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    A World In My Head!!

    Undead City-Grandma's Lost

    by , 04-27-2013 at 03:51 AM (332 Views)
    April 25, 2013

    Review: I try to find grandma in a city for the undead. Later, I have a brief moment of lucidity by the mountains

    Undead City-Grandma's Lost
    The dream starts out with me in the supermarket with family. I don't remember this part of the dream much anymore, but I ended up with some fruity juice.

    I drink my juice in the car as sis drives. She's taking us to meet our uncles and aunts for something important. We arrive at some wilderness park right by the highway. Grandma wandered in there and now she's lost!

    Me and sis run up ahead to find grandma, but then I realized my older uncles and aunts were trailing behind. At this rate we'll lose them. Uncle Alex gets an idea. 'Lets split up!'. We team up with uncle Alex and he quickly drives us to the other end of the park.

    It felt like a race, whose team will find grandma first? I thought we had reached our destination, but Uncle Alex kept driving. He took us to an old subdivision with huge overgrown trees. You'd think we were in a forest instead of a neighborhood.

    The dream gets abstract with some parking lot by an apartment complex. We almost get run over by a truck with a cargo of cars. The dream sign is lost on me.

    We finally stop at a cabin. The cabin itself was gorgeous, with vines growing all over it. But there's something seriously off about this place. The neighbors have noticed us and stumble closer. What's wrong with them? Their eyes are sulken. Their mood and energy dark.

    They don't say anything, they're like shadows, just watching us.

    Uncle Alex told us to wait by the cabin while he goes looking for grandma. He warned us to stay inside as soon as it gets dark. Looking at our shifty neighbors, I got the feeling he was being serious. Something bad happens if you stay out after dark.

    I had to find grandma! Plus, I have no idea where our uncle went either. I told sis "You stay here, I'll go look for them!" And with that I left sis alone in the creepy cabin.

    I wander into a huge parking lot. But there's something not normal about this place. There people who were coralled into one area. A colorful painted line was the boundary. They walked aimlessly with their heads down. I saw an old woman among them who looked like grandma.


    But a warden stopped me from taking a step closer. She told me I wasn't allowed to walk through the line. She told me I had to keep quit, that talking wasn't allowed, especially past that line. What?

    "Grandma!" I keep screaming grandma until the old lady heard me and turned around. But it wasn't her face. 'whos that?'

    "She's crossed over and now her DNA is being rearranged"

    Thats when I finally understood that anyone passed that line was dead! I realized the warden who was talking to me was dead! And everyone back by the cabin, dead! Actually, theyre all undead.

    The undead passed the line started to stare at me, as if they were envious and jealous I wasn't among them. I remember one child's face. And her eyes, those cold grey demonic eyes. Crap! I'm not supposed to be here!

    I run! I can hear the headmaster of the undead place giving announcements.

    "Those who cross the line, join the undead. Those who fly over the pools, join the undead. And those who stay after dark, join the undead."

    Crap! I start to fly away instead. I can see the pools the headmaster was talking about. But I'm such in a rush I fly over them. Instantly, demons emerge from the water and grab my legs. They're trying to drown me, to touch the water. I kick them real hard and keep on flying.

    Except now I'm lost. The parkinglot of undead and the pools were sorrounded by giant buildings. It turns out it was a museum and there were plenty of tourists. I guess this was who the headmaster was giving announcements to.

    I admit I got side tracked in the museum. It was interesting! And the undead tour guides were nice and informative. Plus they had no problem standing and waiting for days on end without pay, zombies made the perfect employees who could stare at museum walls for hours.

    But, you can see it in their eyes. After dark, they'll consume you. Ive gotta focus! Ive gotta get out of this place!

    I see an employee exit. I almost take it except the exit leads down...down..down into the earth. You know what, its probably better I don't go down that way. I tried flying through a window. That didn't work. I tried using a map to change the dream scene. That didn't work.

    After a confusing dream bit, I make it outside. The headmaster warns the tourists again that the sun is going down. The tourists scamper away as if theres nothing wrong, just another amusement place closing.

    Crap! Sis! I quickly fly over the buildings. I have to reach her in time! The sun is going down fast. Which cabin is it? Its twilight already and its so dark by these cabins with all this tree cover.

    I don't see sis anywhere. Instead I find a doll where sis used to be. "Sis! Sis!" I shake the doll furiously. "Wake up! Wake up!". But the dolls eyes are lifeless. I felt terrible, guilty. I shouldn't have left her alone. Now I've lost her.

    The last light of the sun fades behind the trees. Shadows grow all around me like an all consuming cloud. At the last moment I escape by flying through the tree cover. I fly faster than I've ever flown.

    In seconds I was thousands of miles away, far far away by the mountains.

    The sun was shining bright and it was gorgeous out there. The mountain peaks were snowy but down below I can see green. I slowly descend into the green pastures of the mountainside. I was happy to be lucid by these mountains.

    A few moments later I wake up

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