly go to my room where I wait for awhile. My Dad soon gets home and comes in to witness the terror within our pets' cage. In all of his rage, he punishes me by making me stand outside, where it has become very dark now. I'm standing out on the back patio, and everything about our old house isn't altered according to the dream, even the motion-detecting light on our garage was working. It was the only light I had to give me some vision at the given time. I now see a couple of bunnies hopping around my yard. For some reason I am somewhat frightened of them. I pretend to have my dog on a leash with me, and extend my arm out in a very pitiful attempt to scare them off. A buck now comes walking into my yard. I freak out even more and cower back in fear. The little buck walks up to me and he observes me closely. His parents now come walking out from the darkness and instruct their son to walk away. The buck prances away and his parents walk up to me. They both stand on either side of me, staring me straight in the face. I stay still in a petrified way. They then begin to lick my face as if in a friendly way. I'm being way too freaked out now, and I remember that loud noises will scare deer away. I now begin weakly yelling, almost as if I can't at all. The two deer start biting my face until I am suddenly awake in the bed of my old house. The bed and the room look different, something the dream finally distorted. I get out of bed and proceed back outside where it is still dark. Was it all a dream I was having? Outside, several of my friends and a couple of people I know from school are there just hanging out. Most notably is my friend Corey(you'll see why in a second here). I now realize that I'm clearly dreaming. I walk out into the yard and I begin flying into the air. I fly so high that I can see the constellations in space as well as space clouds(I forget the technical term for them). It looks absolutely beautiful. I take in the scenery for a moment as I contemplate what I will do now that I'm lucid. I recall the task of the month, and I struggle to remember them. I now remember the one where you have to turn into some type of wolf and devour someone. However, I forgot the specific wolf in the dream. I now rocket down into my yard and shapeshift into a wolf and rush at my friends. I know that's a little douchy, but they're all just my mind's depictions of them so fuck it. They all quickly go to move out of the way as I lunge out. The first person I catch is poor Corey. I tackle him to the grass and I begin to devour my poor friend. Strangely, he doesn't seem the least bit affected or in pain whatsoever. He seems to be enjoying it for some reason. Without questioning my subconscious any longer, I continue to eat him and we even have a small conversation. I don't recall any of the dialogue however. And even weirder, my friends return to what they were doing as if I wasn't even murdering my poor friend. I continue on my quest to eat him, and I've about finished his legs, but I awake before I can completely finish. I look at my phone which reads 5:29, one minute before my alarm is supposed to go off. And it ends up going off as I check the time.
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    1. DeadDream's Avatar
      Great dream, it's amazing how you could enter in a LD in such a short time. Maybe you can remember something that happened in that house and thats why you dream constantly about it, something about your dog or your friend or parents? The part about the deer was really freacking weird. How can you remember such long dreams?
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    2. Zyangur's Avatar
      "I can see the constellations in space as well as space clouds(I forget the technical term for them)" Nebulae or just Interstellar Clouds

      Cool dream though . Poor friend .
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