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    A World In My Head!!

    Purple Wings-A Zombie's Curse

    by , 07-04-2013 at 07:07 AM (266 Views)
    July 1st, 2013

    note: morning dream, its nice to sleep in

    Purple Wings-A Zombie's Curse
    I don't remember how the zombie curse began. All I know now is that there are three survivors. Me, Mc Adam who is a girl and Mc Nee. While all the rest have been turned into zombies or eaten by zombies, we were left with a different curse.

    We are not human. We were more like angelic demons. Our true form was winged, dark black skin, purple wings and a purple aura. Our powers included transforming into beasts and into humans so that we can fit in.

    For a long time we were trapped in a complex filled with beasts and zombie monsters. Though it was scary, they were no match for our demon-powers.

    Eventually we escaped. I remember running down the hall trying to catch up to my friends, too afraid I'll lose them. I felt so close to the two of them, especially Adam - whose a girl. And Mc Nee i believe was her boyfriend.

    For a while we took refuge in a cabin. But I saw something strange happening in the woods. An energy sphere surrounded the entire woods with a purple aura, transforming the beasts into zombies. "Its happening again!"

    I don't remember if we faught them or escaped. Next we find a city filled with perfectly healthy humans blissful of the zombie disease. I told my friends I was worried that we would carry the zombie disease with us. So Mc Adam had an idea, to cleanse herself. She went to a public bath.

    I was afraid to lose sight of my DC. I ran after her shouting her name. "Mc Adam! Mc Adam! Wait!" I went into the public bathhouse and found my friend. I remember being worried that being naked meant that others will see we are actually monsters. Either way, I take a very public shower.
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