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    1. Abodo (LD) 2. The Night Sky (LD) 3. Coffee Break (LD)

    by , 01-15-2024 at 03:47 PM (116 Views)
    Winter Competition 2024 - Night 9

    1. Abodo (LD)
    I'm aware as I'm looking at the counter top in the kitchen of the main house in Syrano. I see my tablet just where I left in waking life. I figure I can begin sliding my dream body into the scene. I begin to reach my hand out slowly as well as move closer to the counter. I'm in. I turn and notice that the visuals in my left 'eye' are dark. I shout "visual field, fill in!" and think back to a message I sent someone in the omni discord a few days prior. My visuals fill in. I head into the kitchen. I need to get some points! I decide to grab some chocolate. I head to the waking life location, but there is n't any there. Let me check the dream world location I turn to the cabinets to my right, head to the top shelf, and they're there like always. I grab a thick bar and begin to eat it. It's awesome! I head toward the main entranceway and begin thinking about my three step. I need to teleport next and then...oh yeah, mass telekinesis. I decide to go for Djinn transformation and my body enlarges to about eleven feet tall, my shoulder expanding and my body turns to dark smoke, the lower portion becoming wisps. I turn to my right to cast portal into the wall, yet nothing clearly visible appears. I phase into the wall and go to void. I cross my legs to meditate in the void and begin visualizing Forest Haven. After a moment, I appear in front of a large pool type structure with a fountain at the far end. A large forest sits in the area beyond, just behind what appears to be a large fence. I'm not sure if this place is actually Forest Haven, and wonder if there's a way that I can find out for sure - asking a DC perhaps. I turn to view the area behind me and see two massive manors. One with a cream colored stucco, sitting about two stories tall with pillar shaped corners catches my attention. I wonder the name of the place, and the name 'Abodo' suddenly pops into my my mind. I decide to explore the manor and fly in that direction. I enter the manor and notice that there's nobody present, however the rooms are adorned with furntiture. I head toward the back section and wonder if I can come back to this place. I decide to leave and head back through the entrance. I fly a bit further toward the neighboring structure and feel as though I'm beginning to wake up.

    2. The Night Sky (LD)
    I'm laying down on the ground and see couches in front of me. Dream
    I'm lucid. I stand up and begin to explore the area. I enter the neighboring room and notice it's a kitchen area. I should score some points...I'll drink something first. I ate something last lucid so I'll mix it up. I consider coffee, yet don't see a coffee maker on the counter when I look for one, just a wooden knife holder and some other appliances. I'll just grab a drink from the fridge I begin looking for something, yet don't find anything I particularly want. I keep pulling out large bottles of Sprite. I begin to think that I need to find the exact drink I imagine for points, and wonder if I can find a Fresca. I pull out another bottle and it's another...Sprite. I see a bottle with some blue behind them and wonder if I can find a bottle of alcohol. I dig behind them and find a bottle of vodka. I wonder how it'll affect me as I've never drank in a lucid before. I turn from this area and re-enter the room I just came from. I take large swigs from the bottle. I phase through the wall and enter an outdoor area with two large houses beyond a small fence. I drink more from the bottle and feel for a moment that I'm getting a bit tipsy. The effects dissipate rapidly. Oh! I should do some mass TK! I turn toward the first, darker three story house on the left for a mass TK. It doesn't budge. I turn toward the one to it's right...it resists as well. I'll go for that huge tree I focus on it as I stick my arms out. I feel that it's raising and that it's roots are beginning to rip out. Suddenly I begin moving the entire thing into the air and my gaze follows as it raises high into the air. I see the beautiful night sky beyond the tree, filled with brightly glowing stars. They seem to be comprising a galaxy in the far distance. I consider flying to the galaxy, yet decide to stay in the current area. I continue to move the tree over house, and it begins to move in a strobe-like fashion. I finally decide to turn and explore the area behind me a bit further. I fly over to what appears to be a playground, bottle of vodkae in hand. I feel that the dream is de-stabilizing. I enter a void for a moment, then begin to visualize the forest once again. I soon pop up on blacktop in a slightly industrial area. There's a builidng at the far end of the pavement and some trees to my left just beyond a small fence. I decide to jump up and slide down the top of the fence. I begin to think of other dreamers and how much lucid time they have. I pop off and think I should do some transformation. I transform into crow form, yet don't feel that it's as accurate as I want. I shrink down to mouse for and feel that it's far better. I head toward the small building, then turn around to an area of dirt, going into cat form. I run up the dirt area and see three small dinosaur looking creatures a few feet ahead. They soon fuse into one small T-Rex-looking dinosaur, roughly the size of a raptor. I revert to humanoid form. Time for super strength I punch it in the face, then grab it by the neck and launch it over the fence behind me. I begin to feel that I'm waking up.

    3. Coffee Break (LD)
    I'm laying down on the ground in a somewhat dim room. I see a student. Dream
    I stand up and begin thinking I should get some points. I'll try to get some coffee again. I see a couple of women in a kitchen behind me, head past them, and make my way over to the counter top. I quickly find a coffee machine. I turn it on, then notice that only hot water is coming out, dropping into the carafe below. Oh...actually putting coffee in the machine would help.... I turn to one of the ladies behind me.
    "Hey, could you help me make some coffee?"
    She comes over and starts to use the machine. Hmm...I should still try to find some stuff to add...
    I open the fridge to our left and quickly find a small container of milk. I grab it, then pour it right into the carafe. I feel the dream beginning to de-stabilize, so I grab the cup it was poured into very quickly and raise it to drink...I wake up.

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