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    1 Feb: Iowa, lightning, rave

    by , 02-01-2013 at 12:19 PM (657 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I am in Iowa. It doesn't look like Iowa at all, more like a rural village in the north of Portugal, with small stone houses and rough stone paved streets, but still I know it is in Iowa. Around the village there's miles and miles of corn fields and it's what people do for a living here. I am staying with a very noce family and the lady is telling me about how they find it so beautiful, but I am a destroyer of illusions and I say large industrial monoculture of GMO corn is not a beautiful sight, no matter how golden it looks. But they don't feel ofended. It's like they never even thought about it in a different angle and they want to know more about my point if view.
    Eventually a storm at distance starts making a noise and we go look through the window and we see incredible pink clouds and a shower of lightnings. We go outside to see it better, because that is actually beautiful, but the storm surprises us and lightnings start to hit the village without a warning. Everybody panics and runs around. I want to go back in the house, but the lightnings almost seem intelligent and hit people who run down the road. But we manage to go inside. We watch the lightnings up close through the window, but they look more like flames than electrical discharges.
    The storm eventually dissipates and then I'm invited to a night out in the capital. There's a disctrict that looks like Bairro Alto in Lisbon and there's a rave party out in the streets and people are dressed in costumes or just extravagant outfits. I feel melancholic and numb. I sit down on a stone slab - other people are dancing on top of other stones which seem to be part of some modern sculpture - and a friend sits by my side, puts her arm around my shoulders and asks what's going on. I start crying and I say I'm hopelessly in love, always have been and that I keep hoping to see his face in the crowd. She doesn't know what to say. I get up and decide to dance into a trance until I feel even number.

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