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    1. Frags

      by , 10-15-2015 at 08:48 PM
      - On a train helping some student carry their bags.
      - In a house, students having a gallon of wine for breakfast. I had to try and pass it up a vertical set of stairs to them, precariously.
      - a court case being held with me required to give evidence on a students behalf. Some document or other with a green line across it.

      Feeling a bit burnt out...and pissed with self after semi-lucid earlier in week, that recall falling back to near zero.
    2. Lovely Lucid Kitties :3 :3 :3 <3

      by , 10-13-2015 at 05:53 PM
      I think this is probably a layer 1 lucid anyways....I was over joyed at time...

      I was having a normal dream I was in some shop or other. Interacting with normal bland drean characters (no offense to any dream characters out there).
      When I left the shop the dream plot went wacko....Incredibly vivid cats started to race towards me...very very excited....
      I could see every detail on them, the colours were vibrant and the fabric too...yes fabric...these dream character cats were made out of carpet and some out of cushion fabric with button eyes...but they were very...very alive...
      They clamored for my attention, flocking to me.
      I wondered if they would hurt me with their claws (did they even have claws? pin claws?)
      I took a deep breath and let them come closer...they HUGGED ME...big cats, small cats, some blue,some patterned....lots of hugs....

      Then I continued my dream as tho nothing had happened...this was a dream after all and this rumpus was...well out of place...so I continued on my dream way and it went back to non-lucid...

      Later I returned to the shop and was accused of something. I would have been busted but two friends walked in behind me dressed with black trilby hats and black waistcoats and matching white shirts. The store owner thought they were the feds...and by default me also...
      I checked over the crime scene...measured things up with a tape measure from the kitchen. Then made my way from stall to stall (those turny things they have in shops with merchandise on). Then made a break for the door. It was dark outside and pouring heavily with rain. I needed to find my car...THEN

      Bounding out of nowhere came cats...new ones...calling my name...(awww)...Just as vivid and clearly sentient...they were just so excited and overwhelmed that I was here and that they had got to meet me *think i'm gonna cry*
      I feel happy but then again a bit awkward telling myself this is not at all what dreams are supposed to be like...and I head off to look for my car in the deluge...
    3. Bleak House...

      by , 10-12-2015 at 12:00 PM
      My recall is coming back...Yay!!
      But all the landsapes in my dreams were so bleak Oo...
      D1 - fragment - Trying to find a parking space outside a giant monolithic shopping centre...so grey...yuck...

      D2 - In a dark gloomy pub, concealed lightning...hmm wouldn't notice if you spilled your pint in here...
      There are few customers and it looks like despite new management the place will go under...usual.
      Then I have inspired idea of changing the music in the pub and for every grumpy old man sitting nursing his pint, a lady (partner)
      arrives in brightly dressed clothes to sit beside them. And the whole place cheers up. YeeHaaa.

      D3 - We are looking down into a street from a side window. We can clearly see neighbours carrying bags up and down steps. They are chatting. My partner tells me they have bags and bags of xmas shopping. I say no its fire wood which I can clearly see sticking out of their bags. Big branches with knobbly bits.
      I go downstairs and across the street. Outside another house an old disheveled man comes up to me. He has some groceries.
      I ask what he is doing he says he has come up to London to do some shopping. He looks suspicious and not to clean.
      I try to get rid of him but he eventually follows me into the apartment block.
      There is a grey courtyard below with doors leading off. Its is cold.
      I feel fearful of him, that hes going to do something. My partner is still somewhere else.
      Now hes in my apartment! What is it with this guy!?
      Now were upstairs, there is a house on the roof. Grey with just wet plaster walls, no paint.
      He is talking about how it would be good to live there. I try quietly to tell him about crazy OCD neighbour and how it would be impossible.
      He uses my bathroom and then while his back is turned, suddenly his son is there also. I don't know what to do and in the end.
      Karate chop them both on the shoulders to dispose of them :/ oopsy.

      - 1) After dream I realise the people were similar to father and son in "the road" film
      - 2) realise that I had totally rejected my dream characters...well if I could get lucid id make em a room of their own, whatever.
    4. defrag

      by , 10-11-2015 at 10:17 AM
      lots of fragments
      D1 at seaside on holiday shortly before returning home (dream sign)
      went for a last minute swim but didnt have any cosy...put clothes near a rock to collect after and went in fairly naked i guess
      D2 in a classroom showing some codes for something on interactive whiteboard , all fine. then next time couldnt get it to work...awkward silence as i wage war with the technology but still doesnt work.
      D3 trying to find old computer hardware, console for my brother so he can play some game.
      D4 several 5 i think codes hidden in different places...one is in a mine of some kind ..there is rubble strewn everywhere but entrance cannnot be seen as on hillside...grassy.
      D5 codes look like chinese graphology but made out of arrowroot herb. carved from or look like some vegetable.
    5. yawns

      by , 10-10-2015 at 02:51 PM
      Had an afternoon nap...cat nap...and dreamt I was lucid dreaming...the more I read the deeper my lucid...
      woke up from incredibly deep sleep....quite groggy...
    6. Zero recall. (The unsuccessful sequel to total recall)

      by , 10-09-2015 at 09:25 PM
      Was so zonked that I fell straight back to sleep in the night. Zero recall.
    7. Fragments only

      by , 10-08-2015 at 07:34 PM
      Being chased across a field (incline) by a thug with a knife in the early hours of the morning. I am able to out run them but they start to keep a pace so I duck into a work place. There is security so i'm safe for now. Head teacher is not happy that I did not go to see him about something. He is asking where the A-Z has gone to xD
    8. Lemon Mafiosa

      by , 10-06-2015 at 05:55 PM
      Dream - Parents wanted us to take a boat trip last day of our holiday. Waiting for boat to arrive we hang out at crappy outdated amusement park with a basketball shooting game and other stuff. My daughter wants me to get her a lemon drink so I head over to a local shop. There is an old guy in a string vest, a bit hairy but bald and skinny. He tries to charge me extra for the bright yellow drink (like lemonchello, italian drink). I hesitate about buying any, then tell him its over priced. He has to leave the store. I see outside there is a car full of dead guys, killed by the shopkeepers gang. He was mafia or something. I vamoose sharpish to find my daughter.
    9. Rogue dream

      by , 10-05-2015 at 06:15 PM
      D1 - Apparently there was a end of the world type storm coming. So I went to hide out in the woods and make a shelter.
      Lots of animals followed me. Do I look like snow white
      Next I use banks of earth to make a wall against the oncoming apocalyptic winds. I decide to dig straight down a wide
      trench, very deep. Along the bottom I store fire wood and along the side there are loads of square chambers sealed with clay.
      Inside each is a meal ready to go, all I need to do is place a fire next to it then break open the chamber to eat the meal.
      (probably roast hedgehog or rabbit).There is some kind of chimney for the smoke and a fire suspended by a pulley system from the roof.
      A series of hatches protects the trench from invasion from who knows what.
      Above the trench there are people in the trees ready to shoot any animals attracted by the smoke from cooking. And around the wooded camp is a plastic tarpaulin barrier.

      D2- Long battle against enemy agents has drawn near to it's end as the last two operatives fight it out.
      I am one of them as course xD tho I appear to be a Tom Cruise looky likey...nooooooooo. (so unfair).
      Anyway my arch nemesis has blond hair and looks like lead singer out of ABC Martin Fry...scary.
      We fight it out...in the air over London. Every thing looks weird from up in the sky. I can make out various landmarks.
      In the end it is my amazing swimming stroke as I fly...a bit like a desperate doggy paddle as I fly Oo.
      And I get to a brown car before the other agent and it's all over.

      I probably beat him to the secret supply of hair gel...idk.
    10. Stuggling to recall, still bit zonked and ill

      by , 10-04-2015 at 12:22 PM
      Anyway I struggled like crazy to not move and remember some *!# details this morning and eventually a fragment came back:

      School setting.
      Sat at a table with other non-descript classmates all silent, very solemn. All in dark black, maybe grey uniforms.
      Teacher same outfit, with glasses. I had to sit next to him. He asked me to get him some water. Cup was of the white Styrofoam crappy kind. He accidentally knocked some stuff out of his pocket into the cup (a white looking teabag and maybe a pipecleaner or something). He made an awkward joke about it as he got up to retrieve the items. I went off to get the water from the toilets (were else lol).

      Seemed like we were in open rectangular space with corridor running round open to sky also.
      [dream sign: same as glass corridor and house corridor running all round house
      Large number of silent boys, whispering possibly in toilets, all there also to collect water.
      On return past crying girl, red faced with tears.
      [dream sign: son with deformity who I walked past in other dream]
      continued walking, went past line of girls in black uniform all silent and sad faced.

      Someone must have died i'm thinking...but don't remember from dream
    11. Dream recall at 1%, feeling so yuck and ill

      by , 10-02-2015 at 06:37 PM
      False awakening -
      Awoke and started having sex with partner then....partner walked in room. Now there are 2.
      I felt so uncomfortable guilty that I hid partner no.1 under covers
      then real awakening came...thank god
    12. Fragments

      by , 09-29-2015 at 09:30 PM
      Walking through woods. Tall trees with peeling bark, silver birch.
      trying to find correct path.
      Creating new computer system by tracing actions, macro essential but the dream made it seem more interesting.

      funny how dreams can make even the most draft or boring things seem all important or even exciting ^^
    13. A pee ...no :s

      by , 09-28-2015 at 05:39 PM
      D1 - (Dream fragment) Living in a half built house unable to get up the stairs to rooms on top floor. Banisters block way.
      D2 - Powerless.
      In large house with sprawling corridors all on ground floor. Main corridor running round length of house.
      Bursting for a pee. Find toilet but there is some kind of self cleaning system in action which means when I go to sit down...there is a fountain of water erupting from seat itself...soaking me :/
      Then while i'm tring to work out how it works someone looks in at me through the window some blond haired girl. Give me a break!
      The controls involve 3 sets of switches and I just about figure it out when someone barges into the toilet and I get fed up and leave, they want a bath.
      As I run around the corridor to find another bathroom I see someone I think is my son and go to hug him. He is all bones with a shoulder blade like a knife jutting out of him.
      I move on to next bathroom which is taken. It has a glass door how chiche

      Interestingly I awake with a tight pain in my chest region
    14. Stocks and pears

      by , 09-27-2015 at 04:08 PM
      I am fund-raising while Graham the loafer and his sidekick look on. I'm on a dirt track with grassy borders (seems a dream sign )
      Outside a Library. Sam asks if I can use the proceeds towards his permanent studentness, I say he has to talk to Graham etc knowing full well they will not let him have a cent. I go into the white washed municipal library, books everywhere clearly a library. A member of staff handles my application details while Sam watches hopefully for a sign I might change my mind.
      I then travel along the dirt track uphill past G & co to a supermarket of sorts: there are lots of conveyor belts with fruit on.
      It seems I have to buy and sell the fruit like on the stock market to make a profit...but I mess it up and watch as suddenly I am left with neither fruit nor money. Oops. (another recurring them recently embarrassing failure followed by guilt)
      I magically make things ok i.e pretend everything is ok then dream ends soon after
    15. Misson : Escape from fitness club pronto!

      by , 09-26-2015 at 10:42 AM
      I rescued a friend from the evil clutches of a fitness instructor (scary lady in dark lycra). Lycra can look very good or very bad on someone.
      It looked good on her but her hair was all cruela deville everywhere and a bit menacing, along with her crazed eyes.
      I pulled my friend away and up a grass bank...

      Unfortunately I snagged her leg on the top of a wire fence...amd kind of sliced it off...straight through the bone...
      there was a red line of blood.... then it FELL OFF!

      I willed her really strongly not to notice my mess up. Felt really bad, this is not how a heroine does things
      And being a good little dream character she played along and didn't seem to notice at all. So I put her leg back together.
      She then ran off along a path to freedom.

      All very dark in dream, maybe night time escape
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