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    20.2.2011: Tonights theme: zombie virus

    by , 02-20-2011 at 11:48 AM (554 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC DG?

    Dream 1
    Iīm sitting on my bed, watching some videos from my computer. Theyīre all some horror movies and they all have zombie virus as a theme. I remember only one from this dream. (Okay, this one didnīt really have zombie virus in it.)It was about some boy who had some sort of decease which prevented him from bending his legs. (He was my cousin in the dream.) There were two guys in some maze made of hay. The other guy had a big gun. I was the other one. I left, and then saw some scenes where the other guy went back first to one of the walls, which was covered in blood. When I came back, I saw the deceased boy dancing on top of an pile of corpses (The gunman was on the top.) and saying something like "Now weīre a big and happy family forever." (Thats what kids with necronomic powers allways say in horror movies, right?) Then the dream changed.

    Dream 2
    Iīm in some mansion. Thereīs a man in there who is blamed because he did something with bees. Later I find out that he used the bees to carry an virus of some sort. Then one of the mans in there goes crazy and shoots the beeman to the face with an shotgun. (Luckily, he only had one ammo.) Then people start to eat each others fingernails. (Well, more like fingertips. They said they have lots of lactose in them.) Thats the point where I decide to run away and never come back. When I exit the house, I see people eating dogs. (Alive dogs, that is.) I run to a tunnel. Then I suddenly remember how to exit a dream. I close my eyes and open them as fast as I can few times. Then I remember that I could become lucid instead of stopping the dream. But the dream starts to fade. I manage to stabilize it and exit the tunnel. I start to fly, but some kids fly after me saying something which I canīt remember. I send them away. Two other girls appear saying something about some sandal competion. I tell them to stop coming to me, because I want to enjoy my lucid. But as theyīre turning away, I remember something again. "Unless you know where my dream guide is." ,I say to them. "Follow us." ,they say. We fly closer to the house where I left. "Patrik, come here!" ,they yell. "Is my dream guides name Patrik?" ,I ask. "No, heīs going to help you find youre dream guide." ,they answer. We land and some cartoon style japanese/chinese (Thin, eyes closed, big teeths on upper jaw, that kind of cartoon.) appears. "Follow me." he says. I follow him to a door and he opens it. All four of us step in. Itīs some basement, which seems to be under construction. Thereīs cobwebs everywhere. Thereīs some pretty pale thing standing there. "Do you know where my dream guide is?" ,I ask. He just stands there. The door slowly closes behind us. I see an cardboard troll thing behind a low wall. It rises higher and higher. I get a little scared. "Donīt worry." ,Patrik says. I calm down and look at the troll. It immedietly goes back behind the wall. "Well?" ,I say to the pale thing. Still no answer. I keep the troll behind the wall by looking at it onces in a while. I start to here some music. I quess itīs supposed to be scary but itīs not. "Go through that door." ,the thing finaly says. Itīs not really a door. Itīs just some foam covering an hole in the wall. We pull it away, and on the other side I see an thing similiar to the one in the basement, but this one seems angry. I also see two platforms there. The angry thing says something about damn kids while I step onto the higher platform. Thereīs two red balls on it. But then the dream starts to fade and I wake up.

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