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    Creepy dinner party #17

    by , 05-03-2015 at 01:25 AM (505 Views)
    Bed @ 10pm. WBTB @ 3am.

    I realize I'm dreaming as soon as it starts. I'm face to face with an older, overweight woman with short black hair. I am excited I'm lucid but then I hear my phone ring. It's the ringtone of my work. Since I'm on call IRL I can't tell if it's my real phone ringing or if it's part of the dream. It reminds me of the hypnagogic noises I hear while having an OBE. The mental connection to my waking life wakes me up. I have strong vibrations.

    At a dinner party A.F. is making balls out of mashed potatoes and serving them with gravy. "This will take patience. I like that." She says. She doesn't really like them and says they need something else. D says he knows just the thing. He adds lemon juice to the mix. I think she's pretending to not like them in order to stick with her diet easier. I have to drive out but can't really leave the area because there are puddles everywhere and really steep pitches of sand. I am worried I will get stuck in the puddles or tip over on the steep sand. Some vague things happen I can't really recall. I sense a mexican lady, shopping bags, and a bathroom. Back at the party the teen moms from the show are there. There's also a hot but immature UFC fighter staring at me. I'm in my hipster crop top and jeans, lying on my side and I want to impress him. Also most of my coworkers are there.
    Spoiler for sexual content:
    As we leave the party we pass a wall with pictures of the party attendees organized by age. There's a picture of a man tinted in Gold. B.F. keeps talking about "Tom" who's 39 years old and a fantastic fighter who recently started fighting again. We drive out in Q's suburban. There's old, stale popcorn in the backseat. D and q try to clean it out. @ FF's A.F walks around in belly shirt and brags about her fitness level. She does look slightly slimmer than usual. She's getting rid of food scraps. I tell her to give it to the dog and she does.

    I was responding to a DV post by my new dream partner. She tells me she will be a little slow with responses because she has so many obligations, like weekly workout classes. Her pic changed to a mirror selfie with a white shirt on, standing behind a little brother. I told her I have a lot of obligations too, like finishing up the school semester and workout classes. Then I remember I'm almost done with school and that I'm only going to one workout class one time, so I'm not really that busy.

    A lady talks about how she brings her small, long haired, black/white dog with her to truck stops at night to murder people. I saw her murder a woman eating a sandwich outside of the truck stop. Then she gave her dog a bath and feeds it. Then I see a PSA where a young man at a party headlocks a young girl and shoots her in the head twice.

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