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    Lucid Time!


    by , 06-05-2015 at 02:43 AM (481 Views)
    My sleep has become very irregular and my dreams have become very mucky and difficult to comprehend as of late. This doesn't feel like my typical dry spell.

    I think that I mentioned at least once before what seems off about my sleep, but I'm going to go into detail and talk about it once more. For some odd reason, I've been very tired when I go to sleep. Usually, (ever since I started lucid dreaming) there is a sort of waiting period for falling asleep. Like I didn't just lay down and immediately pass out until now.

    I don't seem to have my natural awakenings any more, (or any discernible sleep cycle either. I recall before this began happening I would frequently go to bed at 10:30 or 12:00 fairly regularly I would have one awakening at about 3:00am and another at about 5:30 before awakening at 7:00.

    Waking up is probably the worst part of it. Now I'm no early bird in that I'm usually not motivated to get out of bed, since this new sleep pattern emerged, I feel downright miserable when I get out of bed, and it seems like I want to just stay in bed all day. (One morning last weekend, I slept from about 10:00 at night until 11:00am the next morning, and still felt absurdly tired after sleeping 13 hours straight. However, about half an hour after I do manage to get out of bed, I rested.

    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night dying of hunger or thirst, or desperate to use the bathroom. Something else that I am not accustomed to happening when I sleep.

    The though definitely the strangest part of this is the way that I dream. My dreams have been, for the most part, fragmented, indescribable and extremely mucky. (Really the best way to describe what I dream of is just madness. There is, for the most part a lack of any logic or reasoning.) But that's not the weird part. The weird part I recall getting lucid several times each night, though due to the fragmented nature of dreams my lucidity is usually lost very quickly.

    Whatever shift has happened to my sleep cycle, I wish only that it can be changed back.

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