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    1. Schools back

      by , 10-31-2015 at 11:05 AM
      D1 - In student house with many floors, landings. It is early hours of morning and others a sleep or just very dark. At bottom of house there is a food store, full of meat. You can only obtain food if you give an equivalent amount of meat. I would have to cut off my own arm and put it into storage. I managed to cut off someone elses arm and put that in instead.

      D2 - E is worried about how his class will perform in final year. He always jammy and manages to get out of trouble. He goes to head and makes presentation, head is taken in. Im annoyed.

      D3 - In class , traditional layout, tables in rows, 2 kids per desk, very dark, large blind down. I give children wrong work to do. Work is printed on old printer paper with holes down the sides. I try and get back work but some has been written on. I send some more to the printer as more children come into the class. I look at one childs work, it is a large homemade bound book with thing stuck on and in it. It breaks, oops.
      Class line up by window, light is streaming through below blind. child peaks under blind as is worried about being bullied. Bully is boy with dark short hair out in playground.
      I try to use computer terminal but I cant remember commands for old operating system dos.
      I get to printer room with class waiting outside. It is a large room with rows of old school tables. At the back tables have technicians and terminals and printers.
      I walk to a terminal at the back and try the commands, which come up in glowing green on screen. I check printer. Printers, all different, look like scaled down nuclear reactors, spherical, whitish and plasticy.
      A technician bustles over friendly, thining hair, lab coat, glasses. He asks if he can help me and busily types away, sending the printer into life.
      Terminals they are using are so old they are yellowing, with old shinny trademark silver and black on sides.
      Everytime a terminal breaks down it is not replaced hence workers are left here with nothing to do. Young women mess about on benches with nothing to do.

      D4 - Another classroom , another class. Children are not on time for lesson. Two turn up and then go into one when told off. One was carrying a bottle into class. other member of staff tries to pacify them.
      Child with long mop of hair obscuring face continues to grizzle on way to seat. Other children look on concerned.
      At end of classroom is a wooden shed and what seems to be a cliff. there is a fence to stop people falling to there death, presumably.
      One child goes under the fence and brings back a bucket full of bottles of something for the kid. He brings them over to kid to my astonishment and shagrin.
      I ask for a compromise from these crazy kids.

      D5 - Fragment
      Somebody told me I was having a big observation the first day back at school due to the pay banding im in. Waaaa scarier than Halloween. Phew was only a dream.

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    2. Completely Mental Barriers

      by , 10-30-2015 at 10:22 AM
      D1 - spent about an hour trying to recall this one using all methods, in end came back to me at end of D2
      - walking round streets, nothing unusual. Unable to find way , dissorientated , all streets look unknown to me, alien. Street after street. Eventually get to open space above town. There is a plaza infront of a cathederal. I evidently lose it a bit as I use powers to grow to gigantic proportions. I can see my towering shadow and terrified look of people around. I lose it somemore and there is rubble everywhere, looks like sandstone, yellowish rubble. I am persued by townsfolk and escape to underground tunnel. There a nice lady, clearly spiritual as she has long wavy hair, bangles etc and a sweet smile. possibly elvish but dont quote me on that. She connects my arm to a magical machine with loads of tendril like trailing wires and some machinery. My wounds are healed.
      D2 - I am travelling on bus/coach. Troublesome girls put some embarressing literature into my hands. It is white with each page having a different coloured flouresent ink ,pink etc. I grab it not wanting my daughter, who is little to see it. We proceed along the aisle as the bus is stopping. We move down to a lower section and I deposite the material on a seat and rush down to the exit. And wait and wait through those intermiably embarressing moments as the big white door doesnt open.
      Finally it opens and I dash off and under an underpass but am persued by an irrate mum and her small son! She accuses me but I deny it, totally red faced looking other way.
      D3 - (Cant recall beginning)
      Guy with blond hair is fighting shadow men. They are made of black dust. He uses a metal spike or short spear and some cool moves to dispatch them. They break into disapearing clouds of dust, quite satisfyingly. He is tired. I warn him that one is still there in his dark room of ground floor flat. Very long room with central seating area and bedrooms off too one end on a lower level. I tell him he will need a better weapon. I go to use a portal for another dimension, handy. unfortunately one of the three strangely garbed people at the portal is a fake, shape shifter. We kill him but he just transforms into another body, and other...this could go on for a while as there are hundreds of gold rectangular pouches on the ground each containing a different person/soul for him to use.
      D4 - i play a strange game involving smashing and combining, not sure, crystals. I am in a large cavernous room, very dark, with a giant pool table. I seem to be either tiny or zoomed in on action with zillions of many coloured crystals on table.
      I notice P and S are in kitchen as light is on dimmly. I go to use fridge to find it covered in tons of washing, even door has washing jammed in it. Light from fridge is bright.

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    3. Game set but no match

      by , 10-29-2015 at 11:46 AM
      D1 - Outside a set of classrooms, students are congregated waiting to enter class, there is a dividing barrier between classes for queuing.
      One student looks at me shocked (DS1) P has crush on me, I vividly feel intense emotion of being in love. She looks on as I give other girl a gift of a magazine, freshly wrapped in plastic. I feel the 2nd intense emotion vividly of the excitement of my lustful(?) and dark underhand emotions, delicious. Next I am in a girls locker room, there are long benches and people discussing the event. I bump into a third girl who is notorious for being gay, she is after the girl with a crush on me, prey. I suggest with a openly flirtatious look that i am available. She is shocked but accepting of my advance.
      I signal for us to go somewhere private. I am worried she will tell all about me. We enter a white (ds) area with a lift to the right, thread bare school carpet and white columns to the middle right, a bland poster on a wall. We head behind the columns to an area ahead with chairs and potted plants. She has dark school uniform with some grey, large bag with strap across her chest. She has long brown hair and pleasant features, nose maybe little to promentant , brown eyes, some makeup. I feel her emotion, she has love but a more general one, she loves all girls. I shock her by dispassionately proceeding to discuss the attractive features of each girl, as i see it.
      I wake 1:32am feeling a strong sensation over my chest, it is a tingling and burning sensation. It is dark in the room but in my minds eye I see short orange and black flames coming from my chest area. (similar occurance to after first ld at dv, but much less intense, that was x100 this being x10 ), similarly on recalling memory sensation tho dulled felt also.
      - dream sign of vivid familiar face looking at me, smiling.
      /took about an hour before went off to sleep again due to
      a) wanted to ensure recalled details with my current method (dont want to have to get up, annoys partner if am up or scrawling notes)
      b) intense experience to while to settle down

      D2 - Old man, white beard , brown coat (giver ? jeff bridges) is teaching me survival skills. We are laying on large wooden structure which is also home. Size and shape of large train caboose, some wood is piled next to us. I seem to be not unlike tom sawyer.
      seems long dialogue then i leave. Other children give farewell prank, spraying liquid over me from toilet seat in back of caboose (one holds others legs while one lays inside ), they look like street urchins.

      D3 - In office, old chunky pcs with large white monitors, everywhere. I start to help technician who turns up to fix a monitor. We swap monitors to try and diagnos problem. New head of dept turns up, long blondie hair, heels etc. Confusion over why we are going to other branch. Not to meeting at 1-2pm but to fix monitor. Then standing by slanted countertop with trailing wires like xmas lights, joke with head about swapping monitor with starbucks next door.

      D4 - frags
      - stepping cautiously over many prone bodies of sleeping ? sunbathers. Am spotted by guy with short dark hair and intelligent eyes but get to sea. Jump in and swim, under warm sun.
      - Editing video, seemed like longish repeating dream.
      1st was cutting scene then realised was long due to tension of whether girl in box car would live or die. Then context changed on same scene completely changing same footage.
    4. Recurring dream of homelessness

      by , 10-28-2015 at 01:53 PM
      D1- I was living on housing estate, with walkway overlooking rectangular shared area. Only flats, walkway etc were all made of semi transparent blocks of different colours and everything else including space below was black ( a bit like an x-ray view). Fearful of becoming homeless, returning to home to find could not get in. Squalid conditions, nosey neighbours.
      d2- A doctor was trying to kill/poison me.
    5. not all black and white

      by , 10-27-2015 at 12:01 PM
      D1 playing some rpg game with a serious lot of mobs in some big level (ive had dream with this fictional game in before)
      I tank for someone to help them level up.

      D2 - Milly and one other operative are competing over who will get the next mission from me xD They are briefed in a large lecture theatre.
      Milly drives a very large white (!) car (its almost has dolphin curves to the sides) . Needless to say she beats the other person. We rendevous, parking our cars on a long stretch of road and talk standing by railings,

      D3 - wake up to find staying in a cramped house. Downstairs in the kitchen/dinner im angry at not getting to sit with my family. i am a child. I refuse the breakfast and take a bite of something and run out of the house.
      i am at the seaside the early morning is dark and hazy, the weather squawly. I climb a set of long wooden steps up over looking the sea. i plan to jump in and swim or drown (not sure) but when i look i am overcome by the vastness of the sea. large vessels look like tiny ants in the vastness if the inky black cold ocean.

      D4 - My team, probably Milly and one other, are playing a chess competition. we are in a cramped badly lit room with multilevels and a low ceiling. the other teams are cheating two vs one. i try and persuade the team captain of this. she is unswayed, so i challenge her to a match to decide. i am not sure my superpowers will not stop working in this dream (they can be unreliable) and a agree to try next time.

      D5 - At parents house a child i know stops a smaller one from waliking off with a motor bike. I thank him but do not trust him (he stole stuff at school) i make sure garage/gate/shed locked and warn parents.

      D6 - dreamlet Milly has some cool looking blades, with holes in them, quite curvey and seriously sharp.

      pondering meaning of white (dream state) and animalistic tendencies
      (2nd occurance in a dream, last time giant dark claw marks on white car)
      car symbolise journey i guess
      have read stuff about mamimilian brain and reptilian ?
      with regard to frontal lobe activity during lucid dreaming

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    6. Dreamlets and reentry

      by , 10-25-2015 at 11:18 AM
      DL1 - Family sitting down to dinner in an old cabin style house. Eating a large tuna steak. Everyone gets a tiny peice except the man who gets pretty much all of it.
      Oily juice spills out of the steak onto the white plate.

      DL2 - The man races as fast as he can on bicycle to get to the cabin before a man with a hat (lee van cleaf style) gets to the cabin with some repossession papers.
      He jumps off but the bicycle carries on spinning through the air. Outside is a dusty mud path/highway up to the cabin.

      DL3 - There is advertisement to meet women (dating ) one is dressed in blue. He arrives to meet the lady in a old style restaurant. They are drinking from pint glasses some kind of ale.
      She throws a ball across the room that almost knocks the glasses carried by a veteran of the place.

      DL4 - The man reaches the cabin in time and huddles in the center of the room near some crates. He wraps himself naked in an animal skin.
      He summons a ghost to protect the house. Large footfalls are seen in the dust on the floor.

      I tryed to imagined a scene for reentering the dream.

      DL5 - This is now the start of the original dream story line.
      I saw a zelda-esc forested area. A sunny day on horse back through a along a slight incline through the trees. There is a dwelling, perhaps a church and a castle in the distance that I need to get to.
      The horse is taken and I have to carry on on foot.

      DL6 - At the house, is the mastermind OpheliaBlue and her henchman. Both sitting one in a wing chair the other on a large settee, with the sun streaming in from large bay windows. There are pictures on the walls and some old wooden cabinets.
      I attack the henchman with spinning saws I summon. They slice through him, leaving lines traced across him. He smiles blithely and is healed. I try again. He tells me he can not be destroyed as this is a dream and the dream energy flows through all things here.
      He reheals again so I grab him and drop kick him through the ceiling, smashing a big hole in the wall. Ophelia is still sitting impassive. She says she cannot be hurt as the dream energy not centered on her it is the very fabric of the dream itself and nothing can really be hurt.
      I wake up.

      Evidently I was worrying a little to much about hurt DC. As my subconscious says its ok and not to worry.
      The rest of the dream aint got a clue right now...

      k figured 3rd person dream watching some guy's life...
      I had long convo with Milly about bullying and that it often stems from adult bullying...
      In dream Guy bullies family taking all food threateningly , then goes out drinking with another woman spending all their money...
      but is shown to be vulnerable as shown being naked hiding in cabin...

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    7. inner child

      by , 10-24-2015 at 02:36 PM
      Had long dream where I was trying to kill a child...my motivation was fear...
      The was a child smiling I though out of devilment initally.
      I was trying to kill them by bludgeoning them with a chair. I was careful to cover the area with plastic bags to avoid blood going everywhere . the child continued to smile. i killed them. afterwards i realised they were smiling because they loved me and didnt mind how much pain i caused them.
      i resurected a child...they were not quite the same but i tryed.

      i believe i have been hurting myself with my own negative thoughts and lack of self love. but my subconscious still loves me.
      i will try to be more aware of my emotions.
    8. It's not all black and white

      by , 10-22-2015 at 07:43 PM
      D1 - My car was in the garage for some repairs. When I went in to pick it up I find it (a white car) has been damaged while its been there. The side of the car is raked with scratches, like its been in collision with half the occupants of Jurassic park.
      I am not best pleased and just want to get my car out of that garage. The guy on the desk tries to make out there is a problem with the paperwork and he can't release my car. I have no photo id relevant. In the end he accepted my original receipt.

      D2 - Playing with children in my parents garden. The grass and garden are idylic. I am then a small child again and go with some of the children to a swimming pool. I am carrying lots of Styrofoam cups of warm water with me. I place this precariously on a concrete plinth at the pool. The pool is weird a horrible deep concrete basin with a large plasma tv at our end, like a screen for scores.

      I have figured out one facet of my current few dreams. White is used often for indoor scenes with artificial light
      and outside is often dark and/or rainy.

      Outside in my dreams seems to symbolise "waking state" dark and ominous , full of rain clouds with deep portent xD (my troubled waking life)
      I think its pointing to the fact that my awareness in the waking state is very low intensity
      and as a result
      my dream state "white with artificial light" is very low intensity also.

      Hence my subconscious is telling me to up my awareness dramatically (stop being lost in thought)
      if I want my dreams to be more vivid...lucid even...

      k time for more dream yoga...

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    9. bright white dreamlets

      by , 10-21-2015 at 07:30 PM
      D1 - Someone was recommending different things to me to improve my awareness. Awareness of sight not sound...gave me a letter to scrutinize the tiny writing, and suggested some other things.

      D2 - A young female, dark hair and long lashes is having oral sex.
      Spoiler for brief details:

      D3 - In a student halls of residence corridor, white walls, lots of doors, dimmly lite. Three female students and talking to me about course work. One invites me back to her room. She shows me her essay on her laptop but while i'm looking at it she slips her clothes off. She exposes herself to me.Its a little distracting but I try and ignore her.

      D4 - Brightly lit bedoom white walls, there is a big TV on. Laying on bed with partner I start to get luvy dovey but they're not interested. xD

      Dream signs everything is white in my dreams indoors yet still dull i guess no colours, and when outside everything is dark and/or rainy

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    10. posts to the subconscious

      by , 10-20-2015 at 05:27 PM
      D1 - I am making posts to the subconscious with someone else. Posts have to be made by painting a picture of a face.
      (Hmmm it looked like one of LinKZeldas 3D models, hope i'm not breaking copyright using it in my dreams .)
      I tryed sending a message using broad brush strokes in vivid green and yellow (not human face).
      I then go back in to edit it, to make my message clearer.
      Others try but are enable to send clear messages.
      D2 -
      On hols being advised where to go and what to eat and do.
      Sitting at a restaurant table with two others.
      I almost fall off my chair onto concrete below.

      [comment] I feel powerless in D2

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    11. DV mech Academy

      by , 10-19-2015 at 07:28 PM
      D1 - I am standing infront of my class. Rows and rows of DV Academy students. Right class today your challenge is to create your own mech totem. Students begin producing mech of all types and colours, nice vivid greens, yellows and browns. Multicoloured.
      I stop the children *cough* students with a tu tu tarooo (sound effect from steins gate) so cool!!
      The students get carried away producing more and more mechs...despite many tu tu tarooos they just keep on...nvm

      D2 - On holiday staying in very drab accomodation. White walls and view of boring building, ugh. Room is partitioned off from partners section by white curtain (like a hospital one).
      I go pull down large white blind over window. Then head off out of room to what seems like a kitchen/lounge area there I find two people.
      I have sex with one then go back to bedroom after arranging to meet up with them later to spend the night.

      D3- At a familar playground in a park I stand waiting. It is dark and overcast then it starts to rain heavily. In the downpour I put on plastic bags over my shoes as the water is rising fast. I wade across the playground, I also put on a swimming hat to protect my hair
      I head to where my group are huddled under some trees. My way is temporarily blocked by a tiny man being carried. He looks tiny in his smart black suit and little trilby hat when compared with the gigantic gorilla of a man that is carrying him in a dark heavy coat.
      It reminds me of a pantomime costume where one person is the head and one the body.
    12. Puzzler

      by , 10-18-2015 at 12:04 PM
      K as they say for purposes of dream journal...integrity

      I had a WILD...but I never logged it here as it was fairly embarrassing...
      I was not trying to WILD hence why it just happened...wish I could work out how to not try...

      I was thinking sexy thoughts...got kinda distracted at bedtime...just laying there...then BAM i'm in a dream...
      and dream character (who looked very attractive btw) was standing over me...up close and personal (as usual)...
      They were giving me a big smile...saying k what you want to do sexy...
      At this point I FREAKED (again)...as I knew it was a dream but I also knew my partner was right there in the room beside me...
      So uncomfortable...so embarrassing...I can't have sex with my partner right there next to me...HALP!
      So I made myself wake up...and was hyperventilating for a mo xD

      hmmm so 2 reasons I didn't post 1 embarressing 2 I felt a wimp for not having sex...
      I mean do other people with "waking state" partners have dream sex?
    13. OMG my subconscious is so clever! It's been shouting in COLOUR

      by , 10-18-2015 at 11:47 AM
      [dreamlets such a cute term...love it...here are my lovely little dreamlets]

      - Deciding which person would go next into the territory 1,2 or 3 all very fair. Written on a paper circling the numbers.
      - In some kind of camouflaged (final piece of the puzzle) shed with occupants 1,2 & 3 (another clue, three colours maybe)
      In the back of the shed are many different tools/gadgets to be used for the assignment but only one is coloured and it's pink.
      - Unrolling wrapping paper to see the hidden patterns on the paper! (unravelling the puzzle!)

      [Comments] Reverlation time!
      Now i've had a dream with VIVID light GREEN
      Then VIVID BLUE
      Finally VIVID pale PINK
      in four separate dreams, one colour for each dream (I got green twice),
      these are the colours I use for marking...so I thought what does marking have to do with anything important...
      I thought marking = writing in books = dream journaling!
      MY SUBCONSCIOUS is telling me to look through my dream journal for dream signs...and take my recall/journal more seriously I think.
      I have been glass half full recently (maybe cos i've been sick) now I will be glass half FULL about my progress...and check out my journal daily...
      (I actually had a "waking state" urge to look through my journal but then went into negative self talk)
      Thank you Thank you subconscious <3 for da kick up da ass

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    14. got the blues...dragon tattoos

      by , 10-17-2015 at 12:37 PM
      didn't get much sleep...partner rolled in drunk...and kept me awake way to long :/ and I had the weirdest dreams.
      D1 - dreamt I had a butt tattooed on my butt...wtf...talk about pointless tattoos...it was quite a nice butt but still :!? just weird
      D2 - had been dreaming about colour green now its colours blue. Was a beautiful blue dragon like the one off a soy sauce bottle maybe, chinese but way bigger and more sparkly.
      I dreamt I could dream share and OpheliaBlue (probably why blue dragon) was in my dream, or rather I was in hers. I asked her what we should do as I couldn't use any control as it was her dream. But then I could use my tail as I had a giant cat tail to transport her all the way up to the moon. When she got there she pulled me up by my tail (not yank, just gave a lil tug). Then there was a blue dragon that I conjured up and we went somewhere, a forest near a lake to try and find some spirit animals...don't remember anymore...

      [my head hurts...and the rest... I wanna go sleep now zzZZZ...my daught is asking me exam questions :/ and bringing her mates round...halp]
    15. lil dreamet

      by , 10-16-2015 at 05:42 PM
      In an office wearing my pajamas, normal office with printers and desks and people and things.
      I accidentally take some things from the printer as I pick up my own stuff. Turns out its some green cards (yesterday was green line )
      that belong to the headteacher. He is not best pleased and take's em back pronto. I then have to talk to some customer via skype...bet they love my pjs.
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