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    Into The Second Story

    by , 12-10-2016 at 01:55 PM (345 Views)
    I'm in the back area of M Street looking at an amazing sunrise, filling the sky with pink hues. The back of a school bus is positioned in the clouds. I turn toward the house and walk up the back steps and begin jumping.I suddenly realize I'm dreaming as I progress to resist gravitaty, and float toward the windows. i remind myself that there's no laws, and I can just imagine/will myself to fly.I get up to the second story balcony and grab on. I enter and begin walking through the room, feeling everything intently. I walk to the front of the house and continue around the stairs and into the back area. I consider what I should do in the dream and decide against dream goals as I just want to have fun an explore. I turn to the right and head into the kitchen and search through the fridge. I grab some peas and eat some of the container, but it's very watery. There's several boxes of Chinese food, and I grab one white box, open it and look at the small green leaves insides. The dream begins to fade and I wake uip.

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