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    1. Walker

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:41 PM
      It was late when I went to sleep, therefore I was quite tired. After a while I saw static image before my mind eyes... An big bush, looking like willow... but it had nice red roses. I started to fly toward it... slowly... and then I lost anchor and picture disappeared. And after a while I saw a house... and it again disappeared... Then I felt something similar to what I feel when I do OBE. And I arose from my body- it wasn't astral I found myself in. The feel was different. It was lucid dream. I went on exploration. Firstly my house- I couldn't open door to go out, only inner doors were operable. At the end I went into darkness of basement. I thought that I hear something there... but I didn't find anything. I went to room where garage doors are. It was not dark there, a small light was emanating from fluorescent lamps above. And there in front of the garage doors my brother was standing.
      I asked him: What are you doing here?
      I can't go out, it is impossible to open the garage doors.
      I tried to open the doors myself, but it wasn't possible to move them. So I told my brother that the only way to go out is going through the doors, and I did so. I expected my brother to do so to, but he didn't come through. After short waiting I put my head through the doors and saw my brother on the other side, in the house- he was standing there as statue. Come through, we will walk together! I told him.
      He repeated: I can't, it is impossible to open the doors.
      So I left him there and went to explore the dream village, walking alone. I didn't met anyone else during long walk through houses, streets and fields. Nor there was anything interesting.

      Even though it wasn't astral travel this LD had some characteristics of astral.
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    2. Failed dream check

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:04 PM
      It started as I woke and went to work I sat into bus. Something seemed to be weird, so I did reality check... But everything looked perfectly normal to me... I thought about that as the bus went to city.
      I was ready to dismiss the thought of dream when my friend stepped into bus on first bus station in the city. She was totally naked. She didn't have even shoes. That alerted me again. Because she didn't act as if she was naked. So I concluded that I dream and I went a few steps to her to tell her that we are dreaming this up. But then I thought: This is awkward, it will be better to leave it as it is. It doesn't need to be embarrassing for her, It will be better to not alert her. So I went back.
      When I sat down, she wasn't present in bus anymore. And I thought: I was sleeping and dreaming for a while, this isn't dream. The bus went into river- the driver told us that he need to wash dirt from wheels For me it seemed to be perfectly normal thing. I left bus on next station and went to store as I do usually every morning.
      I found there a small girl with lighter hue of black skin. With large eyes. I felt sympathy to her, she looked to be lost there. So I asked her where her parents are, whether she doesn't need help. She embraced me and started to cry. So I took her with me. We met some woman, who sent us to one particular house. It looked deserted, but after a short exploration, I found bedroom where young woman with three children slept.
      I awoke her. She was startled first but when I told her, that I'm trying to help small girl she stopped to worry. She told me that she doesn't know her. She really didn't look like her mother. Nor her children- or were of light white skin hue. Children started to play together, and that girl didn't want to leave, nor those children wanted to let her leave. But I felt that we need to. So we said our farewells.
      Then, we were walking through city and thought about hospital, maybe they could check her identity.

      Pity I wasn't conscious enough, it wouldn't be awkward to contact friend even if she was naked. I could try to communicate. Even though, it is improbable that shared dream is possible. I didn't find any proof of possibility of that yet.
      It never occurred to me that going to police would be much better course of action.

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    3. You need to learn.

      by , 09-27-2017 at 08:46 AM
      I arose from my body into my bedroom as usually. Also it was dark as usually, when I travel at night. I started to walk around my house, finding nobody, not in beds, nor elsewhere. I wished for light, the darkness felt depressive. I failed to lit my aura, but I managed to see things... to see things, as if they were light sources themselves.
      I went outside since there was nothing interesting inside of the house. My village was empty. I felt to be weary somehow. The only thing, that occurred to me, was to fly around... and after a short while I took course to my friend. I doubted, that I will find her when there was nobody in my village. As usually, I got lost halfway to her home... but this was at least interesting- I got lost by following the road, which unexpectedly changed into country road and ended on very high, step and rocky hill. From the upper side I saw both my village and friends village. There was no road down from that hill... strange- how was I following road when there is none now? It shouldn't vanish... I explored a top of that hill. I found there a love pair, a young girl and boy... Of course, they were disinterested in the communication.
      I looked down to rocky abyss and I saw something like a shady blots moving up the steep rocky hill side. I turned and told to lovers: "mountain goats are coming this way". They looked in disbelief to me and immediately continued to kiss deeply each other. After a short while, a lineup of animals come directly to me, lead by big mountain goat... Except it wasn't normal mountain goat... it had antlers like moufflon. It came close to me and I sunk to my knees for some unknown reason... and I looked directly into its eyes. Those eyes looked back, and I saw an intelligence in them, something like old wisdom. Something like freedom, and peace. Something like I was assessed by it.
      There was sinking feeling in my head and I found myself in a room filled with soft grayish light. There was young black haired boy i one corner of the room. He looked like he is working... but I could say that only by feeling, because the room was completely empty. The whole feeling was as if he is somebody important, wise and powerful.
      I told him: " I got lost while walking through astral, could you send me to my friend, please?"
      And he answered something like: "I can't do that, you are on too high level of astral comparing to her level and I can't change astral levels for you. You need to learn." And I was back inside of my body.

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    4. Star war

      by , 09-23-2017 at 08:51 AM
      I flew in space, above planet, in some kind of exoskeleton looking spacesuit. It was dark grey, nearly black, helmet looked like head of owl, on the back I had eagle like wings, and I had also regular shape of rest of my body. Surface was covered by something like hard feathers (metallic?).
      In front of me, the vast imperial army slowly closed distance to myself... Star destroyer next to star destroyer, clouds of TIE fighters.
      I stood between them and planet with my hands and wings in gesture of stopping something and I told quietly: "Behold! This planet is mine. Leave in peace or be destroyed."
      I saw chucking admiral in part of my visor muttering something like "fool", while imperial army didn't even pause.
      From legs, hands and wings dark violet plasma flames appeared and I started complicated dance in between enemy ships, changing advance of TIE fighters in debris field fast. The star destroyers started barrage of shots, but I knew where to fly, so I weaved between shots... it looked like dance. There was no more chuckles. I close to star destroyer and with slash of hand I cut it from front to back in half. Not even stopping, I danced between shots and advanced from one star destroyer to other... destroying them as fast as Tie fighters.
      Then admiral called Darth Darkness(I don't remember exactly whether it was darkness but it sound that way) to battle... and much bigger ship appeared, resembling Executor. I promptly changed my course and cut in half that majestic ship too. The fleet then retreated into hyperspace, leaving only debris field behind.

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    5. The land of the blue light

      by , 09-21-2017 at 12:20 AM
      I felt a need of meditation after I got home from my work. I got stuck without any will in that state for about 1 hour. Then my wife came to me with daughter, they needed quiet place for teaching a poem.
      I got disturbed by them, and aware, that my spiritual body is loosened. it took about minute to leave physical body because I felt to be disoriented by interference to the process they were creating by moving on the bed and speaking.
      Finally, I severed all the bindings I felt, and I stood up. I felt dizziness. My spiritual body was humming with energy... and everything was shining in strong pale blue light. The room was not out of ordinary, but it was empty even if I heard daughter repeating the poem. I tried to walk away from the room, but I was roughly send back into my body by my daughter... she pushed me roughly into my leg.
      But I was still feeling that my spiritual body is loosened so I separated fast this time. I levitated and flew out of house. I shouted very strongly: "Hello Sonia! Remember to tell me, that you heard my shout!" That's one of experiments I'm running for years without success.
      My surroundings and myself was shining in strong pale blue light, sky was dark. I felt the pull to the north, and I flew fast. at the start I flew high, but disorientation feeling grew with time, making me to fly lower and lower... The best height was about 1.5-3m above the ground. But at that height, there were obstacles... trees, houses, fences... in sake of fast reaching of the pull center I disregarded their existence and flew directly through them. A few times I crossed even terrain level. To the end of flight I found that I fly to my parents house which was shining in gold light. But then I was again disturbed by my daughter shove into my leg...

      It looked like higher level of astral dimension. It didn't look like mental dimension.
      I met no other being in my surroundings. I was alone there.
      My shout felt strong, resonating through everything, but since there was no call from receiver I take this experiment as failed.

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    6. Long dream- Friend found and disappears after I embraced her.

      by , 09-17-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I emerged into LD in the night... dark environment, countryside, which was only weakly illuminated by the moon. I flew for long time over my birthplace, relishing in the freedom it makes, exploring the dreamscape from the sky. I was wondering how long I would be able to remain conscious.
      Then I started to explore houses in the villages going from one to other... why not, it is a dream. I found nobody even if I expected people to sleep or doing something(sleep zombies). Finding nothing interesting I flew again into sky and I took direction to the city.
      After long flight(I was slow) I reached the city... again it looked empty. As I flew over train station I noticed a train engine disappearing leaving two wagons on the tracks. I found that intriguing so I flew down. I entered one of the two wagons and second wagon disappeared too. In the wagon, there was maybe 30 people. Wagon transformed into bus. It started to move. I was going from rear part of the bus to forward part. I saw there a flash of panther like pattern, shining in the darkness for a second or two. That made me aware, that there is my friend in the bus, she likes to wear that pattern. So I came to her and conscious that it is a dream I had no problem to embrace her from behind... She looked to me, startled, recognized me and vanished. I was surprised by that too... but what could I do with that? I left the bus on next bus station. Then I flew for a long time around the city and away from it till I disappeared from LD into waking life.

      It was a long dream... According to clocks it lasted over 2 hours. I had sharp consciousness through whole experience, but there was nothing interesting... other than meeting the friend.
      Second dream where I met her this way(embrace and her disappearance after that).

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    7. What caught my legs? My bed!

      by , 09-06-2017 at 09:32 AM
      I first listed through random images of faces in my mind eyes, but then I decided to go for other approach to induce WILD.
      I went for induction of WILD by moving through tunnel. Once I started to feel the movement I applied will to escape the tunnel and fly out of it. I flew out into open country, covered in total darkness- there was self-shining road close by, so I steered to fly above it. The road went from left to right side... I let the pull lead me, so I took left turn. After short time I tried to accelerate my flight, to reach the source of pull faster. I started to hear soft whining of jet engines somewhere at my legs .
      The faster I flew, the bigger problems I had to stay above the road. And I found out that I had to fly above road, because when I was on the side, the pull was weak. Then I came to sharp turn and I flew directly into darkness unable to overcome my inertia. I turned and braked my inertia and starting to accelerate back toward road. As I came closer to road, maybe 10 meters from it, I felt something caught my legs and prevented me to reach the road. I looked behind, and I saw only darkness. I pushed more and more power for breaking the grip... the jet engines were roaring It wasn't soft whining anymore... Still it was of no use, I felt more and more resistance as I increased the power. My aura flared in deep blue light full of bright violet sparks and small bolts- with help of that light I saw, that nothing was holding me... but still there was feeling of strong grip. And the dream dissolved after that.

      1. When I come to my senses I felt the pressure as if something pulled my feet... it was my bed! I was sleeping on my stomach, with feet over the edge of bed and I subconsciously pulled my feet forward... and because I had them exactly over edge of bed I pressed strongly on that edge!
      2. I wonder what that image of meandering road meant exactly... why there were such turns... I certainly didn't imagined it consciously.
      3. This was first interesting LD after a few months.
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    8. Bomber pilot

      by , 07-18-2017 at 01:11 PM
      I was flying the plane reminiscing Avro Lancaster bomber plane as a member of bomber group. I emerged into dream when we were flying above Germany occupied land. The flak was firing at us in irregular manner all the way to the target, where we dropped bombs and turned back to England.
      Half the way to home, my plane was hit by flak fire and lost nearly whole tail section... The airplane became very nose heavy, and started to tip down... But I felt, that flaps were functional, so I started to do slow horizontal pirouette to hold more or less straight flight direction. I managed to fly that way for a long time, till I reached England and started to try and land on the closest airfield...
      It was bad. I managed to do last wing over very close to ground and then level the airplane for a short time. Then I landed it hard and the airplane started to roll over the nose to its back, to belly and again through nose to back... maybe 10-15 times over, till it stopped. I was dead by that time and saw it from above.

      There was no one on board of airplane when I was landing. I was last one there.
      I couldn't jump from airplane, it was somehow impossible because of its condition. To attempt to land was the only way to have chance to survive- I didn't manage that.
      There was no fear emotion, only strong concentration on flying, trying to survive... After death I felt something like relief...

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    9. Zombies again.

      by , 07-15-2017 at 07:58 PM
      I emerged into dream at some unfamiliar place, the sun was shining, the nature was lush and gorgeously green. I was walking and observing... for a long time straight in one direction.
      I wondered where everyone is. After some time I saw a three person walking, slowly, one after other. So wanting to be in a company, I changed direction to them. When I came closer I saw that those people were zombies... I'm dreaming! OK, so I will explore. I came closer to them, they were strange, Their skin was covered by short twigs with small leaves... some small mushrooms. They registered me as I came about 2 meters from them. They were slow. I wondered when they will stop to move and enroot. I wasn't interested to battle them, they didn't do anything threatening to anyone... and to me... well, I didn't matter of course. So I took original route and walked away.
      After some time I came to the city. Nearly empty. On the streets those zombies slowly walked around aimlessly. They were in various state of change into plants.I saw some zombies walking around broken fence, each of them was wounded by broken fence, leaking brownish green "blood" from wounds. I stopped to observe what will happen next- there was man running through that fence some time later and he got scratched... from scratch small twigs started to grow... he was zombified...
      I walked again... I saw big river, so I walked there. I found normal people there. They were trying to get to ships and to sail away from land. I had chosen one ship to sail where other people wanted to go. There was captain- a dark haired woman, she asked people their names, some of them weren't allowed to sail on that ship. She asked me for my name. I introduced myself. She told me that I can sail on that ship, that my wife reserved place for me. I started to examine the ship... and I saw that it is starting to take a water, we were too heavy. I went back to the captain and told her that I will not sail with her ship, because it is too full of people and it will sink in short time if enough people doesn't unship. And I went out of ship. At once, the ship was maybe 10 cm higher so, it wasn't taking water in anymore.
      I was walking through some buildings, dark without electricity. People were scared of zombies and tried to hide there. They looked like they were scared of each other too. I found a young girl, less than 20 years old with brown hair in ponytail. She was trying to learn something from scripts- I felt that she has to have an exam. I told her to be calm and relaxed, that all will be much better then.
      I went out of building back on the streets. There, I accidentally touched a zombie- I thought that other girl is in problems, but she was zombie already. And I felt as twigs started to grow from my skin... and that my consciousness starts to slip away. Of course I couldn't allow it. I concentrated and blue aura exploded from me, cleaning my skin, and also skin of that girl because she was close and surrounded by my aura too. It looked like she was healed, since she stopped to walk slowly and was alert at once. "Go in peace, you were healed" I told her and walked away.
      I came to something looking like small electric plant. A few engineers were there talking, that they need to start electric generator, but they feared to enter the building. So I volunteered. I went inside. I walked through quite empty building to the room, where generator was placed. I went into room and felt something dangerous at once. So I closed the doors from inside, blocked them and shouted to engineers, that they shouldn't go inside, into room (to me), because there is demon inside. I started the generator. Then I located the demon- he/she was dark, unhappy being. He/she wanted to go out, but didn't know how to open those doors. And he/she couldn't walk through wall for some reason. I started to talk to demon, trying to find a solution to his/her predicament. I woke up short time after that- I didn't have time to help...

      I don't understand: why the zombies again? They were different, but why? I don't look on movies with them, I don't think about them, in my opinion it is just very, very stupid fantasy. (Dream zombies are different, I only name them as zombies- not because they are, but because they are moving around without reaction, doing strange things.)
      DILD feels much, much less conscious than WILD ...

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    10. Dream sex

      by , 06-04-2017 at 10:13 PM
      I emerged into lucid dream close to some house... so wanting to explore I went inside. I found there naked young woman with brown hair... She was irresistibly sexy. It was great sex (I won't go into details), but... pity, I should resist the urge, I couldn't find anything new there because of this. A lost chance.

      The dream lasted about 15 subjective minutes.
      The feelings I got were great, but it is pity I didn't explore instead. I would probably last much longer in the dream.
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    11. Loneliness

      by , 05-16-2017 at 04:17 PM
      I drew myself up from my body and I felt myself trembling a little... Everything was shining in grayish light in the darkness, even the air itself contained small particles shining in soft gray light... When I looked around myself, I saw no body, not myself, not my wife, nor children. I looked to other rooms but nobody was there. I didn't go downstairs...
      Instead, I flew like on autopilot right through southern window into the night. With no target on my mind, I flew some 5 - 10 meters above ground, in general direction to the city about 8km away. It was dark... it was nighttime in real life after all (when I traveled). The houses of my village bellow me, silent... I left them behind. I left my village, I flew over meadows and small woods. I saw all the plants, trees, rocks, river... everything sharply lit in that grayish light. I felt to be tired, my consciousness wanted to shut down and sleep, but my will was keeping me conscious. It was tedious task. I crossed first stream of the river, and then I got to second part which has about 7 - 10 meters high walls- it is used to feed water dam to make electricity... I got problems with concentration there (it made the flying problematic), but I managed to overcome it and I shot high to the sky while crossing second stream of river. I sat on the few meter big rock and stopped looking around. I felt loneliness... there were no people, nor animal life there. Only plants, water, rocks... Weak emotions ran through me... Where are you? I called... There was no answer...
      I flew again and into silent empty city... no light from windows... all cars still on the road. I held myself conscious by iron will through tens of minutes... It felt like hour long experience when I felt, that I was losing the strength to remain awake, so I willed myself awake.
      I controlled the time- yes it was half past 1, about one hour passed since I lay down to the bed.

      I felt quite tired, wanting to go sleep, but once managing it out of my body, it would be pity not to explore surroundings a little.
      There is no rock in real life close to that second river stream.
      I hoped, that I didn't call that in real life- the connection between real body and astral one may be quite useful but on other side it may cause some minor problems... like waking people around myself
      Strange how I'm able to feel emotions lately... without loosing balance of my consciousness and therefore stability of OBE.
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    12. Dream Wandering

      by , 05-12-2017 at 09:06 AM
      I emerged into lucid dream with my wife, hand in hand... the place was unknown city, it was dark night, the sky was without stars or moon, but there were many shops opened and shining, lighting the darkness in front of them. I walked with my wife hand in hand down the street, looking around. My wife was more like sleep zombie then lucid. She spotted some beauty shop and insisted that she looked old and that she needs to look better and younger for me. I disagreed but couldn't do anything before she entered that shop. Firstly, I wanted to follow her, so I wouldn't lose her in dream, but then spotted something strange.

      There was a tunnel a few tens of meters away, lit in darkness and some kind of a monster was at the end of it. I decided to investigate that. There is no fear in the high lucidity of experience I had. So I entered the tunnel. While tunnel looked a few tens of meters long when I was at its beginning, it was only optical illusion. It was only about 3 meters long and everything in it was painted... I got quickly to the monster, but it was only pixelated painting. I turned back to be quickly by my wife. I was back in the beauty shop under one minute, but my wife disappeared. I went away from the shop, into the city. I walked for long time without thoughts, without aim, without emotions... I was only observing my surrounding taking the information from it.

      After many tens of minutes I decided that I should take more active approach and I decided to examine some buildings. So I turned to closest one, with very big double sided doors. I opened them easily... and behind those doors there was only about 1 meter space... but as I turned, I saw that in 90 degrees angle from doors direction there are broad stars up... everything was lighted in bright white light, but without visible light source. The stairs ended in great hall... there were sitting benches and a few dream zombies moving around without aim. Otherwise, the space was feature less. Wanting to go back, I turned, but those stairs disappeared- there was only featureless white wall at its place. I wasn't interested in those mindless people there. In retrospective, I could try to interact with them... maybe even try to have sex. But as nearly always I don't have such intentions when my lucidity is so strong. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to end the dream at that time, I decided that I will sit down and relax for some time. I was there tens of minutes of subjective time.

      The surrounding changed and I found myself sitting in the bus driving to my village. The surrounding was familiar. It was night there. When the bus drove into my village I asked old woman which was sitting close by, where is the bus driving next. She told me that it is going to village where my friend lives. So I decided that I will not get off of it but I will try to visit her. Well the bus drove into unfamiliar surroundings, the place looked like one where I got often when I get lost in my LD and OBE experiences. I asked again whether this bus goes to her village, and the answer was yes. So I waited. And really, I saw the familiar scene- but there was marked difference- the right side of the road had about 80 degrees downwash, 100 meters or more deep, and at the bottom of that valley the shining yellow hot lava flowed. The left side looked like it should, but right side, where also my friend house stands wasn't there. Not even sidewalk was there. Parts of tarmac road was looking like it was running off to the valley. I resettled the dream not wanting to go there, trying to go to the right place.

      Now, I was flying to friend's village. Everything looked OK. Till I got to her village- again, the right side of the road was deep valley. The difference was, that that valley didn't contain lava stream, but now it was full of trees. Even the steep sides. So I decided that I need to wake up to reset the dream properly. And I woke up.


      * My wife wasn't too lucid there, more like typical dream zombie, but at least she reacted to me. Dream zombie is my term for people in lucid dreams and OBEs- those people look normal but are like automatons, or robots in their activities.
      * My wife lamented about her age and looks night before, and I tried to persuade her that it doesn't matter to me and to our children and that we love her... this probably translated into dream.
      *I went to sleep after long relaxation, so I wasn't tired... I was left with 4 hours of sleep left... and I was so focused that I decided to try the lucid dreaming or OBE if I would be able to. WILD came first here.
      * Real time of this WILD was about 1 hour. I found that I wasn't tired being lucid for so long... but of those less than 3 hours of sleep I was left, I don't remember of any other dream. And I'm not feeling sleepy.

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    13. OBE- Was it shared?

      by , 04-04-2017 at 10:33 AM
      I found myself in my bedroom. It took only short time to identify what course of action to follow. The strongest pull was to my friend. I flew then through the wall outside. Finding that I have problem to fly faster without OBE destabilization, I choose the fast run.

      I ran on the road and i heard a sounds like overtaking the cars from time to time, yet there were no cars visible. I turned in road corner and ran into strange surrounding- I got lost... Unable to stop fast at that speed, I ran into a fence at nearly full speed. There were big machines there... digging the road through the rock of small hill. I looked up and I saw that the dig was about 20 meters deep. There was familiar hill on the side... I should go there I felt... but when I tried to fly over the high border of the dig, I felt that OBE is not stable enough to guarantee success. I invested too much of my will to do that... and while trying to stabilize OBE I found myself in the house of my parents.

      I was looking around... And my friend walked in, looked at me and walked out again. Either not acknowledging me, or not being aware, which would be quite normal in my experiences. I waited in the room some more... and she came back again. When she turned to go away again I caught her by her shoulders from behind and stopped her going away. She was like automaton , so I tried again what I tried some time ago- I pushed energy into her astral body(or what it was). A few centimeters long blue violet bolts danced around my fingers and into my friend... into chakras??? I did this for a few minutes, not knowing whether it works or not. Interesting thing- I saw her skin on neck to such high clarity as if I was using a magnifier. After some time she woke up... and looked to me... and I saw that she is conscious.
      "Super" I smiled, "you are awake now! Tell me, why did you betray our friendship four years ago? What did happen?"
      "I was told, you are delusional. All that stuff about astral travel and healing by autosuggestion..." she answered.
      "Ah, look I was always telling that I don't believe in things, that I do my own research to find where reality lies. I know what functions for sure... And by the way- this is astral dimension we are in, I managed to wake you." then I smiled again and asked: "Who is more delusional- the man who doesn't believe in things, but tries different approaches to find proofs; or the woman which believes in existence of telepathy, or homeopathics, but tries nothing? I managed to find that homeopatics are functioning as placebo, or autosuggestion if you will. And if you will be able to tell me in real life, after you wake up, about this meeting, at least that we met... since I don't expect you will remember much- but then I will have a proof for dream telepathy at very least. And proof for OBE to be more real possibility too.
      She looked around and asked: "Where are we?"
      "We are in my parents house... In my astral level... would you like to look to your place?" I asked and tried to give the control to her.

      And the surrounding changed. We were in a house albeit different one... The sun was shining through windows, and there was river outside. It looked quite nice, but there were three zombies... One was walking around dripping something like pus... and other two looked like dried corpses laying on the floor. And my friend hide behind me and told me fearfully: "That looks like my boyfriend!" And that zombie heard her and started to walk to us.
      "I wonder why he looks like this," i told her, "I don't like it." And as the zombie closed to us I decapitated it with fast cut by bare hand. The head rolled away, but the body tried to get to us... or maybe to my friend. I pushed it strongly and it sprawled on the floor. The hands of the zombies body tried to catch anything close...
      I looked on two other dry corpses, and pushed them with my shoe- they also moved a little. "Those were my boyfriends too"
      Not wanting to give it a chance I incinerated all the zombies. "I help you when I'm able to as I promised long ago. You may have forgot our friendship, but in my heart you are my dear friend even today."
      Then I was holding her in my arms till everything faded into sleep.

      It took longer time to separate myself from my body... and I needed to do it by force since I was held quite fast.
      That dialog is only loosely based, I don't remember it exactly.
      First time I managed to wake someone in astral (It is unknown how real it was, I will wait for confirmation)

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    14. Flying following connection I felt, I got lost.

      by , 03-31-2017 at 03:18 PM
      After relaxation and concentration exercise I emerged in the garden next to my house. It was cloudy day. Immediately I started to fly up, above the roof and then away seeking something interesting. But everything looked ordinary and there were no people, no animals... no activity. As nearly always.
      After a few minutes of flight at moderate pace(I flew connection I felt pulling me) I crossed grove at western part of my village and after coming out of it I found that I got lost and the connection pull was lost too- The surrounding was completely different than in reality. There was something like dilapidated village. I felt very lost after losing the Pull... so not knowing what to do else, I steered to closest house and landed. I saw someone inside through window, so I knocked on the door. A massive red haired man came out of the house.
      "Hello, are you alone here? " I asked.
      The man answered "No, there is celebration in the Hall, all people are there. Visit it." And he showed me direction to the Hall.
      I flew the direction I was showed and soon I was landing in front of something looking like giant barn. I opened giant wooden doors and I saw maybe 50 people inside in local costumes, some dancing, some speaking with each other. I was observing the celebration for some time, not wanting to dance(and nobody has asked for a dance). Then I went outside and walked around looking for people, for any connection I could feel... finding none. The dream dissolved afterwards into dreamless sleep.

      I managed only about half an hour (subjective) experience... it was 1 hour after midnight when I went to sleep and I was quite tired. And knowing I have to wake up at six, after 5 hours of sleep... that is near the limit time of sleep I need when I use exercises before sleep.
      Although the village was dilapidated, it looked scenic somehow... I would make great set of photographs if I find something similar. The nature also looked great.
      People were uninterested toward myself, but they were decent. There was no hostility. In between the people there was very close relationship. They looked happy... very happy together. There was no division. They danced together without any visible preference... even men danced together... and women too. Exchanging partners...
      I don't remember whether there was music... maybe they danced on something only they heard.
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    15. The travel of consciousness.

      by , 03-29-2017 at 08:09 AM
      I was lying down in my bed, descending deeper and deeper into concentration, then meditation. I observed various snippets of dreams and dismissing them - I was not planning to try shared dream tonight. No, my target was OBE. I felt that my other body is restless, pushing away from boundaries of physical body... Yet I descended deeper, allowing myself to find how deep in meditation I can go down without loosing myself in it. I saw white and black flashes... I heard mumbling and growling from time to time... I lost feeling of my physical body... then I heard sound as if very high note was played and it ended with something like BZUIIING! and what was left was roaring silence. Everything stopped, no flashes, no sound... nothing left. After some time I allowed myself to float my other body out of physical one smoothly, without feeling of any restraint.
      I was above my physical body in my bedroom. It was dark night. I saw things shining in red light. I floated slowly around without the feeling of any gravity, there was no up or down for me. Nothing was out of ordinary... but nothing was touchable. I floated slowly through the wall of my house into night... the surrounding faded away into darkness. I felt very relaxed and in peace. I experimented how far can I go without loosing consciousness. From darkness some angelic looking beings glowing in bluish light became visible... and I only observed. There was temptation to come after them... and I didn't care the temptation. Those angelic looking beings slowly morphed into demonic ones, glowing in red light. Yet I didn't care. I only observed them. I felt a malicious intent from them. I felt that I should fear. I wondered what is a fear, how to feel it. I wondered whether I should try to preach. Yet, I was able to do none of that. I floated and observed them to attack and dissipate as they touched my nonphysical body. I was alone, again. The body became nonexistent and slowly coalesced into bluish ball of light. I shined in the darkness softly and observed my surroundings. Surrounding of nothingness. My consciousness dissolved after some time afterwards.

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