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    My paranoid adventure into the mind.

    1. Night of April 18 2015

      by , 04-19-2015 at 04:00 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Could not recall any dreams. I cry every time
    2. Night of April 17 2015

      by , 04-18-2015 at 05:07 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Finally had a good lucid dream tonight! Also, I was originally planning to post about last night's dreams, but delayed it so much to the point where I just decided not to do so. Anywho, here is tonight's dream:


      The dream started in this vehicle like area, like a bus. I was sitting at a reasonably far distance from this person who I could not recognize and a friend I know in waking life. The person said to my friend that he was dreaming. Hearing this, I was curious so I decided to do a reality check. First I looked at my hands, but there was nothing odd with them. Then I tried pinching my nose and breathing, and when I could actually still breathe, I knew I was dreaming. I tried breathing through my mouth while it was closed just to make sure, and sure enough I could. I then walked up to my friend to convince him that we were dreaming. To prove it to him, I tried putting my thumb through my hand, but my hand was really stretchy, like rubber. I was scared I would've really broken my hand, which is strange if I knew I was dreaming. I then tried putting my thumb through the bone under my finger, and I made a dent through it. It was awesome. My friend believed me, and we both went separate ways.

      The dream scene then changed, but I held on to lucidity. I was in my house. I remembered I wanted to look for my subconscious, so I opened the front door while visualizing a person, expecting it to be my subconscious. Instead I found my angry mother who appeared to be yelling at me for something I did. I then hugged her and her mood changed. She came in the house followed by the rest of my family, except my dad. Apparently they were all on vacation, and came back. My dad asked for a souvenir, which for some reason what he wanted was a suit and a briefcase, but they didn't have any souvenirs. Then I expected there to be a briefcase and a suit, and on my second try it worked! Only, the briefcase was huge. My dad was happy with it anyway. Suddenly, everyone in the living room disappeared and the area seemed to be a mess. Then a woman appeared. I felt she was my dream guide, or subconscious or someone important, so I approached her. She didn't seem to be interested in talking at all. She then disappeared and left this book. I tried to read it and change it, but I couldn't control the book. When I read through it, I found surprising things that reflected me. Though I completely forget what was written in there, haha. The dream scene then changed and I lost lucidity. In this dream I was in class and I was trying to create this DJ entry. Funny.
    3. Night of April 15 2015

      by , 04-16-2015 at 11:29 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Slave rebellion

      The dream started in this rectangular area which seemed to be a deserted wasteland. Sort of like a desert but without hills.. and no sand.. or cacti.. but more like this, but with significantly less shrubs and plants and whatnot. There was more to it than just this rectangular area, but I paid more attention to this place because there were cardboard boxes spread around, each with about 1-2 people in them with orange or grey prison clothes, with me being one of these people. I recognized a lot of people I know at school within this group. Apparently we were all slaves and we had to go to this store to combine items to create this red dust for the group who were enslaving us. So we went to one of the corners of this area and while the place looked tiny on the outside, it was a large store. Nobody seemed to be in this store, so we all took some items to create this dust. Strangely enough, throughout this whole process we weren't restrained by any handcuffs or chains or anything, and also there were no guards watching us. When we realized this, everyone decided to rebel against this group. After that we all took our respective red dusts and left the store to reunite with our cardboard boxes. The dream faded after that.

      A majority of the people I recognized in this dream were from my gym class. And recently, we had to do a test in the gym so we had to spread out.. as for the cardboard boxes, our recent science project involved one.

      Also, stores. They seem to play a large part of the setting in my recent dreams.. I'll have to keep this in mind.

      Very Lucky

      The dream started with me waking up in my bed. The door to my room was open and the other room at the far end of mine's door was open as well. Then I said, "I want to practice dream control right now so this has to be a dream right?" What an odd way to start questioning your reality. I then said, "If I'm really dreaming then I could make anything I think appear behind the corner of the far room." But I started to think of something nightmarish, and before I could control myself I looked back towards that corner. Before I could see anything, the dream started to fade out and I woke up. Though I started questioning reality, I don't really think I believed it could have been a dream. I never would think of something scary if I REALLY believed it was a dream. That's probably something I need to work on when doing daily reality checks. I'm just really glad and really lucky my dream faded before I saw that thing..
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    4. Night of April 14

      by , 04-15-2015 at 11:19 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Could not recall any dreams or dream elements tonight.

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    5. Night of April 13 2015

      by , 04-14-2015 at 10:21 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Though I didn't become lucid, I'm glad I could recall 3 reasonably long dreams!

      Shopping crisis

      I was climbing up stairs out of what I think was an underground movie theater. For some strange reason it came right up to this store. I was with a friend of mine who I hadn't seen for a little under a year in waking life. When we reached the store we decided to go separate ways just to buy some things. We left, and I came across a Mars chocolate bar. For some reason I craved it really badly, to the point where I couldn't even wait to buy it. So I then opened up the wrapper and took a bite. Even so, I wasn't really afraid as I thought if I just pay for it, it'll be ok right? Wrong. I realized I had no money with me. I was really afraid I was going to have to work for it, which I didn't want to happen. I decided to go find my friend to see if he has some money I can borrow. But when I was walking towards him, I was spotted by an employee who appeared to be this 17 year old girl with black hair. She was unexpectedly angry with me, to the point where she was screaming at me, though I don't remember what she was saying. Strangely enough, nobody else seemed to be paying any attention. I was really scared though. I continued to go up to my friend and ask him for some money. He had about a dollar and a half. When he gave it to me, his expression was very odd and he seemed sad, but I couldn't exactly recall what it was. Then I went up to the cashier (a different person from the other girl.) and she told me to pay for eating the chocolate before paying for it I had to do an extra 4 hours of community service to graduate high school.
      So apparently companies like these freely control the school board? I recall trying to go around working to pay off those hours but I don't recall any specifics.


      I started off in the dream solely with visuals on this program similar to skype. I don't remember having anything like a computer to access it, the only thing I could see was this program, and I could control what I did like normal. I found this picture of another friend who I haven't seen for a couple of years now, and I really wanted to see him again. So I then went on this chatting group he was in. Though, right after I joined everyone in the group left. After I decided to just chat with him directly. When I started the visuals changed into a very simple chat room very similar to this, but without the bar to see which users are on. When he (my friend) started talking, japanese characters started popping up. I knew some japanese (even in waking life as well), so I tried to ask him to write in romaji (japanese with english letters), but when I did my text started showing up in japanese characters. The scene changed and I actually took physical form in a corner of my house. Areas away from me were not very well lit. But next to me I had very sci-fi holographic screens next to me similar to this. One of the two screens showed this server list for minecraft. There were two players in and I could sense one of them was the friend I was looking for. On the other screen I frantically tried to launch minecraft to join this server. But there was always some problems I had to fix before I could launch it. But when I finally did, I managed to join the server before he left. After that I forgot what happened, but a person came up to me and said he (or she? I don't know ) would direct me to the one I was looking for. Excited, we were teleported to this store which looked a lot like a bar. I was then lead to this middle aged woman who said she had the same name as my friend, which is strange because it's a male name. Left with despair, I fell on my knees and hands, because I knew should've known it would have been her because I met her in an earlier dream (Which I don't remember, in the dream I just knew I met her before).


      The dream started in the same store as the first dream, only this time I wasn't charged with anything and my friend wasn't with me. I started going around and slightly opening the wrappers of various products (I don't know if I was just stupid at the time, or wanted to tick that girl off). Though this time I wasn't scared of doing more community work because that girl, for some strange reason, didn't really care if I slightly opened them, only if I completely opened them. I then got bored and decided to buy something. I went for this memory card which costed 35$. I went to the cashier but the line was so long it went to some other part of the store, so I had to wait there. A different (from the other two dreams) friend waited in line behind me, and he was going to buy this 95 GB memory card for 91$. Who needs THAT much memory? Then time went much faster than usual and I was next. When they scanned my memory card it costed exactly 75.34$ The world ends when tax charges more money for a product than its actual price. I then realized I had no money again. So I very casually and non-suspiciously said, "Ah-hah, I never expected it to be so much. I guess I'll just leave it here and be on my way". The cashier then said, in a rude tone, "It's people like you who'll bring back the pennies". Don't understand? That's ok, because I don't understand either. I'm not sure about other countries but in Canada pennies lost value, but beyond the meaning of this is beyond me . I started to walk out of the store and then I woke up.

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    6. Night of April 12 2015

      by , 04-13-2015 at 11:59 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Go to sleep!

      The dream took place late at night at my house. I was sitting on my laptop doing who knows what (Maybe I was on dreamviews?), when my father passed by the table. He appeared angry with me and wanted me to go to sleep so I wouldn't be tired tomorrow. I continued to use it when suddenly the scenery changed and I was on this roof looking at the night sky in a city that seemed to be Las Vegas. There was no one around me and I just continued what I was doing without questioning it. Fast forward a couple of hours and it was past midnight. The location changed back to my house and my father came back towards me. Angry, he started walking to me when suddenly he turned back to sit on the couch. He seemed to be talking to some person I "sensed" was a lady, though I couldn't see her from my position. I then woke up, and tried to take time to recall the dream but could not remember some details. It's funny how this dream occured, because last night I did stay up late and my father was angry with me :S.
    7. Night of April 11 2015

      by , 04-12-2015 at 02:01 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Too much drinking

      The dream started with me in a very simple room. 4 walls, 1 roof, and 1 floor, and nothing else. Though I had the feeling that it was a police interrogation room as one of the walls had one-way glass (I couldn't see through it.) and a door next to it, and I couldn't open it. I remember having a bottle of alcohol in my hand and I remember being drunk. Suddenly, I started to question my reality, asking, "Why do I think I'm in reality?" and also saying, "I could be dreaming." and then I continued saying my mantra which is "I'm dreaming". All the while looking at my surroundings. When I looked at my hands to do an RC (Though I couldn't really see them well as it was blurry (or I just don't recall the image of my hands)), I realized that I was dreaming. Then I said "I'm not going to do anything in the dream because I feel too drunk". I can't even believe myself anymore ;_;. I continued drinking and eventually woke up.

      Well that was exciting and unexpected as a first (recalled) lucid dream! I feel as though I was only semi-lucid in the dream. I think I've been doing my RC's wrong. Usually, I do what I've been doing in my dream while trying to remember what I did 5 minutes ago. Then I proceeded to that RC and repeated my mantra. Of course I've been putting the thought that I REALLY WAS dreaming during these procedures, but it didn't really take full effect in the dream. Maybe it was because my hands were blurry, should I combine the hands RC with another one, or change my Reality Checking procedure? Or am I right, but I need to give it more time?


      I turned off my laptop the wrong way (Did it abruptly by pressing the same button you use to turn it on). I felt afraid that it would damage it. (Dream Fragment).
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    8. Night of April 10 2015

      by , 04-11-2015 at 07:17 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)


      I'd prefer not saying what it was, but my brother wanted me to eat something.


      I'm glad I remembered this dream. I nearly forgot it after I woke up.

      The dream starts when I'm walking down towards my house from the bus stop. Usually when I take the bus home from school my friend's sister is there as well. When I was walking I felt a threatening presence following me from behind. Also, up on a nearby intersection there was my dad and someone else who seemed scary. So I decided to go to my friend's house just to stay there for a bit instead, and his sister didn't seem to mind. When we arrived there, their house seemed to take up the whole corner of a street and the first floor walls were made of glass and the second floor walls was apparently an aquarium. What a missed chance for lucidity :S. When I approached the door I was suddenly inside a room on the floor with the aquarium walls and it was a small rectangular room with a large oval-shaped concrete thing in the center. The oval was pushed inside to seemingly take the shape of a bowl. I thought it was a bed, for some reason. After I thought it was time to go back home and I was, again, instantly transported in my house. There, either from thin air or from television, I heard the house I was just in caught on fire, and I was a prime suspect. I was afraid I would have been falsely arrested. I was then instantly transported again into this room with a bowl of bananas on a table. I was sitting on a chair and there was an empty chair next to me with no one sitting on it. But, I felt that there was a detective with me. He said that there was a new species of spider and that this spider came from new bananas. Don't even ask, I don't even know myself ._. . He also said that these spiders were the cause of these fires. So we were then transported towards the end of the street from my friend's house and that was when the detective took physical form. We were both wearing detective coats. We were walking across the street when suddenly a fissure was forming under us and lava was about to be spewed from it. We managed to jump back to dodge just in time. Then, in a seemingly UFO-like machine, a person on it was laughing at us. I assumed he had the spiders and was the cause of this, but the dream scape changed and I forgot anything after this.
    9. Night of April 9 2015

      by , 04-10-2015 at 10:10 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)


      My sister was threatening me for my laptop. I felt threatened (Dream Fragment)

      On the bus

      I was on the bus with a cousin of mine. He kept joking around with me and I felt angry and annoyed. I look out of the window and notice two of the exact same people sitting next to each on another bus.I wonder how I never noticed that.My cousin starts talking to me again and then he claims that he was talking to the girl who was sitting across from us.I forgot anything that happens after here.

      The mad murderer

      I was walking on a sidewalk near the edge of a park in this neighborhood. No one else was around, and I felt as though there was another person with me but that was earlier in the dream which I don't remember. I was walking with my french teacher and we were holding hands as though I was a little boy holding my mother's hand.Again, how do I not notice the awkwardness of this?We keep walking and this voice appears out of nowhere saying that there's a murderer around the area so apparently we were supposed to stay in the same place until further notice. I felt as though that voice was a policeman, so we both follow his orders. Suddenly, when looking behind us, a large group of people walking individually (they weren't walking together, they seemed to be separate) were approaching us. Some of them were covered in hoods. Me and the teacher decided that we should run because one of them might be the murderer. So we started casually walking away then start running. As we thought, a person from the group started sprinting towards us. We turn on a three way intersection, with us being in the middle, towards the right. We then turn left on this wide paved alleyway. We thought it was a dead-end but it really wasn't. Lol? I then yelled "Get away!" and whipped a plastic bag with something inside towards his right che. The murderer then started running away.Apparently murderers' weakness are plastic bags with unknown contents? I chased him all the way back towards the intersection, and by this time, due to lack of attention towards the teacher she ceased to exist. By this time, the group of people made their way towards the intersection and one of them body checked the murderer to the wall. Then he proceeded to tying him up with his limbs. He would put his legs in a sit-up position and put his arm under it, and would tie it in knots somehow. The murderer managed to escape, but he repeated his knots. I then had some other dreams I'm unaware of orI woke up.
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