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    Room 333 is occupied

    by , 05-06-2015 at 04:57 AM (363 Views)
    Baby orcas and dolphins are swimming everywhere by the shore. I want to get in and swim with the dolphins but I am scared of the orcas, which outnumber the dolphins. There's a dog the size of a rat following me and I want to return it to its owner. They're already on a plane preparing for take off. There is already "caution" tape wrapped over the door. But the owner sees me and reaches her hands out for the dog.
    I am Walter White from Breaking Bad (recently finished that series, so I dream about it) and I'm at my mom's house. In an attempt to evade police I got some kind of substance sprayed all over me. They catch me and I say "You caught me." The wife from the show or my mom tells me to change clothes and shower. They talk about how they sang a celebratory song on the public bus.

    I'm on my bed ordering subway sandwiches for an event. An instructor and some classmates are there. I order turkey sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. The instructor says, "I don't like lettuce." I say, "Well...we have to put something on them. I think other people will like lettuce." I look around and everyone else agrees. A young boy comes up to me and reads the paper I have that has feedback on him from his teachers. The last sentence reads, "He is weird." He starts telling me that he's not weird because what people don't know is that "I'm actually one of the last powerful beings on earth." I think he's crazy and making up that story to inflate his own ego.

    My husband and I go to a hotel with a nice garden. We request room 333. That room is not available but room 233 is. D is annoyed because he thinks they lied to us. I go around trying to get free candy from the old quarter operated machines. One of them requires you to wash the quarter away with milk.

    Walk through the rain to get into the hospital. I am in the ER and I have to initiate administering blood but I don't know how. D is there telling his coworkers how great I am. He gives a speech in the lobby but I leave because it makes me nervous.
    Friend has a baby boy named Opie. I always mistake it for a different baby girl. It's customary to send the babies to a nursery for a couple days while the mother sleeps and recovers from labor. Her baby is inconsolable until she walks in the room and then it instantly falls asleep. Later the baby waves to me in a store.
    At the Wailua stoplight turning right onto the highway. I look at the ocean and start thinking that maybe I do want kids. I remember the feelings I used to get when I had baby dreams. It scares me to think about. The logistics of it makes me decide I don't want them.

    Meat shopping with my mom. We buy pork back/spine from an Asian man (funny we both dreamed of Asians and food). Went across the street and there was raw ground turkey all over the street. More things involving a man in a truck and the park from my hometown. Also a group of people wanting to explore a haunted basement.

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