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    6 June: stranded in a dead spinning planet

    by , 06-06-2014 at 11:52 AM (808 Views)
    non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

    I am visiting some planet colonized by humans. All is well, until some shit happens on the other side of the planet and humans explode the most powerful atomic bomb ever. The planet is not so big and the strength of the bomb is enough to alter its rotation and orbit. Where I am, we're not affected by the explosion itself, but soon after the planet starts spinning uncontrolably and we feel the most horrible sensation ever. We consider suicide, because we can't do anything at all for ourselves, we just experience this huge nausea and inability to walk or do anything at all. But luckily the spinning starts decreasing to a more manageable level. But then we have to consider the nuclear fallout. I hide in some sort of mine with facilities attached, where I meet a couple of people who live and work there. We lock ourselves in, isolating all the entries, but then we wonder what we will do, as we will need water and food. They have a stock that lasts some time, but then we have to start foraging outside. But the atmosphere no longer offers as much protection against space radiation and it is worse during the day, with the local sun's radiation at its peak. We learn this the hard way, after watching a lady die with severe burns, almost turning to ash, so we only go out at night with lots of protection.
    Some night we manage to find a communication device that works and we learn that people on Earth know what happen and are sending rescue for survivors.
    Meanwhile, some kind of space pirates flying nearby, also know about the situation and come down to the planet, to scavenge and loot. We have a close encounter with a couple of them, we don't really have anything for them but they threaten us with weapons. We manage to escape and right when we're on top of a hill and spot a rescue ship, a volcano erupts nearby, signaling the start of the planet's collapse. The rescuers takes us in and from space we can this planet wobbling in a strange infinite symbol shaped orbit and blowing up from the inside in multiple volcano eruptions.

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    1. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      Wow this sounds like a cool dream. I also read your previous dream. Do you have a lot of sci-fi dreams?
    2. Mayatara's Avatar
      Hi! Yes, I have lots of sci-fi dreams