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    The Strange Comedy and Jesus is Back??? (8/8/13)

    by , 08-08-2013 at 03:02 PM (275 Views)
    The dream starts off I'm in summer school(Thank God I'm not IRL!). I'm sitting in the library on one of the computers, though I can't recall what I was doing on it. The nice school librarian(she is really nice IRL) comes over and sits next to me. We begin talking about summer and whatnot, just relaxing and being friendly. It is now time to leave and so I exit the school, and the librarian offers me a ride. So I accept and I walk down the sidewalk past a bunch of fifth graders who insult my weight. Not even offended nor surprised, I turn and shout "GAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY" at them. I realize it was a horrible comeback, and just continue walking. I'm waiting by her car now for her to get here. I look at a speed limit sign which reads "Speed Limit 45." I'm actually quite curious as to why the speed limit is 45 when this is a residential area. Someone could get easily killed like that. The librarian shows up now with three girls. Well this is going to be an awkward ride home. One guy and four girls, two who're really stuck up too. So after a long fiasco of trying to get us arranged, one of the girls ends up walking home, and then we finally drive off. I realize it's Halloween because everyone but me is wearing costumes today. I finally get home and then end up going over to my friend Zaine's house. There we watch a movie on Netflix about sex addict couple trying to become religious. It's supposed to be a comedy, but most of the scenes make it look like more of a porno to me. After the movie, Zaine and I go looking around his garage for something. I'm asked to move something, so I get in a car and back up so there's space. I then realize the neighbors have been sharing this garage and I've stolen their car on accident. I now exit the car and go about my business until suddenly, someone is there. I turn and see Jesus standing before me. He asks me how I'm doing, but I nervously answer with an "okay."
    "So you're back, Jesus?" I ask. "I guess that means it's the--"
    "Second coming!!!" my friend Rachel exclaims bursting in the door. She seems extremely excited at first, but then very serious. She asks Jesus to just let the world stay a little longer.
    "Look I'm just stopping by," Jesus says. "But this is the last time I visit this generation!" Jesus seems quite annoyed with the generation of people obviously. He now exits the garage, and Rachel and I go after him. As we walk outside I realize how biblically incorrect this is and I
    become lucid. I look up now and see that Jesus is gone. Knowing that it was only an image of Him and not the real one now I simply do not intend to pursue Him, because I'd be talking to an image of my subconscious, not real Jesus. So I start flying now, and Rachel is baffled. So she begins to fly with me, making me baffled. I try to use energy to fly faster, which results in me smashing into someone's house like an idiot. I now look down and see my friend Paul. I decide to have a friendly fight, which Rachel joins in on, and shit actually gets pretty intense. I now try to use the closed eye method to do something, but I have a false awakening. And not too long after I awake for real.

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