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    More Harry Potterness!

    by , 12-07-2010 at 02:37 AM (978 Views)
    New guitar vid

    flying doesn't equal lucid...

    I'm with Asuka, HP and crew on a hill... our hangout it seems. Asuka tells me to RC. I float up a bit and then down. "I do that all the time... it's not a dream" Asuka facepalms. Ron taps me on the shoulder, he seems to be avoiding harry.

    "Hey... Tell harry I said blah blah blah blah" Ron says.

    "Grow some cojones and tell him yourself... it's not his fault his name was pulled from the goblet.. It's not what you think."

    More HP stuff.

    I remember vaguely being with Harry and hermoine in some room with a large table it was a supper for the three of us because we are the gryffendor participants in the tri wizard tournament. We are discussion strategies and what not. I seem tog et along with Harry well. I made him laugh somehow but I forget.


    I was in some weird music hall. I was given an ibanez bass to play. I was fingering a fairly difficult bassline from vivaldi's Folia. (the line is impossible to play on guitar unless you finger pick it.). anyway I was finger picking the line pretty tightly. Some guy said I should jam along with the what the other guys were playing.

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