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    Lucid Time!

    Virutal Reality or Lucidity?

    by , 03-02-2014 at 01:13 AM (578 Views)
    Well my goal for this year was to every month complete the TOTM and have 8 lucid dreams each month.

    In January, I had 8 lucids but didn't complete the TOTM

    In Febuary, I only had 4 lucids (DRY SPELL!! ), but completed a basic TOTM

    So this month, let's try and do both. This may not be lucid, but it means my recall is holding strong.

    Location 1: Magma Refinery

    I start off learning from some "presence" that what I am experiencing is not real life. It is not a dream either. I am in fact in a computer simulation game that takes elements from every book, movie, video game and art piece in the world and does it's best to make them "work" in one universe.
    So basically a dream.
    And it is for that reason this entire entry has been done in my "semi-lucid" teal color.
    The presence then explains to me that additionally this simulation is currently constrained to 20-30 locations based around my dream journal. Each location procedurally generates (like a Minecraft world) but has a set edge. Every location also goes by a special set of rules to ensure that it maintains a dedicated theme. The location we are in now is called Magma Refinery, although this location can randomly generate to be any industrial setting. This is also supposedly one of the rarest locations to get to. The location itself seems to be built on the flank of a volcano... It... er basically picture an oil drilling platform built onto the side of an active volcano. Only the platform wasn't a square shape like an oil platform, but rather a long rectangle running along the side of the volcano.
    There are a couple of other dream characters present in this location. The presence tells me that I have the ability to import any object that I have on file, or any superpower. I bring up a holographic computer menu. (This is a power I generally have while lucid.)
    I look through it. This isn't a complete catolouge, not by a long shot. I can tell that most what is in here is among the most basic items. There is a list of basic superpowers, things like flying and pyrokenisis. There is a list of basic objects you can add to the world, things such as crates and chairs. There is even a short list of characters that you can either become or place in the world.
    I don't recognize many of the characters on this list, but there is one that I know. Axton the Commando from Borderlands 2. So I spawn him into the world. As soon as I do, he throws down his sentry turret and sits idle awaiting enemies. There are no enemies spawned in this world, so this is boring.
    Then I decide that I'll be the enemy for him. I look through the catolouge again and find a character that I can become. I find Danny Phantom (why do I dream about him so much, I haven't seen that show in five years.) And become him. I am taken into third person. The presence explains that this is a bug in the coding and that users of this simulation cannot become anything other than their default avatars. So in order to control anything other than their default avatar, they must be in third person.
    I have most of his basic powers. I instantly nail the flying, I figure out how to use the ghost ray. (Witch is more of just a green energy ball that you throw. In order for you to use it effectively you must spam the attack.) I also figure out how to turn invisible/intangible and fly through the magma refinery structure a couple times.
    I start fighting with Axton. I just spam the ghost ray power, and, like a computer simulation he repeats the same animation and sound every time I throw one. I destroy his turret. Axton keeps fighting me, but I phase through his bullets.
    Just as the fight is reaching its climax, Axton stops fighting. I try to get him angered by throwing more ghost rays at him, but he seems invulnerable. The presence explains that this a glitch. Becuase neither of these characters are fully implemented into the coding.

    Location 2: Paradise Island

    The presence ends the Magma Refinery simulation and announces that it is now taking me to one of the first areas that he began programming. This is area has much more freedom when it comes to generation as well and can access a larger catolouge of objects, textures and characters for its generation. I ask the presence if I can be given a blank world to build whatever I want on it, but the presence states that presently, the procedural generation is unable to be turned off, so this will be generating an entire dream. The world size is also larger as well.
    The world generates two islands. There is a small crescent shaped island that is devoid of any objects or people. It has some large rocky outcroppings and some palm trees and grass. In fact, the island looked very computer generated. There were only three palm trees that were copied over and over and rotated slightly to give the effect of variety. There was no variation in the grass, it was all the same height and color. And I could see that there were polygons on the shore of the island.
    The larger island is the one I am. There is a large road circling the island with a small town on the side facing the crescent island. There is a small mountain in the middle of the island with a castle tower on it. And... this is the best part. All of the trees on the larger island were Minecraft trees.
    I was on a beach just outside the town. A group of dream characters spawned, resembling my family. I think my dream guide may have spawned as well. I took a few moments to notice that the sand on the main island was... well like real sand, while the sand on the crescent island looked like computer generated polygons.
    At first, I was somewhat frustrated. I wanted a blank slate world to build whatever I wanted. I began using a selection box to select and delete characters and objects in the city, but it seemed slow and some objects were unable to be removed from the world. And it was a really weird assortment of objects as well. For example, I tried to delete a building at one point, but the top and bottom floors registered as separate objects, and only the bottom floor was able to be deleted. I had selected this along with a bunch of other objects and pressed delete. It left the second floor floating there.
    This was taking way too long, and was rather pointless. I just decide I'll go away from the town area. I find a large flat area with some trees in it. I try to select and delete some of the Minecraft trees to give myself a space to work, but the presence explains that these trees are glitchy too, but there is a way to get rid of them.
    I open the menu and find that a part of the vast object catolouge are all of the Iron Minecraft tools. So I spawn myself an axe and begin cutting down the trees that way. As soon as I picked up a block of wood, the presence explained that I had activated the Minecraft coding in the game, and that the entire thing would now function more like Minecraft.
    My cousin comes into the area that I have just cleared. He seems to have the holographic menu that can allow him to bring up objects and settings like I could.
    We just sort of goofed around, and I can't recall the details of what we did. We cut down a bunch of the Minecraft trees and dug some blocks of dirt from the ground. When we used a shovel (my cousin spawned it in) the whole ground in the field regenerated and became Minecraft themed. Not the entire island, just a big square are of land that we were in.
    I can remember having the hotbar at the bottom of my field of view, and I crafted a bunch of tools that I could bring up from the hotbar. We built some structures out of wood, then brought up pyrokenisis abilities and burned them down.

    Location 3: Pollution City

    I don't recall too much about this location. It was meant to generate an entire metropolitan area, but was unfinished and would therefore only generate a small town and a large natural area around it. The presence explains that this is the largest area in the game. 100,000 by 100,000. Feet? Meters? Inches? I don't know. If it was feet than the area would have been roughly 20 miles square. Meters, 60 miles square. Inches, still more than a mile on edge.
    The area is entirely filled with all of this orange-sh fog restricting your view to about a mile. All of the trees look dead and the water in the lakes and rivers has been replaced with black oil. There were a couple of huge oil rig structures built above the dead forests and polluted lakes. There were also these huge flying tanker ships moving about in the sky. I even spawned on a small technologic looking platform.
    Now what I do recall was flying. I brought up a flying ability from the holographic menu. And selected the flying ability from superpowers and I was off.
    And despite the depressing setting, I have to say that this was some of the best flying I've done in a lucid dream. The experience was very vivid. For one, I felt the effects of G-forces on my body as I would bank and do turns, something that I haven't really experienced all too much. (Usually because I fly too slow.) I was probably flying about 100 miles per hour.
    Another thing that I can recall was that there seemed to be a disconnect between the scenery and the sensory experience. While flying through the air, the air tasted clean, like flying through a spring rainstorm. And at one point, I pulled low over one of the lakes, and the energy field or whatever was propelling me along splashed up some water and got me wet. The water touched my body and turned from polluted oil muck to clean water. A little got in my mouth and tasted fresh and pure.
    This is an interesting location to fly around in too. I buzz some of the oil rig structures and lumbering tanker spaceships, just to examine the details.
    Eventually, the presence initiates a mini-game where I have to fly through these high-tech looking rings that are positioned in various places in the sky. The flying fades and I move to the next area.

    Bonus Location: Construction Grid

    The presence says that the next area that I will be going to is a very rare area to get to, but that now that I've gone there, I will be able to revisit this location whenever I want. The location places you on a grid in a grey void. There are red and green lines crisscrossing the ground as far as the eye can see and my holographic display has a palate of tools.
    And it's basically like Google Sketchup or any 3D modeling program. I can design whatever I want here. Copy it. Save it. Import it into another location. The presence will take what I create and work to code it and ensure that it behaves properly in the world. In essence, I can help it complete that catolouge of objects. I try to make a tree, but I am not very experienced. I can't figure out how to apply textures to objects so my tree just ends up being a tall white cylinder with a white sphere on top. The presence states that it wants to show me one more area and says that I can return here later.

    Location 4: Familiar Subdivision

    The presence states that this is the most developed location that it has created. It has the least glitches, and has the most complete and organized catolouge of objects set to spawn.
    The location is called "Familiar Subdivision" (The presence actually had a name for this, unlike the first two locations.) and is based off of all of the dreams I've documented that take place in a suburban environment. (So a lot of dreams.)
    The presence states that it will stop talking to me now in order to further my experience.

    And so I guess this was the part where the dream got bored, because whatever rhyme or reason we had going got completely wiped out in the last portion of this dream.
    Anyways, I am in a suburban environment, and I get onto a bike along with encouragement from some other dream characters. We start riding... somewhere. This location feels a little like a heavily rearranged version of my own hometown.
    We start riding, I take note that there is a large chain-link fence on the left hand side of the path we are riding down. There are railroad tracks on the other side of the fence. We pull out into a large meadow area and there is a wooden structure over the pathway. The structure reminded me of a covered bridge, only the bridge did not lead over any water or valley.
    Some other bikers show up and somehow lifted me up. My bike gets balanced by its front wheel on the heads of one of the other bikers. He has this small attachment on the top of his helmet that locks my tire into his bike. Then the biker that I'm on top of gets lifted up and locked into place. So now we are a tower of three bikers each on top of each others heads with me on the top.
    I guess these were like some kind of traveling stuntmen who would sometimes incorporate bystanders into their strange stunts. Somebody took my picture while I was atop them. We got to the end of the covered bridge and there was a large waterside. (Watersides=New Dream Sign) They say that I can get down off of the bike tower by going down the water slide. [Dream Logic] The water slide has no railing or stairs to get up to the start of it. It just kind of starts. [/Dream Logic]. The biker guy below me takes me and my bike off of his head, and passes my bike to the guy below him who puts it on the ground, then tries to deposit me at the top of the random waterside but drops me and I just fall to the ground.
    I get up, dust off and thank the stuntmen for (doing whatever the heck they just did.) And I wake up.

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