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    The Purge Breaks Out!

    by , 03-10-2014 at 01:20 AM (412 Views)
    Now for the most interesting and intense dream I've had in awhile!

    I dream I'm sitting with my friend Matt in his blue Mazda 3 in a random parking lot. We are watching a girl having a verbal fight with her mother outside of a house about one hundred feet or so away. The house is on a small cliff overlooking some train tracks. The fight eventually ends up getting physical, and the two start throwing things at each other. Matt and I are laughing at the scene, finding it comedic for some reason. The daughter now gets hit with a shoe and tumbles backward. Matt and I lose our shit now, but the girl then trips and falls off of the ledge down to the train tracks.
    "Oh shit!" I exclaim.
    Matt and I now get out and rush down a hillside to the train tracks to help out. The mother is already there crying over her bleeding out body.
    "Should I call 911?" I ask.
    "No." The mother replies. "She'll be fine."
    I'm not sure how much I trust the woman's statement, but I decide to leave now. I go and grab my own car and drive off. I'm driving down a main road, and I am surprised to see how accurate the dream has depicted my city. As I'm driving towards the BP gas station I notice something is very out of place. People are running around, cars are crashed, fires have broken out, and riots have started. My phone now rings and I pick it up.
    "Dude! I just heard the government shut down!" Matt says over the phone.
    "What does that mean?" I ask.
    "It means there is no more government!" Matt answers. "People can do whatever they want now! There are no more rules!"
    "Dude this is just like the purge!" I exclaim(I've never seen that movie), before we both hang up.
    I am about to pass BP now, and two men come walking out into the street with AK-47s! My eyes widen as they see my car coming and aim at me. I run one of them over and kill him on impact and keep going. The second guy shoots at my car, forcing me to pull over into the Family Video parking lot for cover. I get out and see that Matt's car is in the lot too. He must be inside of the store, so I go the door. A crazy looking woman now comes out with a fat yellow whiffle ball bat and tries hitting me. I push her back inside and lock the door. I turn around and see a kid named Chase whom I know holding a shopping cart high above his head. He throws it at me and I once out of the way of it. I pick the cart up and throw it back, hitting Chase.
    "Really man?" I say. "What the fuck did I do to deserve that?"
    My friend Phil now comes out of nowhere and pins Chase down.
    "Phil what the fuck are you doing?" I ask.
    "I'm gonna kill him!" Phil replies.
    "Phil you can't kill him!" I scold. "Think about what God will say!"(What a hypocritical statement, I killed that guy with AK a minute ago ).
    Phil now gets up and stops trying to kill Chase.
    "Can we not bring Christianity into this?" Chase asks.
    I ignore Chase and start looking around the intersection, which looks like a war zone. I have Phil follow me on foot now and we begin running uphill towards my house. This is the part of the dream where my city starts looking completely different than real life.
    As we run uphill more of our friends join up and follow behind me. We soon run into another group of people who seem to be friendly. We join up and continue going up the miles of stretch that this hill is. The houses all around look beaten up or abandoned. I mention to the group that we're going to my house, because my Dad owns a Ruger 9mm and a Ruger .357 Magnum(and he actually does IRL).
    As we continue up what seems to be an endless hill, we run into another group of people. They have weapons and are pointing them at a bunch of women in tight yellow clothing. They tell us the girls(all around my age) are tribute for anyone who can touch their chests. ...what?... So all of the men in my group rush towards them, including myself, and begin trying to claim our wives. My friend Michael might have been there, but I don't remember completely. But if he was that's funny because he has a girlfriend.
    I am beaten to the punch now(or grab I guess ), and all of the girls are claimed. I missed the last one by mere seconds. It ended awkwardly with myself and another man both grabbing the girl, but he got there a split second earlier. I awkwardly let go and continue to lead my group now.
    We reach my apartment complex soon, which actually looks like it should in real life. I tell everyone to wait outside and I go into the house. For extra safety I lock the door behind myself. The apartment is dead-on what it looks IRL which I think is pretty cool. It shows how much the ADA method can affect your dreams' detail. Not to mention it was cool that I could hear a warning siren wailing off in the distance. It made the situation seem much more realistic.
    I now run upstairs and reach into my pocket for my iPhone, but I feel now bulge. I feel my other pocket, which is also empty. Fuck! I realize I must've dropped when I was assaulted at the Family Video! I needed to call my Dad and ask him what the combination in his .357's case is(it actually has no combo IRL). I continue upstairs and go into his room anyway. If I can at least find the case I can get it open with something laying around the house. If not, I still have the 9mm which is in a zip-up case.
    I begin searching all of the drawers desperately for the grey case, but I'm having trouble finding the gun. However as my search continues I unfortunately
    awake. Damn! Such an awesome dream too!

    Closest picture to compare my Dad's .357 to:

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