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    Urban Shootout and Failed Task of the Month

    by , 07-07-2014 at 02:38 PM (298 Views)
    I literally just woke up from this dream, so there's no better time to journal it than now! This was another dream of mine where a Shootout occurs, which is a common thing for some reason, and I become lucid and fail to complete the task.

    I dream I am in the inner city. There is a massive battle taking place, gunfire being exchanged all over the place. I am a part of the battle, dressed from head to toe in gear. I have a SCAR-H in my hands, and a Desert Eagle in a holster as backup. My team is deployed right into the heat, and shots are fired as soon as we hit ground. I return fire alongside my teammates, taking down several insurgents right away. We couldn't have been dropped in a worse spot than we were. The fight rages on, and my team is struggling to get anywhere. We are stuck in the spot we've been deployed, pinned down by excessive enemy fire. My teammates are starting to go down all around me, and I decide it's time to get aggressive. I run out from my cover now and sprint towards another thing of cover. I shoot someone along the way. I continue doing this, running out and risking my life to take out as many enemies as possible. Soon my SCAR-H runs out of ammo, and I pull out my Desert Eagle. I look around and realize I've run too far ahead of my team, and I'm mixed in with the enemies now. Enemies are all around me, and they're converging on my position. Some of them unknowingly run past me, unaware of my presence. So I shoot them down and move along to try and stay hidden. This intense game of cat and mouse continues until I realize I've only got three more bullets left in my Deagle. There seems to be a distinct lack of gunfire now, so I think it's safe to move. I walk out of my cover and begin scouting around the area for ammo that I can use in my guns. I come across a crater near where my team deployed, and there's a white van sitting halfway in the crater. Two more soldiers are passing by, and I kill them. I look around more, and I see that I'm the only one left standing. All of my teammates are dead now. I scan the area some more, and I run across an ammo box. I load up both of my guns and prepare to head out again. I start jogging towards an alleyway in the decimated city and see a couple more insurgents coming. I aim and shoot them quickly before they can return fire. I continue to walk cautiously, and I take a detour through a destroyed building. I look at the contents on a table in the building, a few useless items and a video game(I think it was Bioshock if my memory serves me right). I set the disc down after observing it and I start walking up the stairs nearby. As I'm walking up the stairs I begun to question everything that's going on, and I plug my nose shut. I try to breathe, and air is flowing in and out of my nostrils. I become lucid, and immediately drop everything. I know I need to do the task of the month now. I go back downstairs and stand at the door. I decide to get naked(this is a part of a task, trust me). It'll be easy to get this part out of the way so I can mix it into the other tasks. I pull off all of my gear and then pull down my pants and boxers. After I do so, I do the hand check, being absolutely sure this isn't a dream before I do something like this. I look at my hands, and I think it was my right hand, not sure, but there was a very small and thin nub in between a couple of my fingers. I'm freaked out by this and shake my hand in a disgusted way. I then proceed to pull my shirt over my head, and because I closed my eyes I awoke. God damn it. I can't close or cover my eyes in lucids or I'll wake up.

    Game plan next time: Rip the shirt off.
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