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    21.2.2011: 3 lucids in 1 night (Without DEILD)

    by , 02-21-2011 at 09:18 AM (545 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC DG?

    Dream 1
    Iīm in some kind of field. There are lots of other kids there too. I realize itīs a dream. I start flying and try to get out of the field, but thereīs some sort of invisible wall around it. I wake up.

    Dream 2
    Iīm in the same field as in the first dream. I quickly realize itīs a dream and start flying again. This time I get away from the field and find myself in my room. Itīs dark and a little scary in there. I try to get out of there, but I canīt get trough the walls or windows. I try to go through a mirror and succeed, but iīm still in my room. I step out of the mirror. I try to go through the windows again. This time I just break the glass and fall through. But I just land back to my room. I do it again. Same result. (Oh, come on.) Finaly I manage to jump outside. I start flying before I hit the ground and fly to my kitchen. I want to start looking for my DG again and call the guy from my last dream. (Patrik.) He appeares and I ask if he could take me to my DG. "Yes. Youīre dream guides name is Goodheart. (Well, Good something.) But are you ready to meet him?" , he says. An locked box and a yellow parrot holding a key appeare. The parrot unlocks the box, and some colors start to spin on the side of the box. Finaly they form the word "yes" on it. "Follow me." ,he says. We start to walk towards the stairs, when I wake up.

    Dream 3
    Iīm again in my kitchen, already lucid. I call for Patrik. He appeares, but this time heīs angry. "What is it?" ,he yells. "Well, the same question as in the last dream." ,I say. "Not now." ,he says. I leave my house. I start to feel some objects and listen to sounds in my dream. The dream starts to get more colorful. I fly on the same height as treetops. The wind on my arms feels so real, I canīt resist but to laugh a bit. I suddenly lose height, when some DCs dog starts to chase me. I fly higher, so it canīt reach me. I think it would be a good time to try to get to the Lucid crossroads once again. I see a pool. I dive in (No trouble breathing.) and swim to the surface. Instead of the pool in the Crossroads, iīm in some metal shell. I try to get through it for a while, but canīt do it. I dive back to the pool, and someone tells me I found one of the few metal shells still left in this pool. I wake up.

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