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    Randomness Again...8/19/11

    by , 09-28-2011 at 11:43 PM (387 Views)
    NOTE: I haven't been on in about three weeks. And all I can say is...DAYUM! I love the new Dream Views look and color scheme! Impressive work DV Staff! *Salutes*

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    So, I start off in school. But of course, it's just like a normal dream, so school doesn't look right at all. I'm at my locker, twisting and turning the lock. A girl I know stands beside me. For some reason I can't fathom, she's sexually teasing me with words(I need a life, don't I?). Constantly repeating things like "How're we gonna do it?!" and some other things I don't recall. I am ignoring her some reason. But honestly, I probably wouldn't be ignoring this in real life. Anyway...I finally get my locker open. I see all my school things in there. However, there are three manga volumes in my locker stacked up on one another. The girl picks the first one up, and she begins to skim through it. I'm astonished by the other two volumes though. They were both Hentai(Please don't even ask what it is, and for your sake, don't look it up. And for the record, I would never invest money into something like that.)! I quickly hide the two volumes. I now head off to the library. We're having an Orchestra performance. Odd place for that. I'm wearing city colors, but I notice the other players are wearing green shirts(Our city team colors are Maroon and Gold). So, I now get many insults on improper dressing. What a load of bullshit that is. So now, a man in a white shirt pulls out two .22 pistols! He begins to open fire, but then he flees. I now chase after him. We get outside, and we're suddenly at a roadside by an old village. The man opens fire on me. Every shot hitting my torso and chest, I am unphased for some reason. Even though the .22 only has six rounds, he seemed to have infinite ammo(I call hacks!). I keep walking towards him though. One shot hits me in the neck now, and it inflicts pain this time. Now, I pull out a .44 Magnum! I open fire, and I hit the man a few times. But, soon he runs away into woods that just magically appear. Now, I shout.
    "DAMN YOU!" And then I
    wake up.

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