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    29 Apr: Fire immolation

    by , 04-29-2013 at 04:18 PM (770 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I am walking a path up a hill, alongside others. Around us, on the hill, are scattered buildings. I am a visitor and they are students there.
    I become semi-lucid when I look at the sky and realize how unreal it looks. The colour is super sharp, the clouds are moving too fast and there's something just mesmerizing about all that. The realization of the dream nature of things plunges me into a state of profound melancholy, bliss and hypnosis. The girl walking by my side says "Oh my god, you look like you are in love!". What??? No, she got it wrong. What I am is hopeless of ever being in love. What I am is ready to let go, because there's nothing holding me back. No hope, no illusions. And I remember Morpheus' quote "You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up." That's what I am. She doesn't understand.
    Anyway, further ahead I see a tree and from the tree top falls a guy who is burning in flames. When he is contorting on the floor, I notice he is a buddhist monk on red and yellow robes. I scream to my friends to go and help him, while I run to one of the buildings to call 911. I find a reception where I make the call, but then I feel I should have helped to stop the fire instead, so I run to the tree again. My friends are there looking puzzled and there's no sign of a burning man anywhere. Instead, there's a couple of westerners, a guy and a girl, sitting under the tree, although they are also wearing the buddhist monastic robes. My friends say I allucinated and go away. The monk boy befriends me. He wants to know what I saw. Then I ask if I could possibly be seing him in the future, but he assures me he would not ever self-immolate. Although he feels just like me, ready to let go, he would not waste this life. He chose to be a very, very sad monk. We feel complete empathy for each other. We hold hands very strongly. I feel his warmth becoming mine. For some reason his hands are incredibly dirty and greasy, but I don't feel disgusted. We just can't let go of each other anymore.

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    1. bro's Avatar
      The burning man portion reminds me of that scene from waking life. The man who lit himself on fire to make a statement- but that's also completely different.

      Seems like this dream had some very strong emotion. I always wake up with mixed feelings on having dreamed of being in bliss at having connected with someone on such a deep level and then awakening.