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    Only Three Short-ish Dreams

    by , 01-27-2015 at 03:58 AM (235 Views)
    January 26, 2015 (With CZ)

    I could NOT sleep last night. Figured I was being good and going to bed early around 10:00... nope. Didn't fall asleep until 11, then woke up at midnight and was awake, trying to fall back asleep, until 4 am, then woke again at 5, and was awake for another hour or so attempting to WBTB and only have about another hour and a half of sleep before my alarm went off D:
    Nevertheless, had a few interesting dreams:

    Cave Tour (between 4:00 and 5:00)

    I was on a tour of a huge cave system. I was with Zukin, a few other people I know, and at least one anime character, though I can't remember which one. I distinctly remember the ceiling getting higher and higher as we climbed up. It was reminiscent of the Carlsbad Cavern if you walk back up. At the top, though, there was a small amphitheater and a projector, and a door in the wall at the very, very back top corner. The projector was supposed to display the night sky on the cave ceiling, with a short presentation about something, but the projector wasn't working. We tried to get it to start working, but nothing was helping. Zukin suggested finding a ranger to help us, but there were none to be seen. In fact, we were the only ones in the whole cave...

    Sleep Over (between 6:00 and sometime before 7:30)

    I was with my mom, and we were visiting Zukin's house. We were in a room divided by a book shelf that was about shoulder height. Each side had a couch, but there was only a TV on one side. We were arguing over who got to sit on the TV side and therefore decide what to watch. I am pretty sure I wanted to watch Doctor Who. On the side without the TV, there were about fist-sized holes along the bottom of the wall, every two feet or so. Zukin's mom mentioned them being homes for the rats she kept as pets.

    The dream shifted a bit and instead of my mom and I visiting Zukin and her mom, it was just me visiting some guy. I was about to leave, but it started storming and my bus was canceled. So I had to stay the night. He was saying that I would sleep on one side of the room, and he would sleep on the other side so I wouldn't feel lonely but also wouldn't be worried about him doing anything. Such a gentleman, though I wanted to sleep on the same side, though I didn't tell him. We stayed up pretty late watching a movie on my side, though, and both ended up falling asleep on the loveseat reclining couch.

    Mall School (right after dream 2)

    I was in a class about dinosaurs. I was listening to the professor get all the information wrong, though I can't remember how it was wrong. I got fed up with all the misinformation, and got up to go to the bathroom. I exited the classroom into what seemed like a mall (I've had a few dreams with malls that have classrooms instead of shops...) and turned left to the bathroom. I skipped the toilet and just went to wash my hands, and might have gotten lucid if my alarm didn't wake me up right then D:

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