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    Week's baclog and epic scifi battle lucid with Zukin

    by , 10-25-2015 at 01:06 AM (505 Views)
    October 19, 2015

    I was a bit late in writing this one down so some of the details have escaped me; but I do know that I was walking around my home town, suuuupppeerrr tall. I was like the mountain spirit in Mononokehime, or a Titan. I felt more like the Spirit though. I was walking down the big hilly streets and enjoying the view from up high; I almost got lucid but didn't quite get there.

    October 20, 2015

    I was rafting down a river with Zukin. We were having the bestest of times, just sitting there and enjoying the sunset. to get back, though, we had to get upriver, and it was a struggle but still the bestest. After that, she had a date with Ginger, and I was talking with my high school friend, K. At some point, a middle school friend, N, texted me, and came to join us. It turned out he was in a band now and doing pretty well for himself. K was also doing well for himself, having beaten a lot of the depression he's been dealing with for years. Then, A (a guy I casually saw for a month or two) texted and wanted to hang out. So I was there with these three guys, and Zukin found out and posted on my Facebook wall, "Way to go Kestrel! Stringing these boys along perfectly." And I was embarrassed. Zukin and Ginger got back, and we had a dance party; I was eating some cucumbers, but since Zukin and Ginger were making out their feet got in my cucumbers

    October 21, 2015

    I was in a new school building; one of my coworkers was there, and she was put in this new classroom on the second floor. It was such a fucking beautiful classroom; all hardwood floors and beautiful dark wooden, tall walls. And like three rooms coming off the main room. In one of the rooms, there was this petting zoo / carnival ride. You could ride a llama, or a dog or a pig. But there was a rule; you can't wear a bra on the animals. So I had to take off my bra. And for some reason I ended up taking off my shirt as well. So I was sitting on this pig, shirtless. I got self conscious, especially since people were coming to pick me up any second now... but when I looked down, it turned out my shirt was still on, so I was all good. There was also this ride where you got on this big ball and rolled down a wire loop thing.

    I was going to this new aquarium with my brother; they had a merman on exhibit and we really wanted to go see him. We were about to enter with a large group, but something went terribly wrong, and since I was at the back of the group with my brother, all we could hear was some bangs and then someone shouting, "Run the FUUUUCK away!!!" This guy had been talking to us before, and he knew a lot about meraids, so we trusted his intuition and ran the fuck away. As we were leaving the building, going down this huge stairway at the entrance, there were lots of flashes and booms and shit. It was as if the merman had gone crazy and summoned a huge storm to destroy this whole fucking place.
    We got to the car and by the time we got home, we realized what had been so terrible. It wasn't the merman, but the climate; the sun was suddenly like 10x brighter, and the merman had sensed the change coming on and had been trying to warn people by attacking them to make them go back home lol. The sun was so bright it would burn you the moment your skin was exposed.
    Eventually, someone found a cure for the climate; an apple cider you had to drink to be fine in the new sun.

    October 22, 2015

    I was in a castle with Zukin, and we were guests at some kind of wedding; but there was a dragon who was trying to stop the wedding from happening. And then it turned out the groom had been cheating on the bride with this voluptuous woman in purple. The dragon then went berserk, and Zukin, the ex-bride, and I all ran down to this river to escape. This scene happened like three times, but the third time, it ended differently; we ran down to the river and suddenly the ex-bride had these super powers and blew up the dragon, who turned out to have been the woman in purple all along. It was weird.

    October 23, 2015

    I was sitting with Zukin in this huge tree, and pretty much just knew it was a dream from the get-go. We were reminiscing and pretty much just chilling. We met this guy who needed a lot of information, so we took him to this huge dream-database. We flew through stacks of conjoined truck-beds, which housed all the information. All I had to do was think about the information we needed, and a piece of paper just drew me to it. I pulled it out of its file and found that a woman had died, and found out she was pregnant with the child of the man who had been seeking our help. The man was so upset but so grateful for the information, and put the paper in his breast pocket. Some shit happened and it turned into an epic scifi battle with all my favorite characters from all my favorite shows. Zukin was by my side and the whole time, we wrecked shit up. After the battle, we all had a dance party. We were having a blast and then Zukin and I sorta sunk down through the floor and laid down to watch the feet swirling from below; the floor was completely clear, almost invisible so it was really surreal. I turned to Zukin and said, "This is pretty cool." And she agreed, telling me she had brought me to her dream now. I asked her what the rest of her dream had been like, but she couldn't really remember.

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