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    Minecraft Beach. September 3rd 2012.

    by , 09-05-2012 at 08:18 PM (460 Views)

    A very cool dream! It's a replica of what I imagine when I'm at the beach.

    I started off in a house, with the blue haired girl that I see often. She seemed to be teamed up with me to find some African kids. Inside this broken house, were a family of young African kids. They were reading books and talking to each other. Didn't look too bad, but the house did. It looked more like an abandoned hut. We both went outside onto the same beach that I ate the kebab on. I looked out at the ocean and noticed that the tide was completely out. I looked closer and noticed the tide was coming back it at a fast speed. I looked to the left and saw a load of people being evacuated from the wave that was coming on. The wave was only about 5 inches high, but it still scared us all. I looked back to where the house was, but instead was a wall of pebbles and stones. The blue haired girl was gone, too. Just me and a lot of people. I walked over to the wall and attempted to climb it by struggling my feet over the pebbles. I got pretty high but it crumbled below me and I fell, about 2 meters. I tried again and managed to get to the top (probably about 3 meters high). I ran further forward and everything changed into minecraft graphics. The beach was still real life, but everything else was minecraft. Apparently I was meant to be gathering supplies to survive this tiny wave. I was with 2 other people, who were in the wooden hut (NOTE: everything is minecraft) at the end of the grass patch. To the right was a large hedge and to the left was a huge empty field. I was told to go and gather seeds, so I ran back to the beach, but along the way, I saw a small little farm area. There were 5 blocks of moist soil, each planted with something. Opposite these blocks, were 5 moist blocks but with nothing planted. I planted tomatoes, a huge seed and something else. You can't obtain these in the game, but I did . The dream then faded quickly.

    This is the second out of the three dreams I had, which took place somewhere near that one beach shore.

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