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    1. Shared dream experiment.

      by , 05-11-2014 at 01:53 PM
      It is more than half of year ago I had this lucid dream:

      I wanted to try to drag my wife into shared lucid dream. As I was in bed I took my wife onto my body so she was laying on me. And I took her into hug. She was tired so she went to sleep fast. I started with relaxation exercises and then I started concentrate on imagining of ring. I made that ring to grow, and made to appear second ring inside first, then third inside second... and so on. It was as if I flew through dark tunnel composed of light rings. It was felt as if my wife was an anchor. I dragged her with all I had through tunnel. It was tiring.
      Then we flew out of tunnel into night. We were on large field(or meadow) and some half kilometer away was a forest. From that forest a dense fog was creeping near ground into meadow we were on. In between trees of forest we could see lights of Gothic looking castle. The moon was full and shining bright. There was howling of wolf somewhere afar.
      My wife was shivering in fear. I hold her close to me and I told her: "Everything is OK. This is lucid dream. Nothing can harm you. I'm here with you."
      We started to walk to forest. It was nice night. I liked it. My wife not so much. Every few moments I tried to soothe her. It looked like she is forgetting where she is. I repeated again and again that we are in a dream, that she hasn't to fear anything, that anything can harm her. That I will take care of everything.
      We got into forest. The castle was a museum. I tried to find a way how to go inside. My wife lost awareness(or I stopped to concentrate on her being there enough) and vanished in a short time after that... I was walking around for a short while and eventually lost concentration and woke up.

      My wife didn't remember anything of this experiment. It is possible that that dream wasn't shared.
      It was hard to get my wife with me into a dream. Maybe it is because I was creating that way for her without her input. Or maybe because my concentration was divided between creating rings and flying through them and my wife in a hug...
      I didn't find dream surrounding ghostly at all. It was peaceful for me. I found it even romantic as my wife was there with me.

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    2. 3 years dead father

      by , 05-11-2014 at 01:04 PM
      I found myself on a plane. It looked like infinite plate. Blue sky and grey ground without any feature. There was feeling of peace. I flew around for a while. My dead father was there. He looked much younger.
      I said:" Hello how are you?"
      He told me: "I'm here for three days and I feel very bored."
      "How could be bored?" I asked. "It is very peaceful here."
      "There is nothing to do here" he answered.
      "But there is so pleasant feeling of peace" I objected. "plus you may fly here by yourself"
      Then I was shown a vision of fathers work table. Of its drawers. They were being pulled out of table. He tried to show me something on the drawer but I woke up.

      I looked on that table and its drawers- there was nothing out of ordinary.
      Father was watchmaker and he worked by that table for maybe 40-45 years.
      He is dead for three years but it looks for him like 3 days?
    3. Friend in problems?

      by , 05-10-2014 at 09:28 PM
      I appeared in Bratislava(120km from home) and I was walking down the street. It was night. Street was crowded(unusual for me to see more than ~5 people in LD). I looked suddenly forward and there was a friend of mine walking. She was dragging a drunken man. I asked her whether she want to help. She looked at me without acknowledging me, so I walked around her and away. Then I looked back at her. It looked like she was getting old very fast. And has more and more problem to drag that man. The man slowly changed the complexion to unusually red one. But I respected her wish to be let alone.
      At once I saw myself from her perspective. I looked younger, much younger than I'm now, with strange side-whiskers. It seemed that around me was shining very dark blue-violet aura and I was not walking on the ground, but a few cm above. I felt her thoughts... she felt longing, regret. From her point of view there was no man... she wasn't dragging anybody with her.

      I think, the man was symbol of something what is dragging her down, but she doesn't want to be helped with her problems. I didn't communicate with her for very long time... But then, I had a few foretelling LD and OBE's

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