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    A World In My Head!!

    Lost Hill on the Other Side

    by , 08-14-2013 at 05:27 AM (705 Views)
    August 13, 2013

    Notes: set intention to be lucid and to have a vivid meaningful dream, dreamed I was searching for a lost hill that reviews another hill on the other side of a ravine

    Lost Hill on the Other Side

    Me and my friend followed our trusty map to four ancient magical locations. The shape of the map was like a four leaf clover. In each of the four corners of this kingdom is an ancient hill with a rune stone. The rune stone actually looks like a giant button on the ground, about a 2ft in radius.

    We didn't have any trouble searching all four locations. But the magical rune stones didn't work. Nothing happened. Still we didn't give up and continued to search around in the grassy knolls. There must be something important about these four sites, we just didn't know what.

    We bump into an old man who tells us a story, of why the hills are so important. He tells us, when he was younger he stood on a hill with a rune stone facing east. From that hill he could see across the ravine to the other side. Now the kingdom is like an isolated island. Its completely surrounded by a deep bottomless ravine. And whole kingdom assumes that there is nothing past this ravine, that we are the only people on this earth.

    But from his magical hill he could see a sister hill on the other side of the ravine, with people waving back. Only when you activate the rune stones of those hills can you see, that there is life on the other side of the ravine.

    But the old man explains that he can't find the hill anymore. And that the people of the kingdom have completely forgotten this truth.

    We believed the old man and continued our search for this east facing hill. Thats when I realized that the map we were using was completely incorrect. It's missing an entire portion of the kingdom, namely the castle. On the castle map there is a huge east facing garden. That must be where the magical hill is, only problem is commoners aren't allowed!

    No problem, the queen is actually our friend. We meet the queen by the heavily guarded castle gate. The queen is like a zelda character, fighting the forces of evil without the rest of the castle knowing. Her secret codename was something like Blue Moon.

    Me and my friend were in disguise, I was wearing a showl over my head. I tell the Queen 'were here to help blue moon'. She smiles, understanding completely that we are on a secret mission. With the help of the queen we pass the guarded gates as dignitaries.

    We quickly race past the royal court filled with snobby rich people. Heading east, we enter a restricted area with glass walls. I'm sure we must be near because guards were chasing us now. We find the magic hill. There's a large regal statue facing towards the endless ravine. The guards attack us, we try to explain to them were on a mission for the queen but they weren't listening.

    Suddenly a warrior jumps into the scene and defeats the guards for us, he must be the Queen's personal protector. We move the statue counter-clockwise and out pops the rune stone we need. Activating it, like magic, another hill appears on the other side of the ravine. Just like the old man said...But there was no one waiting on that hill. Maybe its been so long the people of the other side gave up. Still I wanted to let the whole kingdom know this truth. I woke up shortly after.

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    1. Nelzi's Avatar
      Epic fairy tale dream I'd like to have such surprise dream made up purely by fantasy and unrelated to my waking experience. Can you train yourself to do so or is it just the nature of your dreams?
      juroara likes this.
    2. juroara's Avatar
      thanks for reading! Ive no control over it, my dreams just surprise me with random stories