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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Store of Lost Things

      by , 05-02-2015 at 04:30 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 28, 2015

      I was back home, at my parents' house. Zukin was with me, visiting, or something. She may have lived there with me. It was a strange conglomeration of all the places I've lived, but it felt like home-home. I was in the basement, when I found a trap-door in the floor in the laundry room. I went down here and found a really interesting computer lab with state-of the art computers and private rooms and whatnot... I went upstairs to tell Zukin about it, and she followed me down the hole to the secret rooms. We were both so impressed and excited that we went back upstairs and got a bunch of junk food and pop to take back down with us. We spent hours playing Minecraft down there, in one of the private rooms. I was almost worried about bothering people by being here so long, but then remembered this was a secret room in my basement. There were no other people there!

      We played for a long time, and then went upstairs for some air. Later, I went back to the trap door. I remember very clearly how I lowered myself through the small hole (it was small, just big enough for me to fit through) and hung from the ceiling a bit until I dropped myself to the floor in the first room. It was dank and dusty, but through a door were the computer rooms. I noticed another sort of hole through some rags, and explored this new area... to find a whole fucking store! It was an abandoned store, but all of the merchandise was still on the shelves, there was no dust, the lights were still on. It was rather beautiful. I explored this store and wondered if I could use all of the beautiful things in the store. It was an open, golden space. The lights were warm-colored, and the shelves were all about hip-height, the highest was at chest height, so I could see the whole store clearly. Things glittered and sparkled, it was so beautiful.

      And then I found the old online orders. Or something. There was a binder with the records, and it said they were all online orders. They were packages that were supposed to have been sent out like 40 years ago. I sifted through them, opening some of them. I was worried at first about opening what wasn't mine, but these packages were so old... I thought about trying to find the people they were for.

      I opened one of them, and it had a calendar/planner inside it. But like, it had already been used. It had belonged to a college students, and she had written so many notes and doodled all over all the pages. It was gorgeous and I had this huge sense of "omg HISTORY" rush through me. Each page had a little furry creature printed on it, and this woman had doodled the creatures doing things like catching pokemon and karate.

      Also in this pile of never-sent-out packages was a pile of all the things I've ever lost. It was amazing. I found dresses I thought were long-gone, that I grew out of ages ago, and some many little things I'd lost over the years. I was so happy, and felt disappointed when I woke up because it was such a cool reality in that dream, and I missed it.
    2. New Mommy and Cult-ish Next Level

      by , 04-27-2015 at 04:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 25, 2015

      My New Mommy
      I was in class with the kids but we were in this weird room. I sat in the corner with my computer, and I greeted the kids as they came in because the door was right in my corner. I remember that the room was made with light wooden floors and walls, and was very open to the outside; there were big windows. We all had on headphones with microphones that were all connected, so all we could hear was each other. I was checking kids' papers (we did research papers) and sources. M and T had the same source for their paper about women's suffrage. I walked around a little more and then sat down and turned on my headphones. K said "if i loose my mom and I'm all tragic will you be my new mommy Ms. Kestrel?" And I pretended I didn't hear it, because I wasn't sure what an appropriate response would be...

      I was with K, T and M later at recess or something and we walked around the back of the school. There were interesting stairs and weird structures so I climbed the stairs and came to a pretty hill overlooking an orchard of sorts with some forested areas surrounding it. It was sunset and very pretty. It reminded me a lot of the space Zukin and I found in Germany while biking one day.

      The Next Level Cult

      I was in some kind of survival game, or a spiritual/intuition test. A bunch of people were let into a big room with about 7 holes in the ceiling and ladders hanging down from them. We had to pick one of the ladders to go through. N (one of my students) was there but I don think I recognized anyone else. He was trying to reach one of the ladders but couldn't because he was too small. I lifted him up to it and then went to a spot where two ladders were in the far left corner. Almost everyone was choosing the ladder that had a platform to reach it, but something drew me to the other one. It wasn't a lot harder to get to or anything, so I didn't know why everyone was going up the other one. I had to fenangle just a little bit to reach it, and climbed up...

      I came up into another room with a really tall ceiling. There was also some ledges. It was as if the room before had a huge box over it, if that makes sense. There was a very short (maybe a foot tall) fence down the middle of the room, which was made of spaghetti, or something else that wasn't all that strong. There were about 15-20 people on my side and lots of people on the other side. There was a voice through a speaker somewhere. It told us that anyone who tried to cross the fence in the middle would be thrown off the edge, into something deadly... The voice also told everyone on the other side of the room to go back home. Then the guy in charge of this event came up the ladder on our side, and greeted us as people who had good intuition. The ladder test was to weed out the people whose intuition wasn't good enough for the following tests and trials.

      We all sat in a circle and he explained the point of this all to us. He said we would be feasting tonight... he was sitting between me and a guy I had met and been chatting to, and he seemed to be favoring us, like talking mostly to us, or at least looking at us more. Anyway, he said we'd be feasting and then looked right at me, ran his hand down my back to my waist. "Feasting," he repeated and I was just like "No." Very firmly.

      He seemed put off but in a good way, as if I had impressed him, and moved to the girl sitting next to me and said "feasting?" She said hesitantly no. He tried a few more girls and then said something about us "not liking vampires too, I guess." I rolled my eyes and we were all thinking, ugh, Twilight. The Master said, "well, I mean, I read the first books." I had to confess that I had as well in high school. Then he talked about Bella birthing Renesme and this is where it got even weirder... He got on the floor and spread his legs, pretending to be giving birth, scooting around on the floor on his butt and making weird faces. "You'd pay to see that, right?!" We were all a little disconcerted. "Right?!" He was a little crazed here, and then he zeroed in on me again which made me feel super uncomfortable. It was as if he was targeting me more now, and planned to get me pregnant, then keep everyone here for 9 months to watch me have his baby... That or like he knew I was already pregnant or something. I was starting to think this guy was an insane creep... But this test was somehow important to complete.

      We moved on to a new conversation though I can't remember the topic. I know that we broke off to do a series of tests but that whenever the Master stood up and held out his hands we were to create a linked circle. It got more and more cultish. Eventually we ended up at my house; we were competing in my driveway. One of us had a little chocolate-ish blob and the other was supposed to try to squish it. I was partnered with H (one of my students) who had just appeared there. H's blob started going down the driveway hill and I was able to pretty easily squish it, so I won and started up the driveway again. It had been all nice and warm and spring-like, but once I got to the top of the driveway, in front of the garage, there was snow on the ground. I was walking through it barefoot (we were all wearing barely anything by now; short shorts and tank tops with hair pulled up) and then the Master threw snow at me and it got in my left ear. He started throwing snow at all of us, and we weren't quite sure what to do about it. None of us were sure whether this guy was a mad creep or a genius.

      I went into the porch but noticed a circle gathering in the garage, so I dropped my stuff and went to join the circle. We were all standing. The Master was standing opposite me and said, "everyone sit down." But even though i heard him clearly, at the same time there was a crystal clear, loud, strong voice in my left ear that said "Don't. Move." So I stayed standing. 3 or 4 other people stayed standing and the rest were sitting. All the sitting people closed their eyes and seemed to be asleep. The Master looked at each of us (one of them was the guy I met at the beginning and had a slight crush on) and was about to give further instructions (I knew now that I had passed some sort of spiritual or other-worldly test... I had been chosen, but I don't know what for) but I woke up.

      It's strange, because I think I was in and out of waking throughout this whole dream. Like, I knew I was awake in bed even as I was in the dream. Two places at once, almost. It was strange.
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    3. Five-Plots Pool

      by , 11-28-2014 at 03:55 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 25, 2014

      So in this dream, there were like five different story-lines that happened in the same pool.

      It was the pool at a house my aunt owned. The house itself resembled one she lived in for a while when I was a kid, but that house didn't have a pool...
      Anyways, the house was my aunt's, and in the first of the story-lines, I was swimming in the pool with my brothers, cousins, and my cousins's best friend and roommate from high school. I somehow found out she was a crack dealer, and this was somehow so life-shattering. I've only met this girl like three times in my life, but somehow this news just shattered me, and I told my older brother about it and he flipped out, too.

      In the second plot, the pool was the site of some sort of cub-scouts or camp-type thing. There were boats in the pool (it was pretty big), and we were all earning some merit badges. It was a co-ed group or something. But the other scouts really didn't like me, and so they kept pushing me into the water and trying to sabotage me.

      In the third plot, it was night time, and the pool was lit up. There was a party going on, so there were a lot of people in the pool. In one of the corners, there was a huge group of people globbed together. I also saw a couple making out or something. I was sitting on the ladder and watching people, talking to my brothers who were nearby. I decided to swim around, and when I got around the huge group of people, I noticed the light in that corner of the pool was out. I was about to turn around, when someone grabbed my ankle and dragged me under. I could see arms and legs flailing around me, and thought that I was getting tangled in the lovers having sex in the water, but I wasn't sure really what was going on. I was drowning though, I knew that. It was really scary, but I could breathe. I got very slightly aware at that point, but the dream shifted and it was daytime and I surfaced. There were no people around me, and it was light, but the sun was setting. I get out of the water as fast as a could, because it was turning into monsters and demons and dogs that were bighting me. I told my brother that the water was out to get me, and even the pool toys were going to hurt me. I never actually saw the water and pool toys turn into monsters, but I had memories and visions of it happening that kept flashing in my vision. I ran inside to the kitchen and pretty much lost lucidity and sat on the table, holding my knees and staring out the window at the pool. My whole family was really worried that I was going crazy, and tried to coax me back out to the pool.

      By the time I got back out to the pool, I was in a new (the 5th and final of them) plot-line. In this one, I had heard about a local legend about a water god and a mortal woman who had fallen in love. But they also had a deep wish to save humanity. The only way they could do that was to perform a ritual that could grant any wish. The ritual was such that they would have to basically become corpses, unmoving and unfeeling, all but one day of the year. Every year, they had to perform the ritual again. Only for that day, they could become live flesh again in order to continue the ritual. But because any other people could come and perform the ritual for their own wish, the lovers also had to guard the underwater temple on the day of the ritual and not allow any to enter, lest the wrong wish be granted.

      I had heard of this legend a while ago, so it was in the back of my mind as I swam in the pool, enjoying the fresh air and cool water. I noticed that the water was flowing over an edge (the edge where the huge group was before, actually), and went to investigate it. I found out I could swim over the edge and became fish-like in my movements. I swam into an underwater building-like thing, and found that I could breathe underwater. I looked around, and suddenly there was a corpse that looked just like me. Like it could have been me, if I wasn't right there. I actually patted myself to check I was still there, and knew something was off, but didn't realize I was dreaming. My heightened awareness level made this weird in-between state very interesting. It was like a normal dream with bursts of lucidity fractions of a second long.

      The corpse-me suddenly opened its eyes, and grabbed me as I went toward the entrance to the stairs that led to a room I felt drawn to. I struggled with me, and suddenly realized that I must be the mortal woman from the legend. I knew me was me, but Me didn't know I was her. I was almost at the stairs, and she was about to kill me, but I turned and yelled, "IT'S THE GLEICHE WISH FOR ME!" (Gleiche=German for same)

      Me let me go, and must have realized I was her, and turned to live-flesh. She took my hand and we both went up the stairs. The water God was up there, and when he saw us both, he took our hands and led us to a bed. Apparently the ritual was intense sex. And since it was me, another me, and him, it was super weird but that made it more exciting. There were some very interesting sensations there. The other me watched the ritual, then closed her eyes, we sent back in time a few days, and I felt my body turning into a zombie-thing. The water God whispered something about loving me forever and to wait for him until next year. I saw him also turn to zombie-corpse version, and the dream faded, and I opened my eyes back at the pool house a few days prior.

      This all happened in less than an hour, and because of the weird terror portion of it, I couldn't sleep much after that. But I did manage another 2-ish hours at 4am, and had this next dream:

      I was a high school student filming a movie, and I got on a boat to find a site to film at, and the boat was huge. It looked like a normal jet-boat on the outside, but the inside was so huge. Like everything was just too big.

      I was with my male classmate, who wrote the story with me, and we landed at an island with a 3rd world-ish society on it. We were going to film at the school on that island, but we found out someone had dammed the river that flowed through the town. It was a vital part of the story, so we were worried, but we found the culprit, who was a student at the school who hated everyone. But the kid found out the water was dying because he'd blocked it, and so he let it go again and we were able to film.

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    4. Huge Sky

      by , 11-27-2014 at 05:54 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 21, 2014

      I was with Zukin in a coastal town. We'd been hiking or something, and had to stay with a group of people in a cabin in the foothills or mountains. Lots of trees around, because the cabin was in a forest.

      It turned out that there was a huge power plant of some sort just off the coast, and it was going to blow. Or it was radioactive or something. Basically, everyone in the area was quarantined and that meant that Zukin and I couldn't go back home.

      And so we had to stay at that cabin with those people... At first they hated us (or at least avoided us like the plague) because we were just too weird for them.

      So we were sitting at a patio table with that group of people some days later. They had gotten at least used to us by then, so we were all talking and looking up at the night sky. It was fucking beautiful. The sky was so huge. Like, huger than huge. It just seemed so big. There were stars and galaxies and nebulae visible and so many colors. We were watching for shooting stars and flying ships (Whoa, just remembered some dreams I've had about night skies and things flying and whatnot... Huh! In one of them I think I was watching the sky for a sign that something was happening. Like there were spacecraft out there lighting up the sky and I was watching them fly for some reason, like all the movements meant something. Anyways.)

      So we were sitting at this table under this huge, colorful, beautiful night sky, and there is suddenly a sound and we see a sky-ship above us. It's got four circular hover thingies, which are all lit up. A speaker announced, "Attention. The following people have been authorized to leave the area. Will the following step into the cabin and prepare to be taken into the ship:"

      And they called my name first, and I was so happy and ran into the house, assuming Zukin would be called next. But she wasn't. They called four of the seven people, and Zukin wasn't one of them. When I found out her name wasn't called, I flipped out and tried to get back outside. One of the guys in our group shook me by the shoulders and told me to get a hold of myself and not do anything stupid.

      But I still tried to get outside and kept yelling that I refused to go with them without Zukin, and I was about to get away, but they tranquilized me and I woke up :(

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    5. This Fortune's on Crack

      by , 09-16-2014 at 08:56 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 16, 2014

      I was in some sort of large aircraft. there may have been something about an air battle at some point with smaller craft. I was fighting some bad guy. I don't remember the battle much, but I do know that it was an epic one.

      After I defeated the bad guy, he turned into The Face, and we floated on this massive ship/mansion thing. He was changing the world by making is so we were floating on just water, and there were hovering land masses in the shapes of animals, covered in grass and trees. Beyond them, in the far distance, were some mountains. I couldn't tell if they were on the ground or also floating, because they were far enough away that the curvature of the world made it so I couldn't see the bottom of them.

      For some reason, the floating animal-land-masses were giving me a weird vibe. I didn't like it there, I could feel something just a little off about the whole place, and so I took off flying from the balcony The Face and I were standing on. We may have been talking, but mostly he was just showing me how he could change the world.

      I flew over the water and to the mountains. Once I got closer, I saw that they were indeed just on the water, not floating. I flew over the mountains (which, as it turned out, were more just large hills) and saw a large plane behind them. Beyond the plane I saw a large city (the Big City on my map). From here I could see that I was on the side that is along a river.

      I flew into the city, and something made me look down at my hands. I had a weird sort of there-but-not-there second thumb, and so I knew that I was dreaming! I was already flying, and so I just sort of went up further, to the roof of the building next to me. It looked like there was some sort of fancy dinner party on the roof, and I flew up to a table. I had the Patronus task on my mind already, and didn't want a repeat of the last attempt, so instead of trying to find a wand, I just picked up a butter knife and called it good.

      I turned away from the dinner party with my butter knife in hand, and looked into my own wavey, slightly distorted reflection in the mirror-like window-covered wall of the building next to this one. I yelled, "Expecto Patronum!" and there was a blue-ish purple-ish and somehow also orange-ish glow from the end of the knife. I made myself focus on a happy memory, which happened to be a time in Austria with Zukin, when we were hiking. I yelled, "Expecto Patronum!" again, and this time there was more light, and a shadow of something large on the windows of the other building. I focused on the blurry shape and realized it was Mewtwo.

      Fuck Yeah.

      I watched my badass patronus fly around, then dismissed it with a smile. I was pretty happy with this lucid dream so far! I thought of what other task I could try, and remembered the fortune cookie one. That was the other one I was pretty excited to try.

      I fly back to the dinner party, and found the bar tender lady at the edge of the roof. I first asked for something to drink, and got some bubbly in a dainty glass with gold flecks around the rim. I landed on the roof and milled amongst the people, sipping my drink, and then I went back to the bartender lady. I asked for a fortune cookie this time. She grudgingly said, "Alright, fine," and reached under the bar, handing me a fortune cookie. I grinned and stuck it in my pocket. I had the feeling that I should wait to open it. That I should first fly down to the ground level of the building. I hovered around the front entrance, hoping to meet Zukin. Lowe and behold, I opened the door to find her waiting for me in the lobby.

      "Hey Zukin! I'm lucid right now! We're in a dream!" She just kinda stared at me. "Can you remember any of the lucid tasks this month?" I asked, hoping that my subconscious mind could give me a hint on the other tasks, all of which I keep forgetting, even IWL.

      She stared at me again, shrugged, and then said, "Let's go to the bathroom. I gotta pee."

      I put my drink down against a wall and followed her to the bathroom (STILL not remembering the flushing task. And what a hint I'd given myself, too! I actually had to check the forum and then laughed at myself for not getting it). I watched her go into one of the stalls, and sat on the sink while she used the toilet. I took out my fortune cookie, and took it out of the wrapping. I inhaled as I cracked it open, and was surprised to see a rather large, folded piece of paper inside. I unfolded it, and there was a lot of text. First, a whole bunch of rather large numbers (large for a fortune cookie, that is) and then some random words, and more numbers. I realized the numbers and words kept changing when I looked away, so I tried not to take my eyes off the numbers and words as I got out my phone, hoping to write them down. Silly me. Lucky thing is, writing things helps me remember them, so I remember many of the numbers and words I saw. It was something like this:

      87 69 899 99 99 99 56 72 12


      88 54 23


      And then more words and numbers. Lots of them. It was weird.

      I laughed, and Zukin came out of the stall. "What's so funny?" She asked, washing her hands.

      "This fortune. You know we're in a dream, right?" I recently read a book that described a method for inducing shared dreams, and this is what I was trying with her. I just found out she likely wasn't even asleep when I had this dream, which may be why it never worked... "This fortune is on crack, look at it. It keeps changing." Even as I passed her the paper, I could see that the numbers and words were changing, though the format was always the same. always the same amount of words and numbers, always in the same place and with the same number of digits or letters.

      She looked at it, shrugged, and said, "huh. That's kinda weird."

      We left the bathroom, and I found my drink again. I liked having the pretty glass in my hand, since it made me feel posh. I tried telling Zukin again that this was a lucid dream. She stared at me again and then smiled. "Hey, how about let's go to that place I took you before, that garden thing?"

      I didn't remember the place she was talking about, or having been taken someplace by her even, but I shugged and said, "Sure, why not?" I had already done two tasks and it could be fun! And if I was going to continue trying to share the dream with the real Zukin, I had to stick with the DC Zukin.

      We went out of the building, and met one of her friends. It was a man, but I don't remember much more about him, I was mostly focusing on Zukin at this point. Which I'm glad I did, because she started being a fucking ninja. She was doing back-flips over walls and climbing lamp-posts like it was nothing. I jumped to follow her, flying, but couldn't fly for a moment. I looked down at my hands again to reaffirm that I was dreaming, and this time I had a there-but-not-there second middle finger. So weird! Anyways, once again assured that I was still dreaming, I jumped again and started flying to follow Zukin. Her friend was also flying, slightly behind me. I knew this was still not the real Zukin, because she wasn't flying. Flying's her thang in a lucid dream, so I figured if it was her, she still didn't know we were dreaming.

      So I am flying after Zukin as she ninjas her way to this big half-indoor, half-outdoor garden. In this garden, there is a pool-sized hot tub surrounded by tropical plants and trees, with a huge rock at one end of it. There are about ten people in the tub right now, all toward the end without the rock on it. I land on the rock, and look back just as Zukin does a flip over the edge of it to land next to me, and her friend lands behind her, and then run past us both, jumping into the water. I think he had stripped buck-naked as he ran.

      I looked back at Zukin, and said, "I don't have my swimsuit on, hope you don't mind!" and winked, but then realized that, if I took off my clothes, my swimsuit was probably going to be on underneath, and if not, I'm dreaming so what the hell?

      She said, "Ohhhh, skinny dipping?" and made a move toward me all seductively.

      "Oh yeah," I said. I took off my shirt, and found that I did indeed have a swimsuit on. Except it was one from my childhood, which just magically seemed to still fit me. It was light blue with colorful plastic beads on it. I took off my pants, and noted a faded salmony colored bikini bottom. My body was a lot more fit than it is IWL, to my joy AND consternation.

      I jumped into the warm water, and we both swam to the other end, taking a seat amidst the other people. I told her again that this was a lucid dream, but it started to fade. I let it fade, knowing that it had been a great dream. I swirled the water around my fingers a bit and dunked my head until the dream faded completely and I
      woke up 15 minutes before my alarm!
    6. Magic Wand ;D

      by , 09-15-2014 at 11:08 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 14, 2014

      I don't remember much before becoming lucid... I was in a room with no doors and no windows, with walls so tall I almost couldn't see the top. There were drawers all over the walls... I realized this was odd, and looked down at my hands to find that I was dreaming!

      I looked around, wondering whether to try to fly out of this room or not. I remembered the Patronus TOTM, and thought, I've been so excited to try this one...!! I looked around, smiling. First, I need a magic wand!

      I went to one of the many drawers in the wall and put my hand on the handle, thinking about my need for a magic wand, and that there was probably one in this drawer. I opened it slowly, and pulled out a blue and purple vibrating dildo.

      I was laughing so hard I completely lost all control
      and woke up.
    7. Harnesses and Thor

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 03, 2014

      (I just realized how kinky that could be... Harnesses and Thor... tehehehehe)

      Harnesses at Hot Topic

      I was in the weird-ass mall on my dream map, and I went into a Hot-Topic-esque store. It had four floors, and the bottom floor was underground, and had super high ceilings. And rock walls. I took an elevator down to the bottom floor, and turned left to the desk where I would get a harness. I was waiting for my harness, but the guy who was going to give it to me, who I think may have been a friend from middle school, was distracted or wanting to try something out and so I didn't get the harness for a while. Once I did have it, they hooked me to a line hanging from the ceiling and showed me how to control my movements in the room using some levers and ropes.

      So basically, people would come in, and hang from the ceilings as they shopped for studded, belted, black striped, and graphic-T clothing 8D

      Then there was an earthquake, or something. Maybe an alien invasion. Something epic and destructive.

      Thor in the Parking Lot

      I was walking in a parking lot. There were very few cars, and they were mostly clustered near the door to a large building that stretched for a long ways. Michael Fassbender had just parked his car and gotten out, and walked toward the building. I had to put my backpack down somewhere, so I decided that in front of his car would be the perfect hiding spot. I think Zukin was with me, but I'm not too sure. She may have been there before I put my backpack down, but then had to leave, or something.

      I left my bag there, and started walking toward the building, which I now somehow knew was a grocery store. I was nearing the group of cars, and now could see that Loki (Tom Hiddleston ermagerd <33), some other super villain, and an old friend from highschool, were chatting around one of the cars. I heard someone approaching, and looked up;

      Thor was walking toward the car as I was passing it, and said, "What villains do I see surrounding this car?!"

      I stopped, turned and held up my hand. "Hey now. They're not all villains. That's my FRIEND, Thor."

      He stopped in his path, turned to me, blinked a few times, and then raised his hands. "Mah bad." He said.

      I went into the store, got some Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough, and was on my way out when I saw another of my old friends, who had made a cookie cake with the same cookie dough I'd just gotten. I wanted to try some to make sure I would actually like it, and so I broke off a piece of the cookie cake. I put it in my mouth, and I swear it was the tastiest cookie I've ever had and it was so good. IT was like all butter and sugar. I woke up wishing real cookies were that phenomenal.
    8. Fourth Time's a Charm

      by , 09-01-2014 at 06:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 31, 2014

      I was in a school (I can't remember if it was highschool or college, but I get the feeling it was highschool) and reliving a whole year of my life. The cycle started on a day when my class went to a beach for a field trip. In the original run-through, the guy I had a crush on, who was one of my best friends, drowned in the water. In the next few days, I had picked up a new book from a local book store. I read it, and it seemed to be about the people around me; I saw lots of similarities between the two.

      I don't remember the rest of that year. Except that on the day my best friend and I went to visit the grave of my passed away friend, I was suddenly back at the beach, and he was alive again. I was really confused at first, but I remembered that he was going to die, and I somehow managed to make sure he survived. I kept him from going out in the water at that time and kept an eye on him the whole time. I was so relieved that he was alive. I still liked him, but I was scared to tell him. I had picked up the same book from the book store to read, because I remembered really liking it in the previous time. As I read it, though, I noticed differences. It had a different plot than the first one, but the same characters. I did some research this time, and found out the author was actually a new teacher at my school.

      Again, on that same day the next year, I realized I was back on the beach and he was about to drown again. I ran to my best friend, told her to save him, and she did; she could swim better than I could. This time, however, I realized that I no longer had a crush on him. I watched them coming back to shore, and sighed with relief. The next day, in class, the author of that book was introduced as our new teacher. This was different...! He wasn't my teacher in the other timelines. When his book came out, I got it, and read it, and again the plot was slightly different. Everyone in the class was asking for his autograph and whatnot because of him having published a book, and a popular one at that. He had a few other books, but I didn't read them. As the year went on, I got to know the teacher a lot better. I was going to confess to him that I liked him one day, but I realized too late that it was the same day I would go back a year.

      I was at the beach yet again, wondering why I kept going back in time. It was getting annoying... I had my best friend save my guy friend again (they had started dating in the previous timeline) and went off to find the teacher. I knew he was there because he was a chaperone. I came up to him and started talking to him, and found out he would be our teacher in this timeline, too. That made me happy.

      When the book came out, I didn't buy it this time. I was walking past the bookstore and glanced at it in the window a few months later, looking at the cover art, which hadn't changed in any of the timelines (though I can't remember what it was), and realized that the teacher was standing behind me; he had been walking the other direction and noticed me looking at the book. He glanced at me and asked, "Have you read it?"

      I shrugged. "About three times already!"

      The next day I decided to read it after all. I wanted to see if it was going to be different again, and in what ways. It was different. The teacher noticed me reading it, and asked me about it: "I thought you've already read it three times?"

      "Well, each time I read it, it's different." (does anyone else think this could be some deep shit? Like, "every time you read a book the experience changes because you've changed" type thing? hmmm) "Every time I read your book, Mr. ---, it's different."

      He looked at me for a while, and then asked me if I wanted to see the drafts for the book. I was so excited, and said I would love to!

      Giddily, I went with him to his office. He pulled out stacks of paper, and I looked through them; there were 4 drafts: the first draft was the version I read the first time; the second was the second version I read; the third draft was the third version I'd read, and I didn't need to look to guess that the final draft was the one that was published in this timeline.

      "I have the other books, too..." He said, handing me the drafts of the other books he'd written in the past. I still hadn't read them, and so I smiled at him and told him I would have to read them soon. I looked at him and was about to ask him if he'd also been reliving the year I had relived, but my friends came in. They had a question about something from class.

      "What's all this stuff?" They asked, looking at the papers.

      "He's an author," I said.
      "What, like, Miyazaki?" That was my best friend.
      "No, he wrote screenplays and directed movies," said the teacher man.
      "Ohhhh." That was my friends.

      It was then that I realized that my classmates hadn't gone insane over the new book this time. It turned out that in this timeline he had published the latest book under an alias (his other books were not well known, so the students didn't know about them). Thus, we found out that we had both been reliving the year. We sort of clung together naturally from that point on, and I got the feeling of being deeply loved by him, but neither of us ever said anything or acted on the feelings; we were teacher and student, no matter how young of a teacher he was (especially because he was so young)

      Toward the end of that year, we were both on a train with my best friend and another student from the class. There were two old women in the back of the train; one black, and one white. They were very, very old, but I could even then see the love emanating from them both. They had been lovers for a very long time, and faced many hardships and barriers in their love (being both a homosexual pair and an interracial pair in their prime, when both of these things were considered to be shameful). This event was a pre-death funeral for one of the two (I think for the white one). My friends were there because the woman had apparently been a bus driver for them, and the Teacher and I were there to support them. My best friend started to cry, and I rubbed her back for comfort, and when she was okay again, I leaned on the Teacher's shoulder, getting sad for the people around me. He put his arm around me and I wondered if we would go back in time again the next day, which was the end of the year... Then I woke up.
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    9. Holy Fucking Shit.

      by , 08-15-2014 at 07:05 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 14, 2014 (part 2)


      So, around noon, when we were driving to a fossil dig site to find some fishies, I suddenly remembered what may have been a dream:

      I was in the car with my brothers and dad, and we were turning onto a portion of road that has been closed until this day of our vacation here in Utah. We drove up the hilly road, over a mountain. I remember it being fairly steep, and winding and there was a rock wall on our right, and a ledge with a few small trees to our left. I remembered the curvature of the road and the imagery very vividly...

      Which is what made me ask, in the car today, "Did we take N. O. Pass yet or did I dream that...?"
      "You dreamt it, Kestrel."

      Later today, we drove on the road, going the other direction. Even going the opposite way, I could tell... it was basically exactly as it had been in my dream. A few curves were slightly different, but the steepness and the landmarks were exactly the same.

      I have never been on this road. It's been closed the whole time we were here, until today. This was such a surreal experience for me, and I had to RC a few times in the car because it was the same as my dream.
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    10. Meatatarian // Gummy Bear Sundae // You're All Ready For Me! // Attack on Titan // Elderly Band

      by , 08-12-2014 at 09:06 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 09, 2014

      So, I had like no dreams on the 8th, but the 9th, when I went home, was full of dreams.


      I was at the Quaker Meeting House I attended as a child and occasionally go back to visit, and I was with my cousins for some reason. We were all supposed to get up early for a trip somewhere. Mom and dad had already left, and so while we waited, I went to the back room to watch the kids. I think I showed them the Magic School Bus?

      I had left the TV on and fallen asleep; I woke up at 5:48, and went to see if people were awake. We'd all planned on being awake at 6:00. Dad was back somehow, and awake, but I was still half-asleep and so I didn't really know that it was 5:48. I went back to my room and started picking out which shirt to wear. I picked from my pink Lolla shirt, my green "Meatatarian" shirt, and my Black Keys shirt. I picked the Lolla shirt because I always think it looks great on me.

      Gummy Bear Sundae

      I was in the back room at the Meeting House (this may have actually been a sort of continuation of the last dream), but it had turned into the elementary school from the summer school. There had been a holiday at the school called Latvia Day, for some reason, and the other interns were busing the students.

      I was getting dressed and apparently there were still some kids right outside my window, which was open (actually it had no glass at all) and I was paranoid about people seeing me. When I was dressed, I went out into the main area of the building on the first floor, and saw my old mentor teacher, Mrs. B, and my classmate A, who got that same mentor teacher for her year-long placement. Mrs. B was telling A how she would bake a cake for her every Wednesday, and I asked, "Can I have a cake every Wednesday?"

      Mrs. B laughed and said, "Psssh no. But you can have a gummy bear sundae every Thursday!" And she pulled a piece of cardstock out of her pocket. There were gummy bears printed in an arch on the paper, and she started cutting them out from the bottom left corner around the arch to the bottom right corner. "I'm too lazy to make a real sundae though."

      Then she joked that my shirt was sooooooo ugly, and pulled at the hem of her own shirt; I realized we had almost the exact same shirt on. The only difference was a small spot in the pattern.

      Scavenger Hunt

      I was at the University, and I was on a scavenger-hunt. We had to go to the auditoriums and audition for a musical as part of the hunt. I've dreamed of these auditoriums before.

      Picnic Tables

      I had woken up and was writing down a dream I'd just had; it was about picnic tables lined up in color-order. There were picnic tables of all colors of the rainbow.

      You're All Ready For Me!

      I was walking down the hallway at Zukin's co-op, because we'd had plans to hang out. I got to her door, banged my forehead on it once to let her know I was opening it, and opened the door. She was standing there in nothing but a bath towel, and I said, "Oh, you're all ready for me!"

      We'd been planning to take showers before we hung out. All of her clothes, like EVERYTHING she owned plus some because I don't think she owns as much clothes as were lined up in her room. They were folded neatly and piled along her desks and dresser, from wall to wall. Her room was also slightly different; the left wall was exposed brick instead of drywall, and painted a deep red color, instead of orange, and the door was all the way against the left wall. I remember being a little confused and thinking that something was off, but I couldn't put my finger down on it. I almost got lucid, but I must have reasoned that she had remodeled since the last time I was there.

      So yeah, She was in a bath towel and I said "Oh, you're all ready for me~!" and then we started making sexual jokes about showers, and she nonchalantly told me that her mom was getting a divorce from her dad because he'd lied to her too many times.

      Attack on Titan

      I was a new member of the Military Police and was stationed in Trost. I had gotten to know Eren, Mikasa and Armin, and they let me into their little posse.

      Then, there was an attack. There were people dying all over the place and we set out to kill as many of the Titans as we could... but everyone was dying. We were all just barely able to evacuate the civilians, and by the time the four of us somehow got through the gate at Wall Rose, we thought we were the only ones left alive. But it turned out there were people alive on the other side, in military uniforms. We didn't recognize any of them, and there was a weird feeling in the air about them. Something was slightly off.

      But we joined them and our leader was Stein (yes, that's a screw in his head). We became close with him, he was something like a personal mentor for us. And then he told us that he and Eren's father had been best friends as children.

      I saw a flashback of a peaceful prairie with a single, straight, flat stream flowing down the middle. Two boys were kneeling over the water's edges, picking grass out of it. The water didn't ripple at all, which was a little eerie. The boys didn't see each other at first, because they were about 20 feet from each other, on opposite sides.

      But then they both looked up. It was Eren's father and Stein. They smiled at each other over their love of pulling grass out of the stream, and were insta-BFFs.

      Then there was a sound to my left, and I looked over. A bus was making its way toward us on the water. They had developed tires made of a special rubber that could stay on top of water no matter what They had cars, bikes, even shoes with bottoms made of that leather, that could all go along on top of the water. I watched the bus go by, and noticed that a few buildings had popped up where only grass had been. There was also a sidewalk of sorts on the other side of the stream (I was on the same side as Eren's dad).

      A small town gradually grew out of the prairie, and then Eren's dad went into one of the buildings; it was his home. He came back out with a unicycle. It had a tire that could go on water. He asked me if I would like to lean how to ride it, and at first I was a little reluctant and scared to try, but he was persistent. I conceded, and awkwardly got onto the unicycle. He pushed me and waved happily as I zoomed down the river, which seemed to instantly become the hallway in my Oma's house. I wonder if there was a dream portal (can that happen if it's not a lucid dream?). I stopped myself on the ledge near the kitchen door, and almost knocked over a few of my Oma and Grandpa's wooden African art.

      Elderly Band

      I was in an auditorium, watch a band play. The band was entirely composed of really old people, like 80-90 years old. They were all rocking the fuck out, like heavy metal head banging and screaming, and it was awesome. I was down at the front row for a bit, and then went back up near the top to find my family. I found them to my right, and turned down the isle, apologizing and excusing myself as I passed people. When I sat down with them, though, mom and almost everyone in my party left to get some food. My mom's two sisters and my dad's dad were left with me. Grandpa was trying to get me to eat a miniature blueberry pie. He was super persistent about it so I took one that looked like a target and bit into it.
    11. Animal Crossing // FUCK THIS SHIT

      by , 07-06-2014 at 03:53 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 04, 2014

      Animal Crossing

      I was playing my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game, except I was in the game. I kept changing my clothes because I couldn't figure out what to wear that day.

      Penises and FUCK THIS SHIT

      I was at a fancy party with Zukin. It was on the roof of a really tall building, and we were all dressed up super sexy and elegant and whatnot. We were walking around, and I looked around, watching the faces... I had a target at this party.

      I was secretly an agent. I was an assassin, to be precise. My target was a man at this party, and Zukin didn't know I was a spy... I saw the man I was to kill, and mentioned to Zukin that I wanted to go eat some pineapples. She looked at me, followed my eyes, and nodded eagerly. We went to the buffet and grabbed a plate of pineapples, and then walked over to my target.

      "Care for some pineapples?" I asked him.

      He nodded, and took a piece from the plate. We all walked around for about half an hour, chatting. We all became such good pals that he invited us to go someplace with him after the party. We agreed. I was thinking how easy this would be.

      We walked past a giant fountain, and I slipped a bit, falling into his arms. He made sure I was alright and stood me back up, pulling some hair from in front of my face, tucking it back behind my ear. I smiled up at him, and we all kept walking.

      We decided to pause for a bit, and I sat with Zukin in a little window-seat type thing. Even though we were on the roof, there was a wall on one edge, along which we sat. Then all hell broke loose; There was a siren of sorts, and an announcement that we all had to leave, because the party was over. Zukin and I stood up and got swept away by the crowd; I could see my target behind us, keeping his eyes on us so as not to loose us.

      We filed down the stairs and into a wide, tall hallway. We ducked into a little cut-out where the girl's bathroom door was. Zukin said she had to pee, and so I waited outside while she was inside the one-person restroom. I also kept my eyes open for my target, hoping to catch him as he left and remind him of his offer to us.

      Then, I got a call: it was my boss. They told me my target had changed. The man we'd been schmoozing all night was no longer a threat... the new target: Zukin. On the inside, I was screaming "FUCK YOU BASTARDS." But I said, "understood."

      I knocked on the door. "Is it safe to come in, Zukin?"
      "Yeah, just washing my hands now."
      I opened the door and slid in without making much sound.
      "Yeah?" She was drying her hands.

      I told her I was a spy, and that my new target was her. She stared at me.
      "So this is what we're gonna do," I said.
      After I explained the plan to her, she was so psyched.

      We got in some kind of badass flying machine, headed for the Headquarters of my spy organization. I pulled a pistol out of a strap at my thigh, and handed it to Zukin. We busted through the doors of HQ, holding out the guns and shouting.

      Then my watch beeped. In the middle of busting up HQ, I did a reality check, realized I was dreaming, and also how absurd it all was.

      I decided that, since I was dreaming, and I already had this big-ass gun, I would continue to wreck shit up with Zukin. I let off a few rounds into the air, shouting and running around. Zukin was bashing someone's head into a table.

      I wondered if this counted toward the bonus task for the month, but didn't dwell on it for very long, since I was busy spray-painting the walls with penises and things like "FUCK THIS SHIT" and your mother jokes.
    12. Well That DE-Escilated Quickly.

      by , 06-22-2014 at 07:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 21, 2014

      orange text = Lucid

      Okay, so this one was really weird and hard to describe. I'll do the best I can. I went with my parents to a property they recently bought in the northern part of the state in which I live. We were camping; I was in my own tent while my parents slept in another tent a few feet away. I couldn't sleep very well because of this super-duper annoying-ass cricket that must have made its life goal to keep me awake.
      Anyways. This is the dream(s?) I had:

      I was with my parents on the same property we actually were visiting; but it was in the near future, when the house we're planning to build there had just been finished. But it "wasn't open" yet, and we were staying in the same tents were actually were in, out in the yard. I had woken up because of a really annoying cricket (this is why it's so confusing. I think I may have fallen asleep and inserted everything before this point, but not actually dreamed it...? I may have also unintentionally WILDed. I HAD been thinking about it as I tried to fall asleep all night, so I was in the right mindset for it I think?)

      Anyways, it was only about 6am (in the dream), and I had just woken up, but I was still tired; I got out of the tent because the cricket was being a bitch, and walked around outside. The sun was nice and warm, and I wandered around a bit. I thought I saw an old friend of mine, whom I met online a loooong time ago. He was walking around the other properties surrounding my family's. But it didn't really look like him. I had the strong impression that it was Alex, though. But I chose not to call out to him, mostly because my parents were there and it would be weird, or something. I walked around for a while, always noting where Maybe-Alex was, and eventually stopped seeing him around. I was so tired still, so I laid down in the grass to try and sleep. Here, it was strange, because I knew I was outside, but at the same time I was also inside and could see a kid I used to babysit peaking out of a crib at me and giggling. It was a bit like when you let your eyes try to battle each other for what you're seeing. Sometimes it's what your right eye sees, and it's sometimes what your left eye sees. It's hard to describe, but if you don't have a dominant eye, like me, you might better know what I'm talking about...

      Anyways, then I must have fallen asleep for a bit. The next thing I knew, my parents were waking me up and telling me it was about time to get going. I told them about seeing the kid in the crib, when I thought I saw Maybe-Alex out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked at the spot where I thought he was, he'd vanished.

      And then suddenly, there was a hand on my right shoulder, and Maybe-Alex was saying to my parents, "This little SLUT isn't quite so innocent as you think." And then all hell broke loose.
      "What the fuck Alex, why are you saying that?!"
      My mom yelled at me, "Kestrel, is that true?!"
      And they forced me to go to a doctor to have a test done. The Doctor told my parents, "It's true, she's no longer a virgin." And my mom started crying and yelling angrily at me, my Dad turned his back on me and left the room with my mom. (this wouldn't happen IRL. They know I'm not, and don't really care. I mean I'm 22 for crying out loud)

      So I'm laying in the hospital bed in the empty room, and the door opens. Maybe-Alex comes in, and I look at him, hurt. "Why did you do that? What did I do to make you call me a little slut?!" He would never do that IRL. Especially not in the tone he'd used. His voice was so malicious, so manipulating and cold.

      "I had to be sure the mother of my child is hated by her parents; that way she has no where to turn but to me." He was so fucking calm and cold.

      "And you think I'm having your baby?" I rolled my eyes.

      "I know you're going to have my baby." And he locked the door. He came toward me with a really wicked grin on his face, and I suddenly felt scared. "There's no way you're Alex..."

      "Nope~" He said in a singsongy voice, and I realized I must have been dreaming. I did a Reality Check, and it turned out I was dreaming.

      I stared at whoever the guy was, and asked him, "are you The Face?"

      "That may have been me. But that's not my name." He'd sat down at the edge of the bed, no longer threatening. He was still grinning a bit maliciously, though. Maybe it was more mischievous.

      "Well what is your name?"

      "You can call me whatever you want."

      "I want to call you by your name."

      "Not this time~"

      I narrowed my eyes at him and suddenly remember the challenge of the month. I decided to try it, so I repeated, with the same singsongy intonation, "Not this time~"

      He just raised his eyebrow and stared at me, silently. I couldn't tell if he was confused or just blank. I waited so long for him to say something else that the dream destabilized and I woke up.

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    13. First Lucid Experience: Minecraft Blocky AND Real-World Smooth

      by , 06-10-2014 at 07:55 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 10, 2014

      After having mostly fragmented memories of dreams and waking at 5:30 am, I fell back asleep and had this dream:

      I was visiting some other country with my family (immediate and most of the grandparents/aunts/cousins, as well as the Stanleys, who are the family of my mom's old high school friend). At first, we were in a city, wandering around and exploring new places. We were in a Hotel there, and my mom had come back with a bicycle she'd just bought. We all wondered how practical this was, since we were going to have to fly back, just like we'd had to fly there. We all got in multiple cars and headed for the house we were renting for the next week and a half of the trip; apparently Bob had built it.

      I decided to do some exploring of the house. There was a main section of the house, with the living spaces, and three of the bedrooms, and then there was a separate space connected by a partially underground hallway (there were windows at the top of the walls, and these windows were just above ground level outside). The second space was a garden/master bedroom. There were flowers in pots everywhere and when I looked out the window, I saw that the whole top of that hallway was also planted. There were lots of windows, and the bed was in a section that was sunk down a few steps. I went outside the building and saw a door, but didn't think much of it, assuming it was just leading off from one of the bedrooms.

      Then, mom got back. She'd decided to come on her bike, so it took her a lot longer to get there. Except she came on a motor scooter. We asked her why she had it, and she said that she'd traded the bike for the scooter. She had apparently also picked up groceries on the way there; they were in bags behind her.

      I asked it I could ride the scooter (I only call it a scooter because I can't think of any better word... It was basically a box with wheels and no right-side wall, so that you could get in and out. I guess it was more of a cockpit?), and mom said sure, why not? She proceeded to show my family the snake she'd gotten on a whim at the grocery store.

      So I get in through the absent right-hand wall, and sit/squat in this awkward little seat that was slanted forwards. The steering mechanism was a simple floppy paddle handle (like the locks on some bathroom stalls). At first, I thought that it was also the way to accelerate (kind of how in bumper cars, often times to reverse, you need to turn so far you go backwards), so I turned it really far and ended up just spinning really fast and getting dizzy (it spun without pressing the gas, apparently). I found the actual gas and break pedals and got on my way, taking it out for a spin.

      I first went up the road to the left (as you face the house), which was up. The house was on a hill, so to the left it went uphill, and to the right it went downhill on a curve to the right. We were on a mountain or something, I think. I got bored going uphill, so I turned around (the turning was like in some video games, where when you rotate the handle to the left for the camera view, it turns right, and vise versa. I hate that, it confuses me so much) and went downhill. I passed the house and went along the curve to the right, and then it was straight and steep, and there was a jeep (this jeep, to be precise; I should clarify that I am in no way a conservative. One of my friends posted this on FB) coming at me really fast with their brights on even though the sun was just starting to set, and the road was narrow, so I pulled over to the right side, which was nearly a cliff, and waited for it to pass. I got freaked out by the jeep and turned back to go home.

      When I got back, the snake my mom had bought with the groceries was chilling on the front porch, but then a large red snake with yellow spots outlined in black came out of the ground (like, it came out of the GROUND, not out of a hole in the ground) and attacked mom's snake. It was crazy. They were vicious and kept going in and out of the ground, and I was freaked out because I was almost positive this other snake was venomous and they kept coming up at random spots, so I hopped back inside where I would be safe. I told my mom, but she didn't seem too worried about her snake. "She's a tough cookie, that one," she said with a thumbs up.

      I went off to find my brothers and ended up finding them in the main living room. Bob said he'd included a secret space when he built the house. I looked over and found a room I had missed before; it was long and narrow, with bunk beds built into the wall on the right-hand side. There were four bunks, then one twin, and then one queen/double. The last thing built into that wall was a sort of reading nook with a table and booth-benches around it. Bob and Erik said they would be sleeping in this room with the Stanley boys and our uncles.

      On the left at the end of the room was an open space, and a door was at the very end. I opened it, and found out it was the door I'd seen earlier.

      When I closed the door, everything went all Minecraft on me. I accidentally deleted a block from the wall, and I rotated through my inventory to replace it with a stone block, but then I realized the walls were made of leaf-blocks. I didn't have any of those in my inventory, so I left it as it was. I looked over to the area to the left and noticed something strange; it looked like there was something behind the leaf-blocks making up the wall, so I broke one of them with my sheers (so I could replace it if there wasn't actually anything there) and found a tunnel with a pitfall at the end. I looked down the hole, and found out there was water running below. A tetris-ish shaped lily-pad floated past, and I jumped down and landed on it.

      I was in this GORGEOUS underground jungle-temple-like space. The river was artificial, it seemed, made out of cobblestone blocks, suspended a few blocks from the ground and winding and going up and down. There were vines hanging down over everything and dappled light coming in through little holes in the ground (the ceiling above me, since I was underground now). Roots intertwined and connected with the cobblestone river. It was at the same time minecraft blocky and real-world smooth. It was so surreal and so beautiful! There were lily-pads on the water, and chests full of treasure scattered throughout the river; some in the water, some above the water, some on the cobblestone at the edge of the water.

      I let myself be carried by the river until it came into open daylight (the sun still had not set, but was very close to the horizon now) and found myself above the house. Instead of the road there had been before, it was all a river now. Wait a minute, this was a road before... Am I dreaming? Sure enough, for the first time ever, I did a reality check in my dream, and found I was dreaming. I was so excited that it started to destabilize, but I ran as fast as I could to the house to tell everyone we were in a dream.

      I woke up before I could reach the house.
      I gained lucidity (and remember it) for the first time!

      Update: That day I spent way more time than I should have building the house in Minecraft. lol

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    14. Kebab Gets Sick // Murder at the Musical

      by , 06-10-2014 at 03:07 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 08, 2014

      Kebab Gets Sick

      I was with the backpacking group, drinking in an old house. I think the house belonged to one of my family members, or someone I knew, but I can't remember who it was. The house had a very modern feel to it, even though it was old. We were all on the second floor, and suddenly Kebab said, "I forgot how sick this stuff makes me..." and goes to the upstairs bathroom, but he gets worried that it won't hold all of his vomit (I laughed out loud as I wrote this out) and so he tries to get to the bigger bathroom downstairs, and... well, let's just say he left a trail, and it was disgusting.

      I must have blotched out the part where I cleaned it all up. I remember being on the stairs at the point where it turns (it was one of those kinds of stairways), hearing him vomiting all the way to the bathroom, and then more in the bathroom. I remember thinking, Oh God, I'm going to have to clean this up...

      And then I remember being back upstairs with Zukin, Penny, Ivan, and a friend of his, who was in my own grade instead of a year below me, like all three of the others are. I was telling them all about my Dream Journal, and gave them all my DV username so they could find me once they joined the site (Zukin and I were recruiting them all).

      Suddenly, I was in my high school cafeteria, just as I am saying the last five letters of it; "E-L-K-A-T..."

      And then someone on the complete other side of the cafeteria yells, "E-L-K-A-T!" And then someone else yells it from another side of the room, and soon the whole room is shouting "KESTRELKAT! KESTRELKAT!! KESSSSSTRELKAAAAATTT!!!"

      It was so strange.

      Murder at the Musical

      A friend and I (at the beginning, I don't remember who she was, but toward the end it was one of my friends from college) were acting in a musical about a crazy King who tries to kill his daughter and her friend. My friend plays the daughter, and I play her friend... Her dad plays the crazy King. Can you see where this is going yet?

      Anyways, we find out that her father is trying to kill us; He is going to do it right on stage and get away with it because people will think it's just really good acting. Or, it may have actually been that he was going to actually kill us in order to make it the best show ever. I can't remember exactly which it was, or if it was both. In the musical, the crazy King pretends to be the painting in his daughter's room in order to get her and her friend while they are off-guard, and he jumps at them with a knife, killing the friend first, because he knows his daughter wouldn't dare to avenge her friend and he could easily get her right after.

      Everyone else in the play found out her father's plan, and was trying to help us. We couldn't go straight to the police because they wouldn't believe us if we did. So we all continued with rehearsals as planned, to formulate our plan and also to keep her father from finding out that we knew his plan. We had to all live in the building in which we practiced, and we weren't allowed to leave at all. It was an abandoned warehouse that was for some reason located on my home street.

      When it was time to do a sort of official advertising for the musical (there was a local musical association, and they held an event where all the main characters of the various plays and musicals being put on would gather and try to sell tickets to people passing by on the street), my friend and I left the building (since we were main characters, and her Father could not keep us hidden away with the rest of the cast). Her father was already there, and we were to meet him. We decided we would expose him today, because there would be many people and policemen to help us, and he wasn't really a good actor anyways so he wouldn't be able to lie his way out of it.

      The event was being held a couple blocks away, and so my friend and I had to get up the hill on my street. We were having a very hard time doing it, because of our bulky costumes, so we put on roller blades that we apparently had hidden in the bulky dresses we wore. The going got much faster then.

      When we reached the top of the hill (that's where it meets the street on which the event was held), we saw that there were many, many more people than we had expected. Even better; more witnesses to his horrible lying and more support for ourselves. We found a policewoman and explain what was going on, and we led her to where my friend's dad was, in his ridiculous costume (like this, just he was a painting of a rather creepy looking clown, and the frame was almost as big as he was). We exposed him, and the police took him away. They told my frind and me that we should get the rest of the cast and crew, so that we could all go to testify at the station.

      We go back to the building, gather the others, and get on a bus to get to the police station. As we walked to the bus stop, we all decided that we would have to find another musical to perform in, and that we would stick together because we had become like family. When we got on a bus, and it started moving, a man that had been sitting on a bench at the stop moved with the bus. He was outside of the bus, but moved as if he were in it, even swaying as the driver used the brakes too heavily. I stared out the window at him, and he stared back, grinning. Every time we stopped at a bus stop, the man would appear to adjust himself in his seat of air, so that he looked like he was just sitting at the bus stop. He was describing something to me, and it was strange, because I could hear his voice in my head again. But, I can't remember what he was describing to me. He wore a patch-filled jacket and had a sing-songy voice, but I didn't realize until I was awake that it was the same person from my Gangster Pimp story, who may have been The Face from another dream I had.

      The leader of our little troupe suddenly told us all to get off the bus, quickly. In the confusion, the man whom I will call The Face until I learn his real identity vanished. I reach my troupe and find that they have been confronted by a group of white men and women (my whole troupe, except for my friend and me, was black, with only 1 or 2 women). They stood in lines facing each other, with the leaders of the two groups standing opposite each other. It seemed everyone in my own group had a counterpart in the other group, except for my friend and me. I suddenly know that our leader had taken s off the bus because he'd seen the other group waiting to get on it, and wanted to avoid a confrontation; but the leader of the other group had also spotted him getting off, and had stayed, just to pick a fight.

      "What are you doing with these little white girls, eh? You messin' with them?" Their leader turned to me. "They messin' with you, honey?"
      "We're their friends," I say.
      "Oh really?"
      "We're in a play- a musical- together."
      The other group collectively mocked me and I saw some of their members push some of my friends, so I tried to make myself a human barrier between the two groups, hoping I could stop a fight from happening.

      The other group members were saying really nasty, rude, and disrespectful things about my friends, and I could see my group beginning to get angrier, but they didn't make any moves.

      Then, I saw my group's leader's thoughts for an instant; but it was enough to know that he and his friends had been in a bad situation before joining the musical cast and crew, and they all wanted to live better lives now.

      "Just ignore them all," I said to my friends, while staring into the eyes of the opposite group leader.

      That all went on for a few more minutes, and the situation was looking so desperate that I turned around and hugged as many of my group members as I could, crying. I guess the antagonizing gang must have gotten weirded out by my show of affection, and they left with the grumblings of an aggressor who doesn't really want to open that can of worms anymore.

      We all sat down to wait for the next bus. People sniggered and talked bad about me, as if what I'd done was the stupidest thing they'd ever seen, and I snapped at them all, "Shut the FUCK up! What would you all have done?! Run away? Watch your friends get hurt?" My group leader ruffled my hair and the rest fell silent, just like my group was. It was all very sober until the bus got there. I sat at a window seat, with the leader to my right and my friend to his right. I remembered my leg brushing his, and realizing I needed a shower REALLY bad because my legs were prickly as fuck.

      Then I woke up.

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    15. Blue Pool // Circus // Don't Tell My Mom // Rest Stop // Dog Fight

      by , 06-06-2014 at 02:48 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 05, 2014

      Whoa, 6 Dreams (well, some Dreams and some Fragments) remembered!

      Blue Pool

      I was with Zukin and some people who claimed to be high-level Dreamers, and we were sitting on a sofa, talking about Lucid Dreaming (funny that we were talking about it but I didn't realize I was dreaming). Then we all moved to a room that was a pool. The whole room was a giant pool with a walkway down the middle. The tiles in the pool were mostly deep blue with some red ones. There were signs being made (like actual signs. Road signs.) somewhere in the room. They were popping out of a conveyor on the other side of the wall.

      I think I might have realized I was dreaming, but I woke up immediately. If I did realize, it didn't last long.


      I was a kid again in this dream. Maybe 10-14 years old. My dad and brothers were going to a circus. We walked into the lobby of the building it was in (it was on some upper floor of a large building). There were three other children there, with their guardian (I wasn't sure if it was their parent or not) in the lobby.

      We got into the elevator, the walls of which were lined with that yellow foamy insulator you find in crawl spaces and whatnot.

      We got out of the elevator and then sat down in this little play corner that was actually the seats for the audience. You were supposed to climb up to any seat we wanted. It's a bit hard to describe, but think of side-scrolling video games where there are ledges you have to jump up to and whatnot. So I'm trying to get up to the perfect seat, but I can't reach it.

      Then there were two fractions of dreams: One about playing my music over speakers, and another about sleeping downstairs in my laundry room. I was only wearing underwear (no bra) because it was really hot, and my dad came in and got all embarrassed. But I was still half asleep and still tired so I threw on a shirt and went to sleep in the car, since we were going somewhere that day. My mom was already sleeping in the back, so I just curled up in the passenger seat.

      Just Don't Tell my Mom, Okay?

      I was a student in a classroom, high school, I think. We were in the middle of class, and two punks had barged in; They were pushing my classmates around, badmouthing everyone, and extorting money from them and being general jerks. Eventually I got fed up with it and yelled at them from across the room, "You two need to GET. OUT."

      One of them got all bashful and apologized, getting ready to leave, but the other (the taller one) just stood in the door way with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring down his nose at me. I planted my feet and glared right back (I am short, so this must have been hilarious to watch), until he averted his gaze and then left, grumbling.

      About an hour later, another punk came to my classroom, and yelled, "Which Bitch is that told my boys to leave?!" Like an idiot, I stood up and said, "It was me." The guy looked like a Gangster Pimp.

      He took me out in the hall and I felt like he was gong to beat me, so I started to run away. I felt like a rabbit being chased by a wolf, and it felt hopeless. It felt like no matter where I ran, he would find me, and then beat me, rape me, verbally abuse me, who knows what.

      I eventually got to a door leading out of the building. It opened to a slope, exactly like the one Zukin and I slid down on our butts in Austria. It was steep and the soil was dry, and there were trees scattered sparsely. I slid down the slope, using the trees as check-points of a sort to control my path downward. I got to the bottom and looked up to see if he was following. He was inside still, I could see him glaring down at me from inside the door. It had started to rain, so I assumed that he wouldn't come out in order to keep his clothes clean (Or rather, his voice was in my head saying "The only reason I'm not going and getting you out there is to keep my clothes dry, bitch."). I started running to my left, and turned when the building made a corner. Around the corner was another door into the building. I figured I would go in and try to get a teacher. As I ran toward the door, to my right I heard a voice say, "You don't have to run. You have the power to manipulate him." I turned to see a man floating in the air. It looked like he was sitting in an invisible throne in the air. He had on clothes that appeared kinda jester-like. But more ragged. Colorful patches everywhere, a funny hat. His hair was long, for a guy, and messy. He has a sing-songy voice.

      I ignored what he said because the Gangster Pimp was going to kill me if I didn't keep running. I keep running, and I almost reach the door, but the Gangster Pimp comes out of a door a little further down and starts running after me. It's still raining, but we're under an awning now. I'm no longer safe, in the rain.

      I try to reach the door but he catches me just before I get there and corners me. "I'll teach you to mess with my boys!" He threatened, cracking his knuckles.
      "I didn't touch them! All I did was make them leave!"
      He hit me on the left side of my face. "Shut up, bitch! I'm a pimp and I protect my boys!"
      I didn't know what else to do, so I started begging and apologizing. "I'm sorry, okay? I won't do it again! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just don't hit me again...!"
      And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of my old high school teachers coming outside. "Help! Help, Hafer! Mr. Hafer! This guy...!" But he didn't hear me at all, or else ignored me (which he wouldn't do; he was one of the best teachers I had in high school). He walked back inside, and I felt so alone.

      The Gangster Pimp raised his hand like he was going to hit me again, and I yelled, "You would hit a girl like that?!"
      Suddenly he got all sheepish. "D-don't say it like that!" He stammered.
      Suddenly I was scolding him. "And this is a new piercing. Do you know how much it hurts to get hit over a new piercing?!"
      "I'm sorry..."
      "And besides you should be in class!"
      "Yes Ma'am..."
      "Before that, go apologize to my classmates for disrupting our learning!"
      "Don't tell my mom about this, okay...?"
      We walk back to the tree-slope door for some reason, instead of taking the door right next to us. We wait under the overhang until the rain clears, to keep his clothes clean. Once it was clear, we start walking, and to my left, still where he had been before, was the jester-man, who had much the same feeling as The Face at the end of one of my previous dreams. He smiled (though it was more of a smirk) and said, "Told you." Then he vanished. I noticed then that the rain hadn't been falling on him; there was a circle of dry pavement around where he'd been.

      After getting back to my class, like right after the Gangster Pimp leaves, I got a text from him asking if I wanted to go to a rap concert with him. I don't know how he got my number.

      Then I either woke up or faded into the next dream...

      Rest Stop of Creepy

      I was on a car trip with my Dad, Erik, Bob, WW (my grandpa) and my uncle Nick. I don't know why my mom wasn't there. We were driving in some place with mountains and open prairie/almost desert. We stopped at a rest stop to get some things and while we were browsing, this weird man enters the store, and asks random people if he can buy them random junk from the store. He asked me if he could buy me some canned peaches and I said no. I kept saying no but he kept asking about other things he could buy me. Eventually I got him to go away, and picked up a chocolate milk, bringing it to my dad to pay for while I went to the bathroom.

      When I got out, I tried to find my family but they had left without me. I knew where we were going, so I figured I would just walk to catch up with them. I texted them to wait for me somewhere up the road, and turned out to the road. I went left (I get the feeling I was going west... but I'm directionally challenged so I don't know if that is true).

      I passed a couple buildings on a hill to my left. At some point I met a woman who handed me a box of water bottles and some paper cups, telling me to "keep strong." I was starting to panic because the sun was setting and I could hear some animals off in the distance. I had gotten out of the woodsy hills and was now in an open, relatively flat, prairie area. There were huge, majestic mountains to my right. It looked a little like the Tetons look from the road. I got to another hilly area and checked my phone to see if anyone had responded to my texts. Then I rounded a corner and found the van sitting at a lookout with a door open, waiting for me to jump in. I was pissed at them all and didn't speak to any of them for the rest of the ride.

      Dog Fights

      I was at Oma and Grandpa's house (in the living room with big windows), talking to my grandpa about his past. My family and some dogs I didn't know were playing outside in the back yard.

      Through the windows, I saw a pack of three foxes, larger than any normal fox, circle the group, as if hunting. I tried to warn my family, but they couldn't hear me from inside. Then, one of the foxes jumped at Erik, but he ducked just in time and didn't get hurt. Everyone starts yelling and the foxes run away. They were literally hopping/jumping as high as the trees, like Virginia (John Carter) in the movie. (Um, just sort of ignore that music in that video... There was loud music playing when I found the video. And then it lead to a hilarious moment when Zukin turned off her music and we both heard the music in this video for the first time)

      But after a few minutes, they come back with two large wolves. Then, all hell broke loose.
      There were suddenly a bunch of neighborhood dogs of all kinds, and the wolves and foxes were fighting the dogs. The dogs eventually fought off the wolves and foxes, but two of them were badly wounded. Their owners were there, and one of the really badly wounded ones, a newfie, was leaning on its owner and dying. It was really sad...

      Apparently, my grandpa had completely missed the whole thing. He's a bit deaf, so he hadn't heard any of the mayhem.

      Then I woke up.

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