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    Freaky Storm Tempest

    by , 08-20-2018 at 11:15 AM (721 Views)
    This morning I dreamt that there were freaky storms and tornados going over my house.
    It all started when I looked out the window in the living room due to the loud noises outside. I saw that pretty much the whole street except the buildings were flying in a linear matter right , there was a rainstorm and the wind was so strong that we panicked that this is the end for us. It was surreal, things went flying in a linear manner , not like in a real storm where things fall apart and fly everywhere, it was weird, and scary.
    Then we went out at a point , now there was no wind no storm, things were a bit damaged around me but it didnt seem to be a full on annihilation of the street. Then I started to hear the noises again, it was tornados. one touched down nearby so fast and then passed by us so fast it gave out a machinery sound. Then another came and another came, I almost got caught up in one.

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    1. Methos's Avatar
      Are you in a place where severe storms are a normal part of life or are the storms possibly representing something else?
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    2. Nefets's Avatar
      I have a fear of storms, I think