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    Cursed Graveyard

    by , 08-22-2011 at 04:58 PM (632 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

    This was after my WBTB, where I done a mantra saying that I will wake up after each REM, lie still and DEILD.

    I'm in a large music room with a class, although there's only a few of us here. The only person I actually notice and take an interest in is a tall boy with strawberry blonde hair. There are two piano's, which I decide to try and play. I sit down and try to play a familiar piece, but the keys are flat and not defined, so I find it very hard to play.

    Suddenly a teacher -a man- comes in and says we need to move out, that we're homeless and on the run. We all troop out into medieval Scotland. We walk for ages, trying to get to the border between Scotland and England. I swear and jump about, because it's legal in Scotland but not England
    (only in the dream of course). I run ahead of everyone, trying to find the sign. Eventually I see i've ran past it into England. Scared, I quickly re-cross the border.

    Night has fallen and everyone is chilled to the bone, and tired. We huddle together, shivering. They all move away to find a place to sleep. I notice two dark, twisted gates facing each other. I move to the one on the left, climb up the tall stone walls until i'm peering over it.

    There's bushes and gravestones everywhere. Sticks of fire light up patches of the area. I get the feeling that I can change things, so with a bit of effort I manage to make some of the graves sparkle blue.

    With a shriek, a gargoyle flies past, a firey torch on it's back and a spear clenched in it's claws. I drop to the ground before it sees me and realise with horror that this is the cursed graveyard. Anyone who is seen in it is doomed to be hunted down and brutally murdered by the monsters inside, if they are seen. It's why there are torches everywhere, and the monsters carry them with them.

    But, the graveyard opposite the cursed, is a safe haven. Unsure if i've been spotted, I sprint into the safe graveyard to find my group. They're on the dirty ground, curled up sleeping. Heart pounding, I lie down. I can't sleep because I still feel something is wrong.

    Where's the blonde boy? I can't see him. He didn't go into the graveyard did he? Fear gripping me, I run back over to the cursed graveyard. Instead of climbing, I fly up into the air. Yes! He's down in there. I can't let him be seen.

    I shoot out my hand, which extinguishes a nearby fire. I do this to the ones around him, and even to the flying gargoyle, which shrieks menacingly. I don't care, I just need to get the guy out of here.

    And unfortunately I can't remember any more than that It was rather creepy..
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