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    Lucid Time!

    Welcome to Mars!

    by , 01-24-2014 at 02:45 PM (499 Views)
    Where the heck was my dream recall the past few days?

    ...enh who cares, cool NLD.

    So I was in for exactly that. Flying a mission to mars with a crew of three others. Two males, one female. (When I think about it, everyone was wearing heavy space suits, so they may have been my regular dream characters if I had gotten a good look at them.)
    So we've got one guy as the mission scientist. He's basically the commander who is in charge of the all the science and making sure that the mission is actually completed. The other guy is in charge of defense in case we come across hostile aliens. (With how many alien invasion dreams I've had the past six months, that isn't surprising.) And the girl that's with us in in charge of psychology, making sure that nobody goes crazy on our long journey. And I guess I am just the freeloader along for the ride.
    Our ultimate mission is to fly to mars and grow four of these dinosaur creatures from eggs. Supposedly somebody wanted to re-shoot a scene of the Gungan army from star wars the phantom menace but actually have living creatures. So they genetically modified some lizard eggs to be the giant creatures that carry the shield generators. So what we have to do is grow the creatures on mars then take them to the moon.

    Spoiler for I'm sorry I just have to:

    So anyway the actual mission gets underway, but the dream was so long that the first parts of it are a pretty fuzzy memory. We stopped over at a space station in earth orbit, I got introduced to the crew, and I watched as a tray of four large eggs in a high tech storage container were delivered on-board our shuttle. I also got to go on a spacewalk at some point to see what our shuttle looked like. It looked a little like the united states' retired shuttles but had broad flat wings like a stealth bomber, but they were swept back on a steeper angle. The station looked a little like the US station but was bigger.

    --Some time skips.--

    We are on mars now. Supposedly this dream was taking place in the near future (2040-2050) where humans actually had a permanent base on mars. The base was built behind a rocky outcropping that protected it from the sun. It was a cluster of small one story buildings connected by underground passages. There was a large fortress like building, two stories tall with a large communications mast on it. Supposedly for detecting if any hostile aliens were coming.
    Anyways, me and everyone minus the science officer were taking our scheduled day off. This meant we got to get into our space suits and play around on the surface of mars. The other two officers drove around in a large moon buggy type thing. I had this motorcycle type vehicle, but it still had a sort of space design, in that it was boxy and had no paint. But it preformed well, and in the low gravity of mars, I was able to use the sand dunes as jumps and get some air.
    I was just getting good at doing so when the other officers told me that they were heading back to base because the sun was going to rise. They told me that I could stay out if I liked, but I might start feeling too hot, and that I should engage the visor on my space suit in order to not be blinded by the sun. I decided I would stay, and the sun started to rise. It was blindingly bright, so I pressed a small button on the side of my helmet and no real visor came down, the glass just changed opacity somehow. I continued riding my motorcycle around the area and like they had said, I did start feeling too warm.
    Another thing, when the sun did rise, the sky went from inky black with stars to blue, rather than pink like mars is supposed to be. But other than that the surface of mars looked a lot like the pictures that I've seen.
    I went back to the base and went inside. I had decided that I would wait until the sun went down. I activated some kind of time dilation and saw the sun arc across the sky and set once more. I thought it was time to go back out.

    --Some Time Skips.--

    I am still at the mars base, but we are inside the fortress building that has this really nice room right in the middle. This is a lounge where astronauts that work here get to relax. And get this. They have an Xbox. Not an Xbox one. Not an Xbox 360. Just a regular Xbox. And this was like the year 2045, at the only human mars base. You'd think that the only game console that we had would be a little more up to date than that, but my dreams aren't set in any kind of logical universe.
    There are two leather couches arranged in a semicircle and they were all packed with people. There were actually about 12 of us, because there were the permanent residents of mars and the people on my mission. Apparently this was a Halo tournament. And yes, all of my regular dream characters were there, but I didn't become lucid. Also, this game tournament was apparently a televised event. The first time that humankind had played video games on another planet. So there was a TV camera set up in the corner.
    I sat down to play around the time that I woke up.

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