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    Short But Weak Lucid

    by , 03-26-2014 at 03:36 AM (447 Views)
    I didn't really have any special parts to my dream, but I did become lucid at one point, but I didn't do anything afterwards really other than fly. Sorry, I'll try to be more exciting in the future. It's just been a real struggle getting back into frequent lucid dreaming due to the stress of school. Over the summer I was almost back in business, but then school came along. So hopefully, I'll get back into the swing of things soon. This was my second lucid in two nights, so I'm pretty happy actually!

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    1. Plashanko's Avatar
      Yeah I'm also in school too. But I've learned that the more I think about LDing, the happier I become. I think about all the cool things I can dream off and hope they happen. This lowers my stress in school a lot as well. Have no worries my friend!