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    The Kestrel's Dreams

    Random but fairly long or vivid bunch of dreams

    by , 12-17-2014 at 04:52 AM (358 Views)
    December 14, 2014

    Where's Zukin?!

    I was at Zukin's co-op, but it was actually my house back home. Apparently, everyone who lived there slept in a communal bedroom, which happened to be where my room is in the house IWL. The only guy in my master's program was my bed-mate (apparently everyone shared a king-size bed with someone else), but H and K were visiting, and took up too much space on the bed, so he had to sleep on the floor next to the bed.

    At some point during the day, I was looking for Zukin. I looked everywhere for her, including at her bed and even in a random grocery store (that, now that I think of it, was a pool. Hahaha!). I got back to the co-op, and see some people watching a movie. I asked them if they know where Zukin is, and one of them says they saw her in the kitchen doing dishes. I went to the kitchen, which was located where the family room is IWL, and finally found her as she was coming out of the kitchen.

    She opened a large freezer, and pulled out a tray of sorts. It created a neat little workspace or something. She cracked two eggs onto the tray-thing. At first I am like wtf is she doing, but as I watch, the eggs sort of freeze hard on contact, and then bubble and fizz and start cooking. Apparently if you get eggs cold enough they jump right to cooking :D

    Zukin and I go outside and head for a restaurant or arcade of some sort, and she is ahead of me. I say something, and she turns back toward me, and something behind me catches her eye. She ran past me and told me to follow her because she "suddenly remembered it was today."

    I turn and see her running toward a tractor and find that there is a corn field. We get on the cart behind the tractor, to ride Charlie's Pumpkin Ride through the cornfield, but Zukin rolled off the tractor and fell through the ground. I reached through the ground to help her up, but she rolls off the cart and fell through the ground again. Then I woke up.

    A is Starring in a Musical

    After falling back asleep, I dreamt that I was part of a play in which my old good friend A was starring. Apparently she knew some old guys who were like family friends, and who were famous play writes. They really wanted her to star in this play. So she and one of the old men were front and center on stage, with lots of men in identical black outfits playing instruments behind them. They were singing and dancing, and A eventually pulled up a group of women in red. She would reach out into the "audience" for one of them, pull their hand, and they were all attached to strings and would fly to one of the men with instruments and dance with them. I had a bird's eye perspective on one of the girls going haywire and crashing out stage left.

    Later in the play, A's character tragically dies, and after that I saw her in the bathroom vomiting. I asked if she was alright, and she said she was okay, but she got her clothes all dirty. I told her to stay there, and I ran to backstage and asked people if there were any spare clothes for her to wear. My dad was there, and apparently was in charge of hardware and equipment. He lead me to A's locker and helped me open it, but the dream faded before I had the chance to get the clothes.

    Grassy Mountain Ridge

    A beautiful fragment about riding a bike along a grassy mountain ridge. I went back and forth on a ridge, and then met up with some people near the top. We crawled through some bushes, and came to an elaborate gate blocked off with some weird scheme. We got past the blockade, and entered into a beautiful, grown-over ancient temple courtyard of some sort. There were four aqueducts that converged in this circular courtyard type place, but one of them was being diverted to a different area which we weren't able to reach. The rest of them powered and decorated the temple.


    I was in a large maze-like house with some people. I kept switching POVs in this dream so I'm not really even quite sure what all was going on. Someone had been murdered, I know that. I was either Yukina, or her friend, or Shigure (Yukina and Shigure being the MCs of a manga) throughout the dream.

    Basically, we were all in a house together because we were trying to protect Yukina, who was being suspected as the murderer. When I was her friend, I sometimes suspected her too, but when I was Shigure, I knew she was innocent. Yukina herself didn't know she was a suspect, though. We were trying to keep it from her or something.

    I think the one who was murdered was a girl who had been in love with Yukina's childhood friend, or something, and because people thought Yukina loved him as well, she was a top suspect. But when I was Shigure, I knew something most of them didn't: she was actually in love with Shigure and they were dating secretly. Or something.

    Anyways, there were lots of scenes flashing all over the place, some flashing multiple times at various points in the scene.

    It was all very cinematic and kinda trippy. I'm surprised I am able to make any sense of it at all, but I just knew what was going on in the dream itself.

    It turned out that another guy with us was actually the murderer. Apparently he was like SUPER obsessed with the school's basketball team. Yukina's childhood friend was a member of the team, and apparently this creepy obsessed guy had murdered any girls who had been in love with any of the key players, so that the players wouldn't be distracted by girls and be able to devote all their time to playing.

    But the childhood friend had turned out to be in love with Yukina, and so the obsessed guy was going to kill her next, because she was the biggest threat to the team yet.

    The scene in which I found this out was at the same time terrifying and just awkward, because I was Shigure in this scene (and yet had a POV of watching myself), and I was searching a sewer for some reason. The obsessed guy came up behind me and at first I'm all "oh sheesh you scared me there!" But then I spot the corner of a shirt underneath his sweater. "Wh-what is that shirt...?" I ask, putting the pieces slowly together as the obsessed guy slowly walks toward me with a grin. He takes off his sweater to reveal a team shirt from the basketball team, and I suddenly just knew exactly what had happened. It was just sort of... comical.

    Then I was Yukina's friend and Shigure alternating, both of them running through the house to find Yukina. But she is not in her room, and when we get outside, I think I am ME for once, and I realize we were in my Oma's house all along. I see my family waving an ambulance away, and they're all smiling for some reason. I yell, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?!" And they said that Yukina-chan would be alright. They were grateful for some guy named Arthur who had sent her to the hospital because she would have died. But it was all part of the obsessed guy's plot and now she was in even more danger than before. I shoved "Arthur" down and shouted something about it not being his dicision to make whether she goes to the hospital or not. Then I woke up.
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