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    1. Sweet 16 Nights 7, 8, 9 and 10

      by , 01-20-2016 at 06:24 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Night 7 (4 NLD)

      I was in a game or on some sort of mission (or both) with a team of highly-trained specialists. I don't know what exactly they were specialists of, but I got the feeling they were very good at something. We got to this huge room that had a lot of debris and water damage, and found out only one person could go on because there was a shrink potion needed to continue. But there was only enough to shrink one person. So I took the potion and started living in a metal box of some sort (maybe the shell of an old computer?) in this room, alone. The box already had a lot of supplies (food, toiletries, entertainment) and a video recorder. I got the feeling I was to live here and record daily what I'd noticed, what was happening, etc. I didn't know what to record first, so I just recorded a self-introduction, and then made some food with the supplies. I went out to explore the room in further detail when the dream faded.

      I was moving to a new apartment, and had just driven home from Target whee I'd gotten some things I needed. I almost didn't get let into the parking garage because I couldn't find my ID, but eventually they believed me and let me in without it. When I got to my new apartment unit, I was looking around the many rooms, trying to figure out which one would be best for the bedroom. They were all rather small, but that's fine by me. I eventually picked one room that was so small the bed touched both opposite walls.

      I was out shopping with my cousins and Zukin, and then we met my Oma. We all walked around for a while, and got some food, and then my Oma bought me a sexy bra. I was shocked but somehow it didn't surprise me, like I knew deep down she was a rebel anyways ;D

      I wanted to make a pillow pile in my room, so I went out to some home store with the intent to get as many of the cheapest pillows as I could afford. But it turned out they didn't ave any fucking pillows, so I went home PO'd. I didn't have enough energy to make it to another store to check if they had pillows, and I think I might have been high anyways, so I just went back home.

      Night 8 (1 NLD, 1 LD)

      I was babysitting for this new family; I think it was actually the family of my little brother's friend, Olivia. So they were both there, too. At first the kids didn't like me and when I asked if they'd like to play with me, they said no and hid behind the couch. So I backed off and started drawing on the floor. I got thirsty so I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and when I got back to my picture the kids were looking at it. I asked if they liked it, and they said they really liked it. As usually happens with me a little kids, they opened up to me very rapidly after that, and soon we were outside playing this death-defying game of some sort. The older one wanted to show me a school project she was working on, so we all went back inside. My little brother and his friend were no where to be seen, so I was secretly wondering if they were making out somewhere, haha.

      I was parking my van in the street outside someone's house, and noticed a purple dog in the street. Did a reality check and confirmed I was dreaming. But it was too fuzzy and I couldn't remember any of my goals. I got out of the car and walked around, turned the dog orange with a wave of my hand, and then the dream destabilized and I woke up.

      Night 9 (1 NLD)

      I was at my neighbor's house (the neighbor happened to be one of my old high school friends) and talking to his girlfriend. We apparently had to pack things for him, and I remember thinking it was weird that I was helping pack things for him. Like, shouldn't that be his and his girlfriend's job or something? I was just an old friend, I felt like I shouldn't be doing this XD

      Night 10 (1 LD)

      I was part of another elite group protecting the world; this time, there were monsters plaguing the world and we went out at night and took care of them in a humane manner. I was out on a mission one night, and we were in a huge tube thing (this place was a bit like the trippy roller coaster Zukin and I are building in Minecraft) and jumping up and down on little platforms along its inner walls, trying to defeat these two monsters. We finally got them, but my partner and I got separated. The plan if that ever happened was to meet back up at the base, so I went back there on my own. He wasn't there yet when I got back, so I was worried, but I needed to rest, so I found a spot by a window and tried to sleep. One of my students was there (but she was all grown up!) and was watching an anime with her BOYFRIEND (whaaaat?!)
      I looked out the window again at the portion of the base that was at the bottom of this big hill (my portion of the base was at the top) and could see the people in it all scurrying around doing their works. That part of the base was open to the air for the most part, which is why I could see people so easily. I saw my ex there, and he waved at me (he must have looked up and seen me watching through my window) and soon like everyone in that base stopped what they were doing and waved at me. I realized this was strange and checked my hands; dreaming!
      This lucidity was oddly clear, and effortless. I knew my goal now was to summon Zukin. So I said her name out loud and snapped and there she appeared in front of me. We phased through the wall and started flying around. I wanted to go to space with her so we both shot out and up and didn't stop until we had exited the atmosphere and kept going a little further. After a moment of admiring Space, she said, "don't forget to do a mythical creature task," and reminded me of the fairy ring I'd failed last time. With Zukin here, I knew I wouldn't fail this time, so I teleported us to a forest by snapping (I've started using snapping for lots of dream control lately). Don't really know where the forest was or anything, but it felt like a forest would be a lot better than a fairy circle in someone's front yard.
      We walked around until we found a fairy circle, and then sat down in it and concentrated on the fairies I knew were around here. Soon they started flickering into being around us, kind of fuzzy and static-y like they were on an old television, or like they were a glitch in a game. They cleared up and sharpened up, and then I got a good look at them. Their skin was multicolored and metalic-like, and their wings shimmered, but they also had large talons on their hands and feet, and they had horns and fangs. I asked them what their secrets were, and to my dismay, they bashfully each pulled out multiple dildos. The fairies' secret was a dildo collection. Of course. I was too busy rolling my eyes at my subC and the dream faded
      and I woke up.
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    2. Sweet 16 Night 6

      by , 01-16-2016 at 06:58 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      I was in this huge old house where a queen or a noble or something lived. There was also a school in the building and I was co-teaching a class. Something horrible happened (I don't remember what it was) and to get the kids under control I just yelled "EVERYONE, FREEZE!" And they all froze like completely (it was more like stopping time lol). The other teacher in the room told all the other teachers and they were all very impressed with how I handled the situation. I walked around and eventually found Zukin. She was dressed as an elvish prince for some reason.

      Then it was time for us both to leave, and I was in the main room waiting for her. I saw her come out of a hallway and motioned for her to come so we could leave, and turned to wait in the car. But Zukin never came out so I got out of the car and went back into the huge house. I asked if anyone knew where she was, they had no idea... So I had to go looking for her. This place was like a fucking maze; lots of narrow halls with corners and stairs all over the place, and random rooms scattered and with no apparent pattern. I eventually did find her in a room at the back (or middle) with a whole wall of windows looking out into this field (or courtyard) with a stream flowing through it. It was way peaceful. I woke Zukin up and told her it was time to leave. She was relieved to see me. Apparently she had not seen me that time in the main room, and had gone to look for me and couldn't find me anywhere, and was forced to sleep in this room for the night. I remember thinking that something was different about her hair. I think it was really short somehow. She started changing into her normal clothes and then we left and I woke up.

      I was with my brothers, Zukin, and one other person about our age. We were in this big city, driving around. We wanted to find a place to rent a golf-cart to get around easier, so we parked at this hotel and started walking around. We passed through this beautiful little cafe with a terraced courtyard with an aqueduct-like water feature running around the perimeter and through it. We rented our golf cart and drove around. My recall is a bit fuzzy for the driving, but we needed up getting lost somehow and had a really hard time getting back to the rental place. I was driving the golf cart and somehow thought I was in the van... I was confused about why there was no windshield in front of me and then even the steering wheel was gone and it turned out I was driving from outside the cart, like sitting on the front of it.

      We eventually made it back to the cafe and the golf cart had turned into a scooter I had to return; everyone else was on foot. So we were going through this cafe-store's interior to get to the courtyard where we had to return the scooter. I had to go down and up lots of ramps. And right at the opening to the courtyard, there was a little cashier's desk and a woman was selling this beautiful stuff. It was light pink, light blue, and lavender colored ("Zukin's spirit colors") and shimmery and so malleable. It was sort of like oobleck but more solid. The woman gave me a sample to play around with in my hands and it felt so strange. I had assumed it was stuff to eat and was now not so sure but was embarrassed to ask if it was edible. My people called my name and I remembered we had to return the scooter, so I left. We had to get down a long series of ramps and stairs to get down to the bottom of the courtyard where the rental place was. For some reason you were supposed to return the scooters by driving them into the water feature... I realized this was a bit strange and did a reality check; dreaming!

      I looked around the courtyard with lucid eyes and it was really very pretty and complex. The sun was low in the sky but not quite setting so I decided to fly into space to grab something out of the sky for the challenge task for the competition. I shot off like a firework and kept going straight up until I was just outside the atmosphere. I looked around at the Space around me, but it didn't look like a dream night-sky looks for me, usually. It looked pretty normal like space. I wanted to grab one of the larger-than-life things that populate my dream skies, so I let myself fall back down to earth.

      I landed, somehow, in the same courtyard cafe. I looked up again, and the sun was still in the sky. I realized I had done my second step task and that my third one was time control, so this was perfect. I wondered how I was going to speed up time; I've done it a couple times before but couldn't remember how I did it those times. I ended up reaching out and using a force-like pull to move the sun down toward the horizon. People around me started moving faster as well and it became like a time-lapse video until it was night time. I let time go back to normal and looked up. My beautiful, huge night sky was there and I just sort of watched it for a while. Then I spotted a galaxy that was the same colors as that shiny stuff, so I picked that one to grab out of the sky. I reached up, imagining that instead of it being something huge that was far away, it was something small that was within my reach. At first I only ended up waving my hand in front of me... But then I felt the little galaxy in my hand. It was ice-cold, and if "sparkly" was a texture, it was that. It sort of popped and tingled in my hands. It was malleable like the stuff tat woman was selling. I decided since this was a dream, why not eat it; it tasted like blueberries and cinnamon.

      I looked around again and wanted to summon some of my teammates (OneUp and spellbee were the only ones I could remember), and as I looked around, two men sitting at a table nearby had those named floating above them, like in a video game. OneUp had on a space helmet like his avatar and a tuxedo-T-shirt, and spellbee was wearing a green shirt with a cat on it and had glasses and short hair. I walked up to them and said, "OneUp? Spellbee?" They looked up at me and just grinned, so I sat down with them. I asked them what's new, and apparently spellbee was getting a divorce and OneUp was promoted at his job.

      "Have you guys seen any of the enemies around here?" I asked them. I started to feel the dream destabilizing and rubbed my hands on my thighs. I looked around, and saw two people walking toward us. One of them had the name dolphin above him, and the other had the name imazu, so I knew these were the enemies. They both carried pillows, so I reached behind my chair and summoned a pillow, telling spellbee and OneUp to do the same. But the dream collapsed and I felt myself
      waking up before we could have an epic pillow fight

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    3. spellbee's Sweet 16 Comp Days 1 + 2

      by , 01-13-2016 at 02:13 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Wow, I've been so off my DJing game...
      I keep thm on my phone every day but I don't even remember the last time I actually typed them up here, and I'm too lazy to check right now...
      Either way, here's the DJ-Comeback (or not) for Spellbee's Sweet 16 Competition!

      Night One - January 11th, 2016

      Had a horrible night's sleep; plan to go to sleep super early (like 7:00pm) and wake up super early to get work done backfired immensely. I was wide awake still by midnight (yes, that's 5 hours of just laying there, trying to sleep) and I got maybe an hour and a half in short bursts through the rest of the night until 3:00 when I decided to fuck it all and get up.

      Interestingly enough, I had some very vivid dreams and managed to get lucid...

      This was actually the first dream I remembered having:

      I was in the Void. Literally just floating around in darkness. I knew I was dreaming right from the get-go. I had thought maybe I was still awake, but also knew I wasn't. I started walking in the air, trying to figure out what to do with my lucidity. I remembered something about creating a new world from the Void, and decided to recreate a minecraft world. I wasn't sure if it would count for the bonus TOTM, but it was worth a try. First, I made a body of water, in which I was standing. Then, I made sure there were large hills all around me. Somehow it turned into an area of the minecraft server Zukin and I play on, in which we've constructed this huge wall to enclose us and inside the wall are building all sorts of crazy, trippy, colorful, wonderful things. I was so happy and started flying around to explore. There were new structures around my "spawn point" and they were completely beautiful. I was a little sad because I knew I couldn't make something with of this level of beauty in Minecraft. I landed in the water of another pool nearby and there decided to try becoming a man. Upon looking down I discovered my manhood and touched it. It was an interesting feeling. I was starting to lose rational lucidity and then another man comes into my view and things got steamy. I think he was doing research on the water levels in that area of Minecraft when he saw me (apparently I was nakey) We touched each other. A lot. I lost lucidity. And then I woke up.

      Later in the morning I had another dream, non-lucid. I was in Lilo and Stitch for some reason, and Lilo and her sister were living in this little house on a FUCKING GORGEOUS grassy, forested hill. Like I was climbing up through the trees and come out on the top of the hill and I just wish I had this view in front of me ALL THE TIME. But it turned out that Lilo and her sister were like... no-class. Like they were not upper-class, middle-class OR lower-class. They were not even on the class scale and this made them absolute nobodies in society. Lilo had a big blue bird (Stitch??) but this bird was kinda a bitch to any other birds haha.

      The last one I remember was really close to the time I decided to get up. I was trying to finish up my lesson plans for the week (For me, lesson plans for the whole week are due on Monday mornings) and I was cooking baby carrots in the sink. Like, turning on the sink cooked them somehow. My little brother was calling me and telling me about his new girlfriend (he doesn't have one yet, sadly).

      Night Two - January 12th, 2016

      Just one dream from last night, but it was a pretty interesting one.
      I was at a huge party of some sort. We were in a hotel or convention center or something, and there were elevators. I got into one of the elevators (there were two.) There was only an up button so I pressed it. The elevator went up, and then BING'd and opened. I was at the end of a long, LONG hallway. I got out and started walking. Eventually the hallways started to be made of glass, and I could see that there was what seemed to be the end of the universe outside the walls. The hall took a turn and then opened out into this vast, beautiful space. All black, with dimly glowing stars nearby, though not hot and somehow very peaceful. There was absolutely no sound. Now that I was thinking about it, I started to wonder if I've come to the Void again, and wondered if I was dreaming. Looking at my hands revealed I'm indeed lucid (my ring had a white, a blue, and a green stone when it's supposed to be two white and a red stone in the middle).

      I looked down from the edge of the hallways, and see these strange... almost negative-blue, structures. Like... hmm. It wasn't the inverse-color-of-blue (orange), it was like literally anti blue. Like so black it was blue. There were rough pillars and mounds, and some spike-like jutting out things, and some bowl-like spaces. I jumped off the edge of this hallways and landed in the structures, but gravity was being a bitch. I felt out of control and was spinning slowly in a zero-gravity that STILL wanted me to go down. I bounced off one of the bowl-things and seemed to float, spinning, off a ramp and into the darkness.

      I FA'd back at the two elevators, this time with Zukin by my side. I had lost lucidity completely, and went into one of the elevators (the same one I picked before, though I didn't remember at the time) I had a vague feeling of deja vu, but didn't attain lucidity again. This time, there was also only one button, but it was a down button. I pressed it, and the elevator started plummeting at an extremely high, terrifying speed.

      I legit thought we were going to die, but the elevator stopped and we stepped out onto the bottom floor. We were with a whole group of people, but four of them were getting extremely sick. I had a very bad feeling about these sick people, like they we going to try to spread their sickness to us. So Zukin and I tried to get away from them and ended up getting separated from each other. I took the stairs (fuck if I was getting back into that elevator) to the third floor (the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building were a big, open bar or club or something) and found a table where people I knew were sitting. I was hoping to spot Zukin from the railings (they were like huge lofts so you could see the floors below you). I eventually spotted her, called her over. She came to the table with a hamster ball. She invited me to play a game of "Hamster Jamster," whatever that was. We were on our way to a basement room where we were sleeping, and met up with two Gingers. I don't know how this made sense to the dreaming me, but there were two of him; one of them was Zukin's ex who was still clinging onto her at all times, the other was the real Ginger, whom she was dating. We decided not to play Hamster Jamster, and got into our sleeping bags. The not-Ginger was all clingy and kept trying to cuddle with Zukin, but she was all "No, we're not dating anymore..." and continued to cuddle the real Ginger. Or whatever. Zukin remembered she needed to take some medicine, and we found out it was in the most ridiculous packaging EVER. There were two pills in these huge cardboard things. Like srsly wtf drug companies.

      Then I woke up.
    4. Sensei's Competition Night 8

      by , 08-26-2015 at 04:54 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 25, 2015

      Brilliant Idea

      I was with the Doctor, and we were trying to contact the other people in our Alliance, because we had some vital information for them. We were on some other planet that was pretty similar to ours, and I had an idea to get the Alliance's attention by using the on-ramp on the wrong side of the highway to get their attention. I think it worked but I don't really remember.

      Twisted Little Kids

      I was a butler in a rich family's home; apparently the daughter of the family had been screwing her little brother for some time. And they had also killed their baby brother when they were kids... It was a messed up family in general. I don't know if the parents knew about all this or not, but I wasn't sure they would even care... The daughter had a friend over, and the friend noticed a huge cut in her stomach. They didn't know where the cut had come from but I suspect it was the little brother or some weird BDSM thing she liked to do to herself (like she wanted to be both the dom and the submissive...)

      I then turned into a guy, on some sort of sport's team. I was in a secret relationship with one of my teammates. The team was practicing in some sort of cool bounce-house obstacle course, and at the end it was just us two and one other teammate, who was the only person who knew about our relationship... he left us alone for a little bit with a wink. We were like, on top of some huge foam mat (like 10-feet tall, maybe 20x5 feet in size), near the back of the room, by the wall. And there was a gap between the foam mat and the wall. We started kissing and I presented him my rear... You can guess where things went from there. At the very end, though, a janitor came in and we, struggling to become unseen, fell behind the structure we were on. We stayed really still and quiet, hoping not to be found, but we ended up fooling around back there, too, and got found because we were too noisy.

      Mountain Resorts

      I was with my family, touring three different mountain resorts my grandpa was staying at. One of them, my favorite, had an outdoor hot-spring with a sort of ropes course above it. The hot water was nice because while we were there, it was winter or fall or something; it was cold. We were all doing the course, even my grandpa. It was really intricate, and I don't want to try to describe it all because it would take too long. There were lots of rope bridges though, and bits of wood hanging from ropes you had to land on and whatnot. I almost fell into the warm water below at some point.

      Sparkly Floor!

      I had spent a week at a sort of summer camp, at the end of which I received a bucket of really sparkly purple paint. It was like pure, purple glitter. I was in my room that night, painting parts of my floor sparkly purple when a butler or something comes in and starts hitting on me and suggesting new ways to use the paint... It was super weird and I was creeped out by this guy. I looked out the window and saw a whole arch of moons in different phases, with the full moon at the top of the arch. When I turned or moved my head slightly, some of the moons would disappear.

      I thought this was odd and looked at my hands; there was a second pinky-finger on my right hand, so I knew I was dreaming! I looked out the window again at the moon-arch. It was really beautiful, and the sky behind it was the kind of super-huge night sky I have come to absolutely love in my dreams. I couldn't quite remember what I had chosen as my three-step tasks, but I knew teleportation and element manipulation were the first two... Though I didn't remember which I had picked for the first task. I decided to do manipulation, then teleportation, then manipulation again just to be safe.

      I jumped through the window, onto the ground outside. Element manipulation would be like making the wind pick up, right? I channeled my inner air-bender (or at least what I imagined was pretty close-ish to that) with the intent of creating a Aang-Ball-Of-Air to ride on. It took a couple of tries but I finally got it, and it was so trippy when I sat on it and looked down... It looked like a whirling little partial-black-hole or something, with distortions and bubbles all over the place. I rode it around a little bit and stumbled getting off it.

      Okay, teleportation next. I was determined to fly into a black hole too, though (the little ball of air had reminded me of that TOTM). Maybe I could do that with the intent that it would be a wormhole and teleport me somewhere? I jumped off into the super-huge night sky, and it was so much easier to get into space than it usually is for me. I just had to sort of fly toward one of the huge celestial objects in the sky. One of them was a galaxy, at the center of which I expected to find a black hole. It was so weird, the galaxy just sort of got closer. It didn't feel like I had moved, as if I was in a planetarium and it was just zooming in. But it was a 3-D planetarium and stardust was flying around me.

      I came to the center of the galaxy, and there was a black hole. I just sort of knew it was one. I jumped in and managed to remember to say "Geronimo!"

      At first it didn't feel like anything was happening, It was dark, and then I looked down at my legs and was amused to see them all stretched out and wiggly. Spaghettification!! I felt myself being sucked to the center and there was a little teensy ball of light which I assumed was the singularity, even though physics as we know it wouldn't allow it to be light. It got closer and then I sort of just passed through it.

      I had closed my eyes (tried to keep them open but it was too weird for me...), and when I opened them again I was in my bed. I looked at my hands again to make sure I was still dreaming, and let myself rise up from the bed slowly. I phased through the ceiling (something I've never done in-dream but imagined doing in waking life lots of times) and looked around. It was still night time. Some fire would be perfect at night time, so I held out my hand, snapped and produced a flame. Roy Mustang style, ftw. I toyed with it a few minutes, trying to remember the things my character could do with fire to practice them. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I'd chosen for the third task, nor any other of the TOTMs and didn't feel like attempting a TOTY, so I just sat in the air and played with fire until the dream destabilized.

      Zukin <3

      I FA'd in a hotel- or bedroom in a queen sized bed with Zukin (hahaha, get it? Queen Zukin? lulz SubC). She was still asleep so I just sat there for a bit (didn't RC this time, sadface) until she woke up. I told her about the messed up brother/sister dream and the male sports team dream I'd just had. She commented that they both sounded interesting. The lights flickered and I heard wind howling outside. There was a huge storm brewing, and the power went out. Backup generators kicked in immediately, and Zukin and I waited out the storm... When it was all over, the sun was rising and I went out the balcony and (though I didn't realize at the time) was in one of the three hotel resorts from that other dream. It was spring time, or summer, and the sun was at that angle where everything glows golden, only it was even brighter and vivid because it was a dream and since it had just rained everything was sparkly; the contrast was high and the colors were ALL extremely vivid; the green in the grass, the golden lights, purple shadows, deep blue sky and the mountains had a pink glow. There was a huge waterfall falling from one of the cliffs, close enough that I could hear the crashing water. I took out my phone to take some pictures. I was having a hard time avoiding the intricate patters of the wooden railing on the balcony for some reason.

      Race Car Dressing Room

      In this dream, my big brother was hiring me to race a car for him. He was paying me like $12k for it. I was happy to do this for him, for the money, and for driving fast |D

      when we arrived at the location, I had to pick out a dressing room... We walked through the labyrinthine hallways behind-the-scenes to find a suitable one. Each one had a price-tag on the door; some were more expensive rooms. There were plenty of $10 rooms that were pretty sparse; some had no chairs, some had chairs but no mirrors. One of them was like a weird maze-like bathroom stall without chairs, mirrors, or anything. Some didn't have locks on the doors, some had no doors at all, just curtains. Then there were rooms that cost over $1000; they were luxurious and fancy and huge. But I decided to go with a cheaper-ish one; about $30, which had what I needed and nothing more.
      lucid , task of the month
    5. Harry Potter, Starry Nights, Gay Strip Clubs and Drinking Battles

      by , 06-30-2015 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 29, 2015

      I took the Dream Leaf supplement tonight as well.

      My classmate was working at the library at the school we both did our internship at, but it was like my old high school, with more ramps and stairs and shit. She was walking around the school, and I saw her. I decided to walk with her, and she was commenting on how her job let her use these ramps on all the stairs. She was pushing around a huge barrel of books and whatnot. The kids all loved her and I got to see some of them. They were second graders now, so some of them were in another class.

      The Paint
      I was taking a class with mom. It was a huge hippie experience: we paired up and greeted an (inanimate) object in the room, then wrote a Socratic poem for the room we were in (I can't remember the name of the room... But it had a name). Then we sat in a circle and the leader was all dramatic and we got huge paintbrushes and canvases with different colored base paintings. I had orange of course. We all just shared pots and squirt bottles of different colors and had a huge hippie paint fest. I finished early and asked if I could leave, and walked home. I accidentally left my backback on the trail though, on a castle-wall thing. I had to go back and mom saw my painting; she was very impressed.

      I was with my brothers, in the driveway, turning animals into different animals. We turned a robin into a bald eagle and for some reason it targeted me so I tried to get inside the house without looking like I was running, in case that would make it hunt me faster... It almost got me as I ran the last stretch to the door. I waited inside and was so paranoid because it was still trying to get me for a few minutes. It flew at the windows and tried to get in through the door when anyone went in or out.

      (Took Red Pill)

      Harry Potter's Paintbrush
      I was at an apartment with Anna, Michele, Michelle, Michelle, Mindi, and some other classmates. We were heading out to class, stopping to get food first. But I almost forgot my keys and had to go back. When I caught up to them, a kid was asking for money. I said I wouldn't give her money but I would buy her some food. So we stopped in a store and I let her pick out some food, but she swiped my card. I had a scuffle with her and eventually got it back from her, then she turned into golem... During our scuffle I saw in the back room Harry Potter tied to a chair... I was too busy to do anything about it. I bought at twizzler on my way out of the store and the cashier said she was on my side and thought it was really nice that I was going to buy food for that girl. As I left, Lucious Malfoy was also leaving, and I accused him of raping HP.

      As soon as I left the shop, I turned into Harry. All the lights on the street turned off now and death eaters were all over the place. People were falling left and right so I fell to the ground to make it look like I was one of them and three women were near me. One tried to take a necklace in my hand (it was good, with either a crown or a chicken pendant), I shook my head, clenched the necklace tighter, and offered a paintbrush instead. She seemed very pleased with this and one of the others gave me a different paintbrush in exchange.

      I spent days on the streets. At some point I was sitting with a young death eater who was saying that he knew their side would lose. I was like "you always have to have faith in your side. That's what makes it strong," but I was having so much trouble speaking, like my throat was all crackly or I was out of breath all the time. But then I found out that I was near the border of deatheater-land all I had to do was cross this street I was on, and they wouldn't be able to get me back. So I pretty much just ran for it and I was fine. On the other side everyone was dressed in flowers and veils and flowing light dresses... It was almost as weird as the other side. Very hippie, very full of life, almost a little cultish. I walked to a secret school I was a part of and some vines opened up to let me in. They were magical and would close around anyone who didn't belong at the school. There was a girl behind me and she climbed up a vine to get in, but the vines closed around me, trapping me, and I saw the girl fall... I shouted and the vines recognized me and let me in. Next thing I knew, I was in a large room with 6 bunks. Hermione and Ron were there. Two of the bunks had colorful alphabet letters and one was a half-bunk that was blue and white. Three other people came in, but I didn't know them. Hermione and Ron told them the story, then the dream faded.

      Drinking Battle!
      I was walking through an art museum, and saw Van Gogh's Starry Night. I'd been planning on jumping into this painting, so I'm glad I saw it and got lucid after a quick RC. I pretty much ran at the wall, expecting to get sucked into the painting, and jumped in. Everything was in the texture of the painting, with lines and multi-colored. I looked up and there were swirls moving around through the stars and moon. It was beautiful. There was also a giant dildo in the sky, though. Remembering the second task on my planned sequence, I rustled around in my pockets, expecting that what I pulled out would be an odd seed. I found one shaped like those candies the soot sprites were eating in Spirited Away. It was larger though, and had spots that started pink but were changing to blues and greens, all neon-ish. I dug a small hole and planted it, and willed it to grow. The result was petty interesting. It grew a gay strip club.

      Woot woot!!

      I knew the next thing I wanted to do was clone myself, so I looked into the window of the club at my reflection, and imagined there were two of me. I remembered how this had worked in Zukin's dream. My reflection kept morphing and did eventually show two of me... I looked next to me and there I was.

      I went with myself into the strip club, expecting to find the main men for my next task: Hercules and Dionysus. It was very distracting in there but I had recited the order of things to do so many times before I fell asleep (STD but with C in it for clone lol) that I only stopped to watch the strippers for a little while, clone by my side. I tried seeing through both of our eyes, but we were seeing the same things so I don't think that worked... I tried to get her to come with me to find the God of Wine and his competitor, but she wanted to stay with the strippers. I left her there, and shortly after, in the back of the club, I saw two shirtless men (maybe they were workers there on their break). I asked if they were Dionysus and Hercules, and they said they were. I challenged them to a drinking battle, and Dionysus was like "Sweetie, I'm the God of Wine. Bring it on." He scooted over for me to sit in the booth with them.

      The first drink had no effect on any of us. The second had none on me but a teeny bit of effect on them. After the third I felt a little silly (placebo?) but they were looking wasted all of the sudden. We all stayed that way for another ten drinks until after the 14th they were both so drunk they started making out and forgot about our battle. I assumed I needed to drink one more to win, so I did. Then I watched them make out, and may or may not have joined them soon after when things got a little heavier. I lost any sort of lucidity
      I had left, though.
    6. Epic Dance Battle

      by , 06-29-2015 at 08:24 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 25, 2015

      Tonight I took a dream supplement called Dream Leaf. It involves two pills; a blue one before bed, and a red one after about four hours of sleep. Even before the red pill, I was having uh more vivid dreams than unusually do, and I remembered many more of them:

      Spoil Sport
      Zukin really wanted to go do something with me but I had already taken my red pill and was like sooo ready to sleep and I ignored her texts.

      Neat Fridge
      I was at home, My little brother was there, and we had a whole slew of things in the fridge all neatly organized, like egg salad sandwiches. I spent prettying the entire dream exploring this new high-tech fridge and then ate a sandwich.

      False Red Pill
      I took my red pill with a bottle of water Ginger (Zukin's man) brought in and hung on a hook on my wall.

      Crazy Car
      I was In a grocery parking lot and the van suddenly started going in its own and I was trying to stop it, though I have no idea how I would do that. It kept hitting people and cars and I panicked and called my dad, who was in the store, hoping he could help. I somehow realized (or at least had an inkling) I was dreaming but woke up.

      (Took red pill)

      I Got Them Moves Like Jagged
      I was at my old elementary school, at some sort of information night, and saw a lot of my old teachers. My 6th grade math teacher, Mr. M, gave me an envelope with names on it, and I was like "omg interview!!" A and M (two classmates of mine) were now with me and we were leaving.

      I was standing there and suddenly realized I was dreaming (didn't even have to do an RC), and got really sad because that meant I didn't just get an interview at my old school. I told A that I was dreaming and she said, "well I'm not dreaming so how are you dreaming?"

      We got in the car and I decided to drive. The school was definitely my elementary school, but in the spot where my old middle school is so I drove down a couple roads until I got to my house back home. I knew I was dreaming so every time I saw a person or car in the road, I decided to run them over to see what would happen. Fireworks is what happened. Every time i hit something, the car went right through then and sparks and fireworks shot out of the spot. It was so cool.

      I knew that when I got home there would be a mirror to look into (wanted to stare into it for the TOTM). I got out of car and entered my home... There was a mirror on the floor and M (a different classmate) was sitting in front of it. I watched her reflection; I could see her in the corner of my vision as well. She was arguing with herself, and the reflection was getting very angry, her hair was growing out and she was growing fangs. Then M disappeared but her phone was there. I told her reflection to calm down or she would be stuck in the mirror. She did calm down and returned to normal and then she was back to being out here.

      I wanted to find the Pegasus next. All of a sudden Sensei and Ophelia were there. There was almost one of those cartoonish POPs and smoke as they appeared. Sensei pointed to a white board and told me I had to pick a spot to find the Pegasus. I thought I would find him in the clouds and Sensei and Ophelia both said that was a good idea. Sensei also said I would get to pick what happened when I met Zeus, and I was thinking, "of course I do, it's my dream." Then Ophelia talked about Bernie from TBBT winning awards for lucid dreams. I was amazed that Bernie was into LDing. I sat on a bed and let myself drift off into a sleep, I was aware of myself rolling off the bed and landing in someone's leg/foot (I think it was A [a housemate], he was also on the bed beginning to LD).

      I was in the clouds next, just floating. I still knew I was dreaming. I looked around for the Pegasus, expecting him to be there. In the meantime, it was so beautiful. I was in a sort of tunnel of clouds. I heard neigh behind me and turned to see the beautifullest white horse with gleaming golden wings. I told it we needed to find Zeus and take his bolt, and it let me on its back and we zoomed off. After a few minutes, I spotted a cloud that had a part that stuck up, and looked like a castle of sorts. I assumed this was Zeus's home, Mt. Olympus. We landed on a pillar, and suddenly it was stone as the clouds dispersed dramatically. We were on a huge mountain that had stuck up into the clouds. (Way cool!!) Someone saw us, but didn't seem at all surprised or alarmed. So I told him we were here because we had an appointment with Zeus. The man nodded and led me through a door Pegasus couldn't fit through, so it waited for me out there. A lot of people were inside. But there was one person on a throne at the back. He looked very Zeus-y. I walked through the crowd and shouted at Zeus, "Give me your bolt. I don't want to have to take it by force." He refused, but said I could have it if I won a dance-off with him.

      He started. He looked like a floppy fish, though. Like I couldn't tell what he was trying to do. At some point his arms detached and flew a few meters to either side, then swapped and reattached on the opposite sides. I rolled my eyes when he passed the dance to me, and just sorta let myself dance, expecting that it would be fantastic. Funny thing is I danced like I usually dance (which isn't all that great), but when I stopped, the crowd went wild and Zeus fell back in his chair, defeated. He handed me the bolt, yelled that he wanted a rematch next week, as I left and found Pegasus. I wanted to go find The Face next but the dream started to destabilize and I just flew through the clouds until I woke up.

      I'd Like to Have Sex With You Too
      I was at auditions / interviews for jobs at my hometown, and there were also lessons of some sort. This is a week long thing and I got to know one of the guys pretty well, he seemed to also like me (I think this was the subC version of a guy I recently met haha). There were like five performance days as well, where we performed a play in the grass, but under a sort of awning with arches. During the last few days I met A (a really close high school friend), she was working at the concession counter haha. That same day I met a girl with one very blue eye, and one very green eye. She knew me already but I couldn't remember meeting her. She did seem familiar though. She gave me a free rice crispy treat covered in chocolate.

      During the performance on the last day I wasn't a part of it so I was sitting along the wall at the back of the "stage" and writing in my note book and before I realized what I was writing it was something like "have sex again -> want to do it with me?" It was about the guy I had met. I got embarrassed and covered it up but I think he saw it and he came up to me after the performance and basically said "I'd like to have sex with you, too" so we snuck off to a closet.

      Cool Outfit
      I was in my game, I think an older Pokemon game. I was in the middle of a mini game with the guy I met at the last dream I think. It was a series of puzzles involving candles that I had to light. But after the first level cleared, I couldn't use the light candle spell anymore (why there were spells in Pokemon I do not know). The huge fire beacon thing in the center was calling to me and I clicked A at it. I was in a selection panel where I could pick a brand new, really cool outfit for my character. The one I really loved was a little like Elsa but all red/orange and flamy. I picked it and my character was pulled into the flame, and I was worried at first that it was a trap, but she got spit back out after a few moments. I picked her up physically and untied her from the smoldering ropes that bound her (dunno WHY they were binding her...) and woke up after noticing my character looked like a young child now, and would have to grow up before the outfit would be epic.
    7. Me-House

      by , 06-18-2015 at 02:21 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 15, 2015

      I was with a group of my classmates, except that there were some other people there, too. One of them was a girl who was a year below me in high school, who is doing her undergrad in education at the same university as me. She was telling me how she was going to come back to do the same master's program I'm doing when she finished her undergrad studies. another of the people in the group was a guy from my high school.

      We were sitting, eating our lunch near a large building with lots of big windows. There were apparently a lot of illegal Asian students at the university lately, and the campus police were really cracking down on them. We could see through the huge windows that a young woman was running from a group of like five cops. She was carrying her books and had classes, she looked like a normal college student but much more modest. She eventually ran out of the building and past us. I was a little worried because one of the people in my group was Asian and I was worried about racial profiling. Three of the cops continued chasing the young woman, but two of them stopped and inspected our group. One stood back as the other confronted me first. He asked my name and major, I answered. He moved on to the friend from highschool, and asked him the same questions. But he was nervous and stammered, and the cop got confrontational and hostile, got up in his face, and then forcefully kissed him violently. I punched the cop in the jaw and yelled at him, telling him I was filing charges and that I had been recording the whole thing. The cop skunked off.

      Our group was moving on, to a secret garden type place, where we were going to meet Kali, who was apparently our field instructor or something. He told us we had to go to Germany for a final test, and that the university was paying for our tickets. I was so excited to be going back to Germany! We all packed our things, and somehow managed to get in the same car heading for a place we were going to stay in tonight, before the flight. In the car, I was looking out the window. The scenery couldn't decide what it wanted to be, and I thought this was funny... I had the inkling I was dreaming, so I checked my hands... I WAS dreaming!

      I was so happy to be lucid again after such a long dry spell, that for a while I just let the dream play out. We were still in the car, though, and it was still driving. I remembered the TOTM to find a house that represented yourself, and so I told myself that the car would stop in front of the building that was ME. Sure enough, the car did stop very soon after that. I phased through the door and looked. The building in front of us was a large-ish Greek looking place. It was really pretty, and Kali stopped to take pictures of all of us in different poses in front of the building. I opened the door to see what the inside was like. It was fascinating! It was all Winchester-y, with rooms in odd places. I could see most of the rooms at once, though, because it was all very open. Most of the things in the rooms were deep reds, dark blues/browns, whites and splashes of blinding bright orange. Zukin was sitting on a bench in the entry room, and stood up when she saw me. "Finally!" She said, grabbing my hand and leading me around the house. "I've been waiting for you for ages. Let's explore!" We looked through a lot of the rooms, but I knew there were more. We went up stairs and ladders, down some and through countless doorways. Somehow I still knew exactly where I was in the house! Usually I'm so directionally challenged. We heard the maid calling us down for drinks, and I decided to go talk to her to see what she knew about this building. But Zukin wanted to go find the Chinchilla Room.

      We split up, me going down and she going further up. When I reached the bottom, I was about to ask the maid what she knew about the Me-House, when the DC of the high school friend thanked me for sticking up for him earlier. He game me a drink in a "candied coconut shell" which was really delicious! I lost a lot of my lucidity and got horny, but the dream faded away after I walked onto a long balcony overlooking a cliff on the ocean. It was beautiful.
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    8. Christian Grey and Waterfalls

      by , 04-13-2015 at 01:36 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 12, 2015

      You're Back Already?

      Fragment I remembered randomly: I was at home, and so was my little brother. I saw him sitting on the couch and at firstthought he had just come for the weekend, but he had all of his stuff with him too. I asked if he was done with school now, and he said he was. I said, "ALREADY?!" and that's about all I remember from the dream haha.

      Christian Grey's Mansion

      I was in a large mansion with Christian Grey. We were just talking for a while; he seemed less of a creeper in my dream than he was in the movie (didn't read the books so I can't attest to that). Then he got out duct-tape and a whip, and I was like "WTF are you planning to do with THAT." He looked at me like it was obvious, and I was fine with having a little tussle with him, just not that way. I told him as much (a little bit more vulgarly), and he said that if I could keep away from him for half an hour, he would put them away. But if he caught me within half an hour, he would get to use them. The thrill got me more excited, and he promised to not actually whip me, so I agreed. He smiled and closed his eyes and I started running through the halls of the mansion. All was well until I ran into a booby-trap. I started sinking into the floors of one of the hallways...

      He hadn't mentioned anything about booby-traps. This made me freak out because if he hadn't told me about the booby-traps, he expected to win the game, and he might have lied about not using the whip on me. I heard footsteps and freaked out more, fell all the way through the floor, and landed in a room. I started to run, and ran into more booby-traps and the halls were like a maze. I could have sworn Christian was around every corner. Then I came to a room with a panoramic window from floor to ceiling. The mansion was in a desolate, red, volcanic landscape. I could tell that I would die within minutes if I stepped outside the mansion.

      I didn't know how much time had elapsed since the start of our little game, so I didn't know if it was safe to let him find me now. Somehow through my fear, I was still up for sexytimes. As long as there was no whip. Duct-tape I might tolerate either way, I like the feeling of sticky tapes. But no whip. So I continued to hide from him (didn't think to look at my watch to keep track of time, silly me. Might have gotten lucid if I had, too!)

      Eventually he did find me, but it must have been more than 30 minutes because there was no whip and no duct-tape involved~

      I took a nap around 5:00 and had this dream. I'm not sure if it was a WILD or not, because it was a pretty low level of lucidity. But I don't remember ever actually falling asleep or losing consciousness. Like, the whole time I knew I was awake in bed, but was still having this epic experience. Does that make sense?
      Double-Layered Landscape

      I laid down for a nap and wondered if I could WILD. A few times, I felt the shaking and had a really loud ringing in my ears, but I would slip out of it because of an itch I needed to scratch.

      About the 3rd time this happened, I had been thinking about flying. Gradually my bed disappeared and I felt myself entering a dream with a low-ish level of lucidity... I Was flying and could look over a landscape sweeping below me.

      IT was gorgeous. It was HUG. Everything was on a huge scale. I was flying very high up, and there were vast mountains and canyons and waterfalls all around me. the colors were also vivid and bright. The sky was dawn or dusk-ish; bright oranges and blues and purples.

      I flew around at high speeds, watching for villages. The world was like a less blocky Minecraft. I wanted to know what was on the other side of this huge waterfall, so I flew over the edge of that. It was just like those videos on Blue Planet or Planet Earth. Right over the edge, close to the water. It was all mist and white beyond, so I flew down through the mist to see what was beyond it. I flew fast; for some reason I wasn't scared of hitting the bottom. Once the mist cleared, there was this amazing world BELOW the landscapes I had just seen. As far as I could see, there was a massive cave-like area. Moss grew all over everything; other than the moss and tons of luminescent flowers and leaves ground on the ground and walls and ceilings, there was no other vegetation. Streams of water fell straight down through holes to the over-world. these streams were scattered all around, and it was just so beautiful. I flew around down here for a while and then sought out one of the waterfalls back up to the overworld.

      It was a much narrower one, with lichen and vines and those beautiful luminescent things surrounding me. When I reached the overworld, I flew up high again. I was in the mountains. I flew a little lower to search for a village; I wanted to interact with people.

      I did find a village, but it was in the middle of an evacuation because of some monster that was going to attack. It, like everything in this world, was massive, I was told by a fleeing DC. I felt the dream slipping and slowly became more aware of my bed than the scenes around me. Then
      I knew it was gone, and so I opened my eyes in bed.
    9. Interstellar ISS

      by , 04-04-2015 at 10:34 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      April 04, 2015

      I was standing over a large room. It's was if there was a balcony at the top of the room to oversee everything. It was all bare except for a pool. I decided to have it filled, so I could invite my brothers and friends over to swim. By the time it was filled, the others had arrived and we all started swimming. We were like cows/sheep in Minecraft, though; all of us crowded to one corner/end of the pool. And then two of my classmates set up one of those floating barriers so we were all stuck in this space.

      I decided I was uncomfortably crowded where I was so I called over to the ones making the barrier and told them to open us up to the rest of the pool. It was my pool, so I could do what I wanted with it. People started to disperse, and I felt better. I realized that there were a whole bunch of nerdy celebrities in the pool, not just my family and friends. Actors from so many different Sci-Fi or otherwise nerdy series were there and I couldn't believe my eyes. Then My little brother, who was floating next to me, smiled and said, "You still think you're awake, don't you?"

      I looked at him, confused, and then at my hands. My fingers were all different lengths and there was one too many of them. I was dreaming! I was a little bit disconcerted that a DC had said something like that. Isn't that not usually supposed to happen...? I let it go, and jumped out of the pool to hover above it. I tilted myself so I hung upside down to think of which tasks I wanted to try first. I figured I would do the portable portal task first, so I rummaged in my pocket (I was fully clothes even when I was in the pool) until I felt something paper-like. I pulled out a folded black piece of circular paper. Perfect! I unfolded it and noticed that it was pretty small, somewhere between the size of my hand and the size of my head. It didn't bother me, though, as it would probably get bigger when I placed it on the ground. I was already hanging upside down so I simply slapped the piece of paper down toward the ground below me. It stuck itself to the ground and I shot right into it head-first, hoping the portal would take me to an advanced civilization or the ISS.

      I seemed to be falling down a long black tunnel for a few moments. In the next instant I was sitting in a corner of the living room back home. Not really an advanced civilization, but I'll take it.

      And then there was a siren or something. I heard the beaming sound from Star Trek, and about 20 red-shirts and 10 medical staff in formation appeared in front of me. The living room had no furniture and these Star Trekkers were small. They started dancing and singing a song about their bananas being theirs and no one else's... There was also something about a marmoset in the song, but I don't remember the lyrics all that well. Three of the red-shirts broke off from the formation with huge gun-like things. I watched as they walked toward me, turned back to their companions, and shot colored foamy stuff at them. Funny thing, only the red-shirts got covered it it even though the medical staff was scattered through out the ranks.

      What interesting advanced tech, I thought.

      I decided I still wanted to visit the ISS. I had just watched Interstellar that night so I was pretty excited about this. I walked outside, and noticed a Turkey Tom perched on the basketball hoop in my neighbor's half of the driveway. At first it ignored me but then it turned toward me and just sorta stared at me. I told myself to ignore it and reminded myself this was my dream and I could make it leave. I walked out to the center of the driveway and when I looked back at the hoop, the creepy turkey was gone. My cousin was now there, and she handed me the water softener my dad bought last time I was home. She said I would need soft water where I was going.

      Holding onto this clunky water softener, I looked up from where I stood. It was foggy, or cloudy, or both. I couldn't see the stars... I jumped up to fly fast upwards but for some reason could only go fairly slowly. I was just passing the tops of the tall trees in the yard when I looked up again. It was still foggy and I could see the silhouettes of giagantic trees far above me. It was kinda cool and beautiful, but I wanted to get out to space... I landed, tried again with a fresh start, but was going even slower this time. Exasperated, I threw the water softener, realizing I had been stupid to keep holding it. I did another RC to stabilize my control; my fingers still looked all wonky and I decided to try flying from the field instead of from the driveway. I flew over the trees lining my yard and landed in the field. As I passed over the trees, the world was suddenly snowy, and I brushed icy snow from the top of a tree. By the time I landed in the field, there was no snow again, and there was no fog but there were still clouds.

      I decided to try a different method this time, and instead of looking upwards as I flew, I looked down at the ground. It was closer and I could more easily envision what would happen as I shot upwards, as I'd done this lots of times in Minecraft on creative mode. I used my hands to make a sort of window so I could only see part of the ground, and jumped upwards, thinking of a rocket launching. I shot off from the ground at an incredible speed and watched as it flew further and further away from me. I watched as my house/yard became a circular patch in the middle of a vast plane or wheat/corn fields. I got higher and higher and decided to pause for a moment. I stopped on a dime, and looked around. To the north, there was a huge lake or ocean, and an island on it. I could see a line of houses along the coast of this small island and somehow I just knew that this was the fabled Guinea Pig Island one of my students had told me about last month. I went just a little bit lower to see what kind of advanced Tech they had. I noticed thousands of tiny flying craft. I assumed each of them had a guinea pig in it. There was also some sort of crazy machine at the top of a building. It had moving arms and I wasn't really sure what it was doing. I flew further north and saw various colonies of various advanced-looking civilizations and cities, and then I hit the coast. There was endless water from here on out. I continued flying at high speed over the water, getting higher and higher and higher. Everything got brighter and brighter and the sun, which was to my right and setting, was flaring more and more. Then I hit some sort of threshold and things got gradually bluer and darker. I looked up and could see stars even though I knew it was daytime on the ground directly below me. I got excited and kept pushing, expecting to run across the ISS any time now. I spotted something out of the corner of my eye and there it was! Well, actually it was the Endurance from Interstellar. Close enough, yeah?

      I flew up to it and knocked on a window to get someone to let me in. I was tickled giddy that my subC didn't allow any sounds in space. I didn't hear the knocking and I couldn't hear myself when I called out to the guy who was inside. It was Chris Hadfield haha!

      He let me into the Endurance but I woke up shortly after, before I could talk to Chris ; u ;

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    10. Crazy Horses and Mirror Tricks

      by , 03-06-2015 at 02:58 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      March 05, 2015

      I was with my parents, and we were talking about the Doctor. I was longing for him, and later got to meet up with him (he was apparently someone we knew?) after babysitting some kids, and he gave me a simple string necklace with an orb on the end. I thought it was just a silly trinket he would give to a child, so I was a little upset about it all. When my mom saw me wearing the necklace, she looked concerned and immediately tried to call him. They either told me, or I had a strong hunch that this necklace was something special after all, and that maybe he had strong feelings for me. This thought excited me, but my parents seemed to be treating it with caution and concern, like a baby tiger or something.

      Then, they both told me about a dream people had been having. They said it might be connected with the Doctor somehow, so I decided to try to incubate the dream, whatever it ended up being. Like, they told me a sentence to think about, though I can't remember what it was. I ended up falling asleep in the chair I was sitting in with my parents.

      In this dream within a dream, I was a worker or resident of some sort of working commune of sorts. We lived and worked in a long building of maybe five stories. But it was on a cliff face, so on that side, the ground floor was below the cliff wall. That whole side of the building, on all floors, was lined with a large wooden balcony looking out into the canyon. There was a sloped road into the canyon next to the building so I liked to watch cars go by.... except cars never seemed to actually go by. All of us in this commune were basically paid to live there and basically just do small odd-jobs all the time. Like, we'd get paid to move these large picnic table-type tables out to the balcony for dinner, or for indulging our hobbies. Some of us were trained doctors (I was one of them), and we would care for people when they got hurt or sick, though it didn't happen often.

      On the other side of the building, in the center, there were a set of double-story glass doors leading into a prairie backyard with a terraced garden at the other end, and horse/sheep/cow stables above the garden terraces. It was so beautiful, but kinda utopian (as in impossible and slightly darker than it seemed). Like, on the surface it looked like a perfect little community... but there were whispers.

      On the day this dream took place, we had moved the tables out to the balcony for lunch. It was a special day because it was the day a Canyon Horse spirit did a yearly run down the road into the canyon. But for some reason it started early. It had always been in the evening, when the sun sets, and the windows were always boarded up and fastened, and we fasted for the evening, or something. But this year, it was starting in the middle of our lunch. The sky darkened and men came in to shutter the balcony openings; but I just barely spotted the spirit streaking by through the closing shutters. It was a deeply spiritual moment, and afterwards, I was so excited, so I didn't notice the tension around me. Something was happening.

      We found out why the doors and windows were always boarded up for this event; the horses in the stables out over the terraces were going mad. The stable men who had been tending them were being trampled or turned mad themselves. One horse was on its back, but still somehow galloping, as if it had legs coming out of its back; it was super creepy. They all, men and horses, started charging the building, trampling the gardens and prairie. People in the house panicked and tried to shutter the doors, but it wasn't working. So we started running. I was running along the building in the direction of the end of the canyon, because there was a town in that direction. I stopped at one of the side doors and looked down the country-lane-ish pathway it opened into, to see which way the horses and men would go. I thought they would all just go straight into the house to get people, but they fanned out and changed direction as soon as I could see them. It was now too late to change my mind, and I wished I hadn't waited, and had just run when I got to the door.

      I ran through the streets until I reached a small neighborhood and started turning down streets to try to loose the mad people chasing me. I felt like they were after my flesh, wanting to tear my heart out or wear my brains as headdresses....

      I came to a small house, but it had a divot of sorts in the layout, with a bush in it. I ducked into the divot, thinking I would be safe there and no one would be able to see me. But you could see me from the other direction, so it the men ran past and turned around, they would see me and I would be cornered... It was a risk, and I took it. Right when I settled there, a man, I assumed the owner of the house, came from the other direction and spotted me. I thought he was going to call out in alarm, but he must have seen the pleading in my eyes, because when he looked ahead of him and saw the madman who was still chasing me, and pretended he didn't see me as he walked to his front door. The madman passed, kept going, and then the new man beckoned me quickly to go inside, while he kept watch for the madman coming back.

      I was so grateful I would have cried. but when I got inside, it was MY house. My parents were there, sitting where they had been sitting when I had fallen asleep. I had a moment of lucidity and realized they were themselves, not DCs of themselves. I sat down in the seat in which I had been sitting before, and stared at them, dumbfounded. "Well, that was trippy..." I said. They told me that people who dreamed after thinking that sentence they'd given me all had nearly the exact same dream. They asked me to describe my experience. They were a little surprised, because most people experienced the dream through a man's eyes, even if they were women IWL. I had been a woman, and when I thought about it, most of the people in the building had been women. My parents said this meant something, but I don't remember what that is, or if they even actually told me. I started to feel myself slowly slipping from sleep to wakefullness, but there was no breaking apart of the dream, because I was sitting exactly where my waking body had been. Nothing about my vision or consciousness changed, except that I slowly felt myself waking up.

      (this was the weirdest FA I have ever had)

      "Whoa," I said to my parents. I asked them if I had just been actually talking to them. I had; they had inserted themselves in my dream or something. It was all very weird, so I stood up and walked around, not really taking in the fact that my house was now a hybrid of my actual house and that building from the dream. There were a series of small moments; One in which one of my best high school friends was visiting, and we were standing on the top of a hill outside this new hybrid house, looking down a stairway path to the bottom. She threw her phone out over the hill, toward a beach at the bottom, and then ran after it giggling like an idiot. River Song came through some double doors at the side of the house (opening to a balcony eerily similar to the one from the dream) and I was suddenly a young girl, and ther ewere sort-of two of me. We ran up to River Song and hugged her, yelling, "MOMMY!!" I was me again, looking through a storehouse of sorts which had been lost to humanity for ages. We were looking at all the priceless objects inside it, and picking which ones to take home with us. I chose pieces that reminded me of figures my Oma has, because I wanted to have some like them. I forget what mom picked.

      Then, I was me again, and sitting against a full-body mirror that stood in the middle-ish of a large room. I smiled, because suddenly I knew I was dreaming. I didn't even need to RC, I just knew it was a dream. I was in a very laid back lucid mood, so I took out my phone and looked at it when I touched the on button. There was a 3D-ish sphere on the top right corner, a moving metronome to the left of that, and some lines below them, which waves and wiggled. The DC sitting diagonal to me laughed and commented on my metronome thing, and I said, "Hey, this is MY dream. You're not allowed to see things you can't possibly see. That's MY job." I stood up, and went to find my parents.

      I found where the large room connected to the hallway that was actually in my house, and walked to the end of it, looking at my hands to stabilize the dream and just for shiggles really; they were frozen in this spread out position even when I moved my fingers. Like they were glitching. I turned around and, expecting to find my actual living room when I went back, headed back. I did indeed find my real living room when I returned, and my parents were there. I took hold of the trim on the corner of the wall, and slowly floated myself upward so I was horizontal. I slowly floated up to rest on the ceiling; I was chilling on the ceiling as if I were underwater, and gravity was flipped. My parents just smiled up at me. I thought about attempting another ceiling portal, but remembered the Advanced ToTM about pushing yourself through a mirror as a portal. So I instantly turned off this weird gravity and landed on the ground, and went down the hall again, and turning around with the intention of finding that large room with the mirror again. I did find it when I returned, and sat against the mirror again. Everyone was gone from the room now, so I closed my eyes, imagined that I was going on a mystery journey, and just let myself sink into the mirror. I slowly phased through it as I fell backward, and I let myself tumble out into whatever new place I had discovered. A rainbow passed through me, and then it was crazy; I was in a strange cave-like place that wasn't actually a cave. Where ever I looked, my eyes were like lasers that sprouted flowers and rainbows and stars would shoot out and spread around the area. It was fairly dark but where I looked would illuminate to reveal a dark blue rock-face thing. I liked this so far. I found a small star chart on a podium, and investigated it. The first thing that caught my eye was a rubber chicken. WTF, I thought, and then found a telescope next to the podium. I wanted to get a look at this for myself, so I looked through the telescope, pointing it where the rubber chicken would be. I had been assuming it was a constellation made by weirder people than me, but when I spotted it in the viewfinder... it was ACTUALLY a huge rubber chicken in space. Like, I could tell it was light years away, but it was as big as a huge planet. I felt the dream fading, and let it go because I was happy with the results.

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    11. Water Fontain / Creepin' / Damn Cieling

      by , 03-01-2015 at 12:42 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 28, 2015

      Water Fountain Woes

      I was at the math/science center I went to in High School. I walked past a water fountain that wasn't turning off. It was always on, so I pulled it out of the wall to try to fix it. But I pulled it too hard and disconnected it from the water intake thingy. I hooked it back up and the water kept coming. I eventually gave up trying to fix it, and got a drink from it before leaving.


      I was visiting the admissions adviser for my grad program, but I was being a super creeper and like walking around her back yard. The neighborhood seemed familiar to me, as if I've been there before. I could see inside the house but I never went inside. I noticed that the snow was all melting and it was getting warmer, so I assumed spring was coming very soon. When I got around to the front of the house again, I saw some of my students playing by the street. I went to talk to them and they got really excited and wanted to show me their homes.

      Ceiling Troubles

      I was at home, holding my girl cat and snuggling her. The whole room seemed larger than IWL, and a LOT cleaner looking and brighter. My dad came into the room from the backyard, and said, "Gotta feed mah CATS!!" When the cats went to eat, I realized my old dog was in the room as well. She was flopping as she tried to get up to get to the food. My dad came over and nudged her a little to help her up. She's been gone for almost 5 years now, so I was very confused until I realized it was a dream. oh right. I'm at Zukin's asleep on her floor right now. "I'm dreaming." I said, looking at my hands, which oddly enough looked completely normal. I still knew I was dreaming, though. My dad looked up and said, "What? You're crazy."

      I ignored him and went to my bedroom. I looked up and decided to use the ceiling as a portal. I jumped up and expected to go through the ceiling into another land, but ended up smashing into it, making a hole and getting stuck in it. I looked around the attic and made the hole bigger by smashing pieces away, until I could look down at my dad, who was standing there looking up at me. "WTF are you doing Kestrel...?"

      "Oh, just hanging around."

      Me and my dream humor. Then I woke up.
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    12. Hooping, Food, and "dueling"

      by , 02-07-2015 at 06:50 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 07, 2015


      I was entering a sort of church with my mom and dad. It was in some foreign country, probably Germany or Austria. I knew in my dream that I had visited this church before, with Zukin, but she wasn't here this time. As we enter the first room, we spot Jeremy from Top Gear sitting in a chair at the far end of the room. He talks to us a little, but doesn't say much, and I can't remember what little we did talk about. I had the feeling I was a little scared of him, maybe it was more awe-struck. At the front end of the room, where we had entered, there was a table against the wall with two hoops on it. I had picked them up and was about to start hooping with one of them, when a young boy ran into the room and tackled me with a hug. We had met this boy last time we were here, and he said he had missed me. He asked where Zukin was, and I said she wasn't here this time. He then asked me to do that thing we had done last time. He meant a thing where Zukin holds a hoop in each hand and twirls them around. It's fascinating to watch and I've tried it before, it's pretty tricky to do. I told him, "It was Zukin who did that, I'm not very good at it." But he insisted, and handed me to lighter hoops than the ones I currently held. I gave in and attempted the trick. At first I was doing it all wrong, but I knew what I was doing wrong; my wrists were bending the wrong ways. I fixed it and was about to really get in a groove when I woke up.


      When I fell back asleep, I entered back into the same dream (I was trying to enter it lucid, but it was a normal dream). The boy was gone, and Jeremy was also gone. My mom and dad and I went through the big double doors at the end of the room and entered another large room with tables all over the place. there were people all over, too, and it turned out it was a potluck day. I was excited for food, and realized I was ravenous. The back wall of the room had tables against it, covered with main dishes and sides. I got a plate with the best looking chicken I had ever seen, some pees, corn, and some bread and potatoes with gravy. I put my plate down next to where my mom was, to save a spot while I went to the dessert room. There was apparently a whole other room for desserts.

      In that room, there were two or three tables all pushed together in the center, piled high with plates of cookies and brownies and cakes and whatever kind of dessert you could think of, basically. I walked around it once first, taking it all in and deciding what I would pick... There was a whole section of three or four different kinds of red velvet cookies. One of them was apparently red velvet but without the food coloring, and it had tiny chocolate chips sprinkled on the top of it. But I didn't get that one, I went for a more traditional red velvet cookie. I got two of those, and then I noticed a table at the corner of the room, and there was a bag on the table. The bag had two compartments; in one were smaller red velvet cookies with a weird looking frosting, and in the other were HUGE red velvet cookies with a delicious looking cream-cheese frosting or something. I took one of the big ones and put it on my plate. But now it was full, so I needed another (they were small plates).

      I got another plate, and looked at the layered goodies. There was a piece the size of my hand of this layered fudge and chocolate and either coffee or peanut butter stuff... It looked delicious, but I assumed it was a tiramisu and I don't like those, so I left it. Next to it, though, was a foot-and-a-half tall layered thing of chocolate and fudge and vanilla and soft cakes and mints and it just looked so good. So I cut a super thin piece (maybe about half an inch thick, because it was so tall and I didn't need a shit ton of the stuff) and had to kind of scoop it out into a messy pile on my plate. I started from the top and scooped out 4-inch parts at a time because I was worried that if I just took it from the bottom, it would all topple and get all over the place.

      I drab one more cookie, and then they announce that the food lines were going to close up pretty soon, so I left and found my spot next to mom. I realized I had forgotten the other plate, though, and tried to get back in. The door to the hallway leading to the dessert room was locked from my side, though. I waited for someone to come out, but no one was, so I knocked on the door. A young man peeked from around the corner (I was looking through the small gap between the double-doors, or there might have been a window in the door...) and tentatively opened the door for me. I thanked him with a hug, and went to find my other plate. It was on the table in the corner that had the bag on it. I grabbed it, went back to my seat

      And then I started to eat. And oh my god, it was amazing. the chicken was the most flavorful and amazingly moist chicken I have ever had. I moved on to that layered thing, and it was so good. It's hard to describe what exactly it tasted like, but it was EXACTLY what I was craving (and am still craving right now). Like, think of your favorite childhood dessert, and it was that taste, pretty much.

      I was sad to wake up from that dessert.

      Romeo vs. Me: "Dueling"

      When I fell back asleep, I dreamed I was in a car on the way to a small town in the mountains of Germany or Austria (there was a theme this night... I was thinking hard about castles and balls all day so I could increase my chances of remembering some tasks when I got lucid). We were almost there, I could tell, but there was still another mountain to get over first. Right now we were driving in a valley, with the mountain to our left and farms and scattered rural houses to our right... But the building were all torn down. It looked like there had been a tornado or some other really destructive storm... and so I was worried about the town we were headed for. I was hoping it was an isolated event and that everyone I knew in this small town was alright.

      When we got to the town, I got out of the car and walked to the main town square. Someone was breathing fire (it was sunset, getting dark) and this was so fascinating but weird that I did a reality check... My left hand's middle and ring finger were kinda webbed-looking...

      I was dreaming!

      I looked around and started rubbing my hands together because my lucids have not lasted long lately... I felt the dream getting stronger, and I also took note of my surroundings. I remembered right away the challenge task for week two, and shot into the air to hover above the town square. I looked around the town for a castle that looked like it was having a party; it would probably be the Capulet's ball.

      On the edge of town, on the hills leading to the mountains beyond, I saw what looked like a fancy villa or something, and there were lots of lights around it, lighting up the grounds and whatnot. I assumed this was the Capulet household, and was about to fly off toward it normally, when I remembered my last three-part task. I thought about how fast would count as "advanced" flying, and pretty much decided jet-speed would do. I'm not really sure that I did anything special, I just kinda expected to be going super fast, and I did. I shot off in a bee-line for the castle and was there in pretty much a second. It actually kinda reminded me of Lord of the Rings, when Sauron zooms in on things happening far away.

      I land at the front door and because I am a Capulet, I just walk right in. I was greeted by a servant at the door, and handed something to drink. It was in a fancy glass and looked bubbly, so I downed it and continued into the main room. It was beautiful, really. There was the main floor, which was large, and then there were stairs on either side leading up to an upper balcony level where people were milling about and talking. I looked around, expecting to see Romeo. He was supposed to crash this party, yes? And then I thought, "My teammates and the other team should be here as well." So I called out the names I could remember: OneUp, Pickman, StaySharp, Spellbee, FryingMan. Five young men walked toward me from the crowds, and I asked who each of them were. "Which one of you is OneUp?" The one in the middle raised his hand. Though he also raised his hand when I asked who was StaySharp, and so it was a little bit confusing about which ones were which people (but my subC pretty humorously inserted clues about who was who). I eventually sorted it out, and grabbed OneUp (he had an arrow on his forehead, a little like Aang, but it pointed up, not down), Pickman (he had a flower sticking out of his head and wore an all red suit) and StaySharp (he was pretty nondescript), pulling them to my side. "You three are Capulets, right?" They nodded. "And you two are Montegues, correct?" I asked Spellbee (he was buzzing the whole time so I'm pretty sure that was him) and FryingMan (he actually had a frying pan on a rope around his neck). They nodded, too, and seemed troubled.

      I was about to try to convert Spellbee and FryingMan, when Spellbee's buzzing got louder and he grabbed FryingMan's frying pan and tried to hit me with it. "Hey now. Be nice." I made the frying pan shrink so it was the size of a normal necklace now. "You two should totally join the Capulets. We have awesome parties." They both looked a little uncertain, so I kept going. "You will join the Capulets." I waved my hand, trying to use Jedi mind powers. They squirmed a little and then both said, "Okay," and stepped over to stand behind me. "Now let's find that Romeo guy." They agreed to help me find him.

      I was walking around, expecting that I would bump into Romeo eventually, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the Face. "Do you know where Romeo is?" I asked him. He just shrugged and took my hand, taking me to the balcony. "Wait, I have to find Romeo," I said. He looked back at me, oddly silent, and just giggled a little, then disappeared. I watched the DCs around me, wondering which one of them was Romeo. Then I heard someone (I think it was Spellbee) say, "Oh, Romeo," behind me, and I turned to see who he was talking to. The young man I assumed to be Romeo had black hair and wore a fancy outfit, but beyond that I don't remember much about his looks. I approached him and said, "You're Romeo, right?"

      He looked at me, nodded, and said, "And who are you?" I told him I was Juliet (Romeo will obviously fall in love with Juliet), and he pretty much just leaves what he was doing, grabs my hand, and stands there holding my hand silently. It was like we were school kids playing date on the playground. I turned to him and said, "Romeo, do you love me?" He looked at me and smiled, nodding. "Don't you want to kiss me?" I asked, and he blushed, then carefully kissed me. Well, this should be enough for that task, right...? But I was also going to do the other option, which was to duel Romeo. "Romeo, I challenge you to a duel!" I said.

      He perked up a bit, grabbed my hand and lead me to a door. The DVers I had found followed us, whooping and yelling encouragement to me. Then it turned into this really weird sex battle. Apparently that's what a duel means here. Romeo pushed me down onto a bed and tore off his own shirt, and one of the DVers yelled "BULLSHIT!" I decided to let this kind of duel continue, and pretty much flipped Romeo on his back so I was on top. I think that was how you won. So yeah. We "dueled" for a while and I'm pretty sure I won because I was on top at the end and my DV following was ecstatic and jumping around and hugging each other as if their team had just won the superbowl. I was barely lucid at this point,
      and then I woke up.
    13. Barefoot Reminiscing, Power/Sexytime, Subnuclear Time Shift

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:41 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 02, 2015


      I was at the old science and math center i went to in Highschool, visiting for a special day or something. I had signed up for two special classes for this day, and my old friend A ended up being in the first one too. We got to catch up and were sitting in our seats (the class was in the presentation center) for at least an hour after the class, and then it was time for the next class. We had started walking around and I didn't know where my shoes were, so I put the rest of my things in the room for the next class, at a spot I wanted to sit in. They would hold my spot while I looked for my shoes.

      I found my shoes but when I got back to that class room, it was packed and someone had taken my seat. I didn't even find all my stuff, either. I was like "Screw it." I decided to take off my shoes again and walk around barefoot reminiscing with A and coughing (my cough was persistent, man. It even shoes up in a half of my dreams)

      Power Struggles

      I was involved in this campus-wide power struggle of a water fight. Everyone had a huge water gun, but if you got hit three times you had to stop playing. I was running from my brother, B, and his friend, who had formed a small team and were after me. I got each of them twice, but then they both nailed me so I was out of the game for good. I threw my water gun to the side, a bit upset with myself for not having joined their team, and walked away.

      I was bored though, and wanted to hang out with my brother. I decided to go find their base, which had been somewhere in the center of campus. I was expecting a little hut or something but when I got there it looked like they had taken over most of the area, and gated or roped it off from the public. There were guards all over the place. B just happened to be at the main entrance. I told him, "Hey I'm not in the game anymore so can I chill here with you guys?" He took me to his friend, who was the leader, and vouched for me. Apparently B was the leader's right-hand-man, so he was like, "sure, welcome." So I somehow became the second right-hand-man. My first input was to help pick the color of the new sign to name the base. I had assumed it would be the leader's own name, but he named it after his mom instead. I thought that was kinda cute.

      After putting up the new sign in the entrance, I noticed that a computer that was along the wall was all wet. B said someone must have attacked it with a water-gun to sabotage them. I took a closer look and noticed sticky, green stuff under the mouse. "Guys someone just spilled Mountain Dew on it and then got it wet to cover their asses." The Leader came up behind me and reached past to see the evidence. "She's right."

      He found out who it was and punished them, not for spilling the Mountain Dew, but for being a coward and trying to hide it AND for doing a messy job of hiding it. "If you're going to blame someone else, do it so you never get caught!"

      So then, the Leader, B and I went down to the basement because we needed to fix some super important machine. It was this sort of vacuum thing, with a long tube coming from it. The tube was inserted into a glass cylinder of some sort, and that cylinder did something special. Leader held the cylinder and instructed me to pull out the tube so he could inspect the inside of it. As I was holding the end of the vacuum tube, I looked at it, and realized it looked a lot like a penis. Suddenly the Leader sticking his face up to the glass cylinder and sticking his fingers in it was very sexual and I was getting turned on. He finished inspecting it, and held it out so I could stick the tube back in it. I looked at it again, and then looked at the Leader and said, "If this penis were a real penis, it'd be a really happy penis because I'm holding it," and I he just kinda stared at me and blushed. I grinned and stuck the penis-like thing back into the glass opening, then walked back up the stairs passing various blushing young men who had heard me. The Leader and B followed me up and we all went into the main room of the base, which was having a party or something. The Leader had put the machine we just fixed on a table somewhere, and when I was at a table with a drink, I felt him come up against me from behind. We were about to leave and go to his suite, when there was a ransom call. He rolled his eyes though, because apparently it was just his aunt pranking him. She did that often I guess. Anyways, he took my hand and dragged me upstairs and we had a little fun.

      LOOK! A Subnuclear Time Shift!

      My little brother, E, and I were visiting B in some other town. We'd all left his place to go to the main street of the town so we could get some food or drinks. We were cutting through a park or backyard or something, and it was dark. When we got out of the park thing, there was a loud noise and behind us a large blue rift opened up in the air. B called it a "Subnuclear Time Shift," whatever that is. I didn't believe him, but I was scared of whatever it was because it was dark and it gave me to spooks.

      We got to the main street, and found two 10-ish-year-old girls who had lost their friend after walking home with her. I was about to go sit with them and try to comfort them and figure out where they lived, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see the 10th Doctor standing behind me. He held his finger to his mouth in the "shh" motion, and I was speechless and instantly horny. I was about to attack him when he turned me into the girl the other two had lost. I was supposed to pretend to be that girl to find out more about what happened. Apparently aliens were involved. So I went to talk to the girls and pretended I had just got lost and found them again. We didn't find out much but we got them both home and I said we would play again tomorrow and gave them both a drawing I'd just whipped up for them. They really loved the drawings apparently and promised we would hang out tomorrow.

      Then I woke up in B's living room from a nap. I wondered what that dream had been about. E and B came into the room and suggested we go get some dinner, so we all left B's place and took the same park path. Again, at the end of the path, a blue rift in the sky appears and B calls it a Subnuclear Time Shift. I realize how strange this is, and look down at my hands. They're normal-ish but there's a sort of aura-hand in them, too. So I was still dreaming! I look back at the rift and wonder what might be on the other side of it, but then I wait because the Doctor might come back and I can attack talk to him. I look around and then I spot him talking to the two little girls. I felt the dream destabilize but couldn't really do anything to keep myself in it, and woke up.
    14. KITTENS, Field Trips, and some Lucid!

      by , 01-31-2015 at 10:27 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 31, 2015

      Finally back into the swing again!

      Awkward Love Triangle, BUT KITTENS

      I was at a friend's house. We'll call him J for now (no, Zukin, not your J, the one I friendzoneded last year...), and there was soooo much water in the front yard. IT was like one huge pool, with lawn chairs and pots and such floating around. We were on the second floor, since the first floor was flooded, too. He had so many cats and kittens, for some reason. I was playing with them and putting them in those hanging shoe organizers and such. They would just sleep there. They were so cute, really. One of the kittens got up and climbed down the pockets, and rubbed against my leg a bit. While I was cuddling with that kitten, another one took its place in the shoe organizer pocket. I put the kitten down again, and it climbed back up the shoe organizer and when it noticed its spot had been taken, just climbed right on up to another pocket. It was pretty awesome. So yeah these things were hanging on like every door and there were cats and kittens everywhere.

      Then I started getting lots of calls from people, and they're all worried their houses are being broken into. Like all of them. IT was really weird, like some group had decided to mass-invade everyone's homes. One of the calls was from a gal I knew. But I couldn't tell who it was because my phone always makes voices sound different. Apparently this gal had a crush on me. Like, she kept saying "I've always really liked you...!" I kept asking who it was because I couldn't tell, and eventually she told me; it was K, one of Zukin's old housemates and ex-friend of J (they got into an argument a while ago and are no longer friends, as far as I'm aware...) She told me the real reason they weren't friends anymore was because they both liked me and J was being a bitch about it, or something.

      Very strange dream.

      Field Trip!

      I was going on a field trip with my 1st graders and some of my Cohort. There were also some other staff members from the school going on the trip. Some of them, I had never seen before. I was one of the first ones to get on the bus (which was a strange combination of a normal public transit bus and a school bus) and sat near the back, but as soon as people started getting on, I wished I had sat closer to one of the really cute guys I had just seen. I had the two seats all to myself, so I sprawled my stuff out a bit to be more comfortable.

      At some point we stopped at a rest area. Either H or M said "Guys we've all been here before!" But the rest area looked unfamiliar to me, and I was a little confused. She went on to tell of her second grade class trip to somewhere, they had stopped here. "Oh, so you mean YOU have been here. Why'd you say all of us had been here together?"

      "Oh, I don't know~" She said, smiling.

      We get back to the bus, and I find my seat (my stuff was closer to the front than it was before, but I didn't notice this discrepancy). I remember going over a bridge of some sort, but after that it was all fuzzy and I woke up.

      I tried to WILD, but every time I felt the shaking start, my heartbeat would speed up on its own and I would lose it... so, didn't exactly WILD but DID get lucid in my next dream!

      It was THIS Guy!

      I was playing a Pokémon-Minecraft hybrid game of some sort. My starter was Charmander, and I somehow trained it up to a Charizard without even leaving my home town. I also had caught like 10 other Pokémon. My big brother B had told me to put 6 different Pokémon in my party, and leave Charizard out. I was about to protest and say WHY TEH FUCK NOT HAVE CHARIZARD?! when he just told me to jump and fly, and watch. So I did, I jumped up and started flying along the main street in the hometown, and to my left and right, the rest of my Pokémon were running along the road. It made me smile, and then B showed me how to have Charizard fly to my left with me, so I would always have him, even if he wasn't in my party. Apparently any Pokémon that could fly, you could take with you on your left. So I am happy happy happy to have my Charizard, and go flying in search of the villages that would hold gym leaders. In this way it was more like Minecraft. The towns were basically larger Minecraft villages, but you couldn't enter them if you didn't have the right badges yet.

      I found two towns near each other, and went to land at one of them. It was in a forest with HUGE trees. Like they were all spaced out pretty widely, and yet the foliage blocked out all the sun. (I believe I have dreamed of this town before, once... but I don't remember much abotu it, aside from a slight foreboding feeling...) I landed there and was about to enter, but an NPC at the gate wouldn't let me enter. Apparently this was the fourth or fifth gym.

      I jumped up again, and glanced at the other town I had spotted, which was on a beach backed by a high cliff. The town was built out into the water on cobblestones and such, and was tiered as it neared the cliff. It only reached up to about half the cliff, though. I decided this city looked like one of the last gyms, and turned back where I had come from. I assumed that the first gym would be nearer the hometown.

      On my way back, I got a bit lost... I somehow ended up against a never ending and massive book shelf. It extended up as far as I dared to fly, and I couldn't see the end of it in either direction. I took note of my coordinates (like you do with the F3 key in Minecraft), and I noticed that the numbers kept changing, even though I wasn't moving...

      I finally realized this was strange, and looked at my hands. I was dreaming! I grinned and looked around a bit, taking in the environment. I decided to try for something else, and figured there must be something beyond this huge book case. I pulled away a book, let it fall to the ground far below me. I pulled a few more, and then stuck my head through the hole to inspect the other side. It looked like the swamp-pool in Mononokehime, so I was excited. I pulled more books away so I could fit through the hole (should have tried phasing through it!).

      I stood on one of the little grassy islands in the middle of the pond. It was so beautiful. I would have just sat there and enjoyed it if I didn't really want to keep my wings. I made a mental note to come here next time I was lucid and had nothing to do, and then thought about which task I could try. There were no DCs here (I was pretty much completely alone), so I couldn't be able to do something naughty and blame someone else... unless I summoned some random people. But I didn't want other people here, so I decided to try making a storm. There were too many trees above me, so I flew until I passed the canopy. To my surprise, the swamp was in a rather small patch of huge trees, and beyond it was medium-to-small city. So I decided to save the storm for later, and went to find some DCs to blame for things. I landed and looked around. I seemed to be in a sort of bazaar. Good. Lots of DCs. Then I started to think of what "naughty" thing I would do... I saw a woman in a long dress, so I came up behind her and lifted her skirt all the way up, then scooted over a little, so that when she turned around, looking angry, I could simply point at whoever was next to me. I didn't look to see who was next to me, though. When she looked at the person standing next to me, I also looked ,and realized it was a little boy. She narrowed her eyes and told him "That's RUDE." The kid was unphased.

      I giggled a little bit, and then went to one of the stalls, wondering what they sold here. I was trying to think of things to do to get points for Sensei's competition, and remembered my next three-part task: changing an object. Bonus points if it was something from a show or book or something. I saw a bauble of sorts, it was pink. I picked it up and pocketed it. The stall owner saw me do it, and got angry, and I said, "It wasn't me. It was this guy." Patting the shoulder of the person next to me. "This guy" turned to me and yelled, "You know what FUCK YOU." And ran away. I liked blaming DCs.

      I flew up and out of the crowd, and landed on a roof nearby. I took the bauble out of my pocket and closed my eyes, thinking that it was about to get warmer and start beating. I was in a Miyazaki kick, so I was going to change it into Calcipher. When I opened my eyes, there he was, in my hands. It was warm, but not burning. I said hello to him. "What?" He said. He sounded a little annoyed. "It's cold out here," he complained. I stuck him in my pocket for later, thinking it would be warmer in there. I jumped up to do my last three-part task, advanced flying, but the dream started to fade and I
      woke up.

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    15. Only one VERY short lucid

      by , 01-28-2015 at 07:08 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 27, 2015

      I was at the school, teaching a hands-on lesson. I don't remember the details of the lesson, though. At some point in the middle of the lesson, I realized that there were like ten of one student. I thought this was very, VERY strange, and looked at my hands. The left hand had a huge lump protruding out of the pinky (ewwww) so I knew I was dreaming! I looked around, and noticed that some of the parents were also in the room. I was about to talk to one of them when I woke up.
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