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    6 Jul: Jumping lucid through dreams, all in dark white rooms

    by , 07-06-2021 at 06:15 PM (419 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

    I am in a small dark room, white walls, old furniture. There is a table and two chairs and Riverstone is sitting behind the table, against the wall, with his head pending down and acting bizarre. I am lucid and try to figure if he is real or a shady DC. I say something but he is unresponsive. I tell him I know he is not real, so I am going to play with him a little bit. He then reacts, but I still can tell he is not really Riverstone and I actually feel he is becoming threatening to me. So I shrink him to the size of a bug and pick him from the floor. Now he is putting on a fight. I put him on the table and tell him it will be fine, I'll bring him back to normal size, but as I do it, he turns into a black snake and I stop resizing him, because I don't wanna face a giant black snake.
    I turn away to the door and just leave. At the next room I see my dog Hachi, but also Bernardo and some other stranger dog. Hachi is happy to see me, but then the other two start fighting in the background and instead of him defending Bernardo, he joins in attacking him. I scream in horror, but then tell myself it is just a nightmare and turn away. I plunge into the wall, I wander through darkness for a while and then come out at another dark room, very much the style of the previous two. I hear noise outside the door and open it. Looks like a cprridor of some vintage looking hostel. Some kid from another room to my left is also peaking out, sleepy. Tells me something as if I am supposed to know what he is talking about. I go to the lobby and from there goes a stairway to a living room in the basement, which is full of youngsters having fun, just like som hostel I stayed in Japan once. I am not interested, so I choose to go out to the street. There is a street market, which reminds me somewhere I have been in Germany. I recognize the memory, love reliving the details.
    Then hear some guys talking about getting laid and whose lady from the hostel tourists they are going to bang. They spot me and start acting menacing, like they are considering to rape me, so I try to get away from them by climbing a rope that is hanging with clothes from the top of a passageway over the street, and I run up a hill. End up in another strange house, that looks abandoned, almost like a windmill, but it is inhabited by 3 girls. One looks like Natalie Portman. They are nice and invite me in. They are having like a slumber party, all lounging over a bed and sharing chocolates while talking about this and that. They offer me chocolate, I say no and they find strange. So then I go on and on explaining my aversion to choclate since I was little.
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    1. monsa199a's Avatar
      I don't recall shrinking DCs in my LDs but I have shrunk myself a few times. It feels awesome!
      Would like to know who is Riverstone?
      I've been in a few places in Germany, mostly visited Strasbourg, Kehl, Black Forest.
      Over all the best BEER!
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      Sorry for my late late reply. I have shrunk myself a few times too. Riverstone is a real person from my real life, no one you would know I have visited Germany a bunch of times, but most times I have been in Berlin, but also Köln, Bonn, Achen and Nurnberg. Strasbourg is actually in France Been there too
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