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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Log 587 - December TOTM Advanced Task I

      by , 12-09-2016 at 05:12 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 07 December 2016

      Numerous dreams identified, including three DILDs, though I can't recall much of the non-LDs.

      Scrap Group 1
      Walking around my neighborhood. I start thinking of dream signs. This includes being back in highschool and doing poorly in a science class.

      Dream 1 - TOTM Advanced Task I - Take 1

      False awakening in the master bedroom. After lingering thoughts on previous dreams, I realized the dream state. Made a breath test to confirm as much, which was inconclusive. So, I fell off, and slowly floated down to the floor. That'll do it.

      Then, I began "powering up", yelling as I did. There was no clear sign this was working. In fact, I felt I was getting weaker the longer I tried, so I stopped.

      Remembered the spinning TOTM. I hovered, and tried spinning in place, but this was likewise exhausting. Within seconds, I was out of breath, and lost grasp of the dream.

      Scrap Group 2
      More false awakenings in the same location.

      Dream 2 - TOTM Advanced Task I - Take 2

      False awakening in my bedroom. I stand near the mirror, and try taking my sleeping mask off, only to have it magically slide back on. Clearly, I was dreaming. Still couldn't remove the mask though, so I ignored it.

      Before continuing, I rubbed my hands for 10 seconds. Then, I tried that TOTM again. As before, I strained myself trying to spin in place. Thus, I ignored physical movement in favor of willing myself to do as much, yielding much better results.

      Cut. I'm flying in a night sky. Dire storm clouds were immediately below me, spinning steadily into a fledgeling tornado. This all felt sorta damp and stuffy. I fall intentionally. Just then, the clouds formed into a creepy robot face. Kinda startling, but I dove in anyway.

      Another warp. Projected holographically ahead of me was an unlit plane, the floors formed of dim gridlines. Suddenly, demonic shadows appear. Only their glowing yellow eyes were clearly visible. I had control of a small robot, and commanded it to off to a corner. Tried brightening the place up for a better look, but didn't manage that. Tried brightening the place up for a better look, but didn't manage that.

      By then, I noticed my left eye was fast shut. In my attempts to wrench it open, I feel myself in bed, and awaken soon afterwards.

      Scrap Group 3

      False awakening. Walk down to the living room, where dad and Carl lingered around. Then, they announce finding a bat and hawk in the backyard. That sounded exceedingly unlikely. I realized the dream state, but wake up soon afterwards.

      False awakening in bed. An unknown person slid their hand over my face, hampering my breathing. I realized the state, and tried imagining who would be responsible. The dream simply collapses soon afterwards.

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    2. Log 505 - Silly Little DIELD and False Awakening Cycle and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 09-16-2016 at 07:12 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 16 September 2016

      One WILD and a DIELD/false awakening chain to note. Past that, and a non-lucid false awakening in between, I don't recall any other dreams, but who's complaining?

      Dream 1 - Start Your Dreams With Minecraft... Or Not

      A familiar dizzying sensation marked a successful WILD.

      Made a quick call to my dream guide, E, but after half a minute, she wouldn't answer. Had to keep things moving without her.

      I decided to transition via phasing. So, I floated up, then landed face-first on the white-covered mattress. There was resistance, but eventually, I went through.

      Found myself floating in a blue-tinted wormhole. Oh, haven't seen this in a while. I muttered "deeper" to keep stable. After an exhilarating minute or so, I'm dropped off into a clear blue dawn sky. A look down revealed a hilled forest with the blocky textures of Minecraft. Eh, been there, done that. I flew around to wait out this environment. The visuals got crisper and brighter by the second.

      Then, the dream just collapsed.

      Scrap Group 1
      False awakening in the master bedroom. My young niece, Iris, and my brother, Marcel, are nearby. The baby, as babies would do, dropped her sippy cup of milk on the pile of covers on the floor, making a damp mess.

      Dream 2 - Silly Little DIELD and False Awakening Cycle

      Scene 1 - Chasing Wildlife
      That dizzying sensation again. Yup, dreaming.

      As before, I phased through the matress, noticing that I actually shrunk down to microscopic size as I did, and went back into the portal. While there, I called E, who again didn't answer. I asked for her to leave an obvious sign of her presence somewhere if she'll turn up later.

      I landed within a coniferous forest. I was skeptical, but a closer look showed much better visuals, real life textures blended almost unrecognizeably with 3D computer graphics in between. Much better.

      Floated around joyously for a while between some hedges and bushes. Eventually, I encounter various wild animals bunched up in a clearing. Some deer, a cougar, a couple of boars, and a bear or two. Got curious why they'd gather up like that, but decided it would be more fun to just chase them around. I flew at them, causing them to scurry away with a few stock growls and whimpers. So, I landed, and dashed at blurring speeds after the cougar and a few deer, going fast enough to not tell if I'd warped time or not. The visuals blurred up in between, during which I rubbed my hands to keep things stable.

      Then, I stopped, and remembered the tail TOTM, but something distracted me. Ahead of me was a log cabin made of dark wood. I rubbed my hands in anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Things got brighter and more scenic. But, things just sort of fizzled away...

      Scene 2 - Egg TOTM - Take 1
      False awakining in bed. I regained awareness in a moment's time, confirmed once I was able to see through my room past my dark grey covers.

      As before, I flew around and tried to shrink and phase through something, the white ceiling this time. As I did, I remembered the egg TOTM. Thought it best to sound some appropriate music for the task. I chose track 6 from Dyna Brothers, which played almost instantly on its own. Anyway, an opaque, spherical white space soon wraps around me. Once I noticed, the area is filled up with tranparent, bubbly liquid. This must be it. I tried to both chop down and telekinetically smash the boundaries, but nothing seemed to happen.

      Cue an unknowing transition.

      Scene 3 - That's A Fancy New Room I've Got...
      A series of non-lucid false awakenings. Each time, I'd wake up in a heavily altered version of my bedroom, complete with a hallway and its own bathroom. Some of my siblings and perhaps even my niece and nephew show up, the former speaking of some real life concerns.

      Scene 4 - Getting Anchored in Bed Again
      Another series of false awakenings from which I gained awareness. I repeatedly try floating and phasing into another place, only to end up back in bed. Each time, I'd try an alternate approach, such as using different walls or theme songs. One of these transitions are eventually successful.

      Scene 5 - Egg TOTM - Take 2
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was levitating over a river surround by forestry, all under a cloudy blue sky. Wasn't aware at first, until some whimsical Disney-esque music sounding in the background granted as much.

      As I gazed down, I noticed a pile of round, leathery eggs in the water. Oh, right, the egg TOTM. This gave me an idea. I floated down, and found that I was only centimeters tall. Just as well. I tried individually swimming and phasing through several of them, but couldn't. The music "Mickey Moused" to tease at my unsuccessful attempts.

      At a glance, I then found an even bigger, grander egg, this one uniquely covered in large, golden ridges. Oh, that's perfect! I launched myself towards there, and instantly found myself encased in a yellow-white enclosure. Things got a bit blurred, making me doubtful. Either way, I chopped the casing, which immediately cracked. Water and bright light filled the space. I "white out" for a moment.

      When I come to, I'm floating down the surface of the river. Thought I screwed up for a second. When the visuals cleared up, I found a huge glop of egg whites and and a large, undisturbed yolk floating beside me. Heh, guess I got it after all.

      Another unwitting transition.

      Scene 6 - Time To Wrap Things Up
      False awakening in that aforementioned false room. I get up and float through the hallway, and up and over Marcel and Iris, who were in the area. As I land, I start cackling about the dreams I just had, and couldnt' wait to write them down. That's when I realized the dream wasn't quite over yet. As much as I hated to do so, I intentionally woke up to keep memory of the experience.

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    3. Log 472 - Mystic Skirmish and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 08-14-2016 at 08:38 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 14 August 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 16

      There's about four dreams I remembered today, one DILD very early on, and three NLD later in my sleep. Most of said NLDs are scraps at this point.

      Dream 1 - Mystic Skirmish

      Only remember the end. The visuals were a bit blurred. I was wandering in a fog-laden deciduous forest. Some forgotten event sparked lucidity minutes beforehand.

      At one point, I start powering up DBZ-style, surrounding myself in a golden aura. Such energy allowed me to fly through the area with ease. Soon, I encounter a floating figure glowing with a similar halo, only blue. A member of Team Mystic, no doubt. This was a lady with dark, straight hair, and dressed in a ruffled, white and blue-lined ball gown. Furthermore, her eyes were obscured, whether by bangs or some other means. At the time, I remembered exactly who she was, but such knowledge has faded from memory...

      We exchange some threatening remarks (more like ribbing, actually), and then engage in battle mid-air. Amusingly, all of our attacks mirrored each other, repelling us both away on each blow. On the third strike, we clash with a (literal) flying knee. We get locked in a sort of pushing match. Eventually, we extend into a full kick, the force of which blasts us hundreds, if not thousands, of yards away in opposite directions, well past eyeshot.

      So, afterwards, I fall face-first on bare dirt. As I dust myself off, I start thinking of all the points I've racked up in this dream. Seems I had the funny idea that I've got some TOTMs done, but whether that was forgotten or just a false memory is difficult to say at the moment.

      I awaken immediately afterwards. I'd doubts of my experience, but a quick (unwitting) DIELD allowed me to relive, and thus, reconfirm, pretty much all of what occurred.

      Unintended WBTB turns into several hours without sleep. WILD attempts unsuccessful.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a park with my brother, Gregory, my niece, Annette, and my nephew, Milo. I tell Milo a (false-memory) story of my getting swept backwards up a slide, this somehow caused by a storm. Gregory is certain I'd actually gone downwards.

      False awakening in an unknown bedroom within an apartment. Mom and Gregory are around. I feel terribly ill, and rush to the unlit bathroom. Nausea ensues. Mom barges in, and complains of the mess I was making, though she did admit Gregory had it way worse when he was afflicted with this illness. I yelled at her to leave. When I turn on the light, I find the area's much bigger, and there were also numerous other toilets around. A sizeable group of people enter. I'm completely exposed to them all. So embarrassing. A boy points and laughs, and his mother tells him to hush up. I wonder why there weren't at least some partitions around. This may have linked to the next dream.

      Dream 2 - Mutant Lizard Meat

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was scrounging around in the ruins of a downtown area. Clearly, a post-apocalyptic scene. Two other companions were with me, one an unknown dark haired woman, and the other a familiar acquaintance, if not one of my brothers.

      All of us were hungry. In fact, we were literally reduced to eating crow, which we lured with rotted meat and killed with pointed sticks. I roast and eat one of such birds, which tasted like stale, unseasoned chicken. A while later, I get a bad stomach ache, though it passes. The woman, after doing the same, wasn't as fortunate. She complains of terrible pains behind her eyes and in her tongue. I asked if she'd cooked it properly. That's when she reveals it wasn't the crow causing this. Instead, it was meat from some (mentioned, but not seen) bipedal lizard-monster we'd killed at an earlier date that infected her. Figured this was merely curiosity on her part; our group wasn't THAT desperate. The woman's eyes start bulging up to inhuman degrees, and she claimed her tongue was growing far out of proportion. She must have been mutating.

      Suddenly, a distant thundering shakes the ground. A glance at remote skyscrapers revealed the silhouette of a massive reptilian creature. Right, as if things needed to get more interesting...

      Not much else happened until the dream ended.

      Tired enough to go for an afternoon nap, but still couldn't sleep despite my exhaustion. Rats.

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    4. Log 458 - Plane Flip and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 07-31-2016 at 06:03 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 31 July 2016

      Spellbee's Summer Lucid Competition 2016 - Entry 2

      There were many dreams today, including a DILD after my first WBTB. However, I've forgotten much of the others, and even of those three that I could identify, two of them are only fragments.

      Before the following, I do a 45 minute WBTB, which turned into an hour and 45 minute WBTB instead.

      Dream 1 - Plane Flip

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was a passenger in a small car, being taken down a long road at daytime. Grassy hills remained in view at my right. Driving the vehicle was my uncle, Felix.

      We stop at a red light. My uncle cuts ahead a bit, but backs up when he "remembered" his previous traffic citation. This all seemed very familiar... Anyway, he eventually makes a long right turn into a long, curved highway ramp. Soon, a large bridge is in sight. The George Washington Bridge, I thought, heading to New York. As I look around for the cityscape, I instead find the shadow of a mountainside in the distance. Just then, I realized I lived a few thousand miles away from this area, and thus, attain lucidity.

      I fly out. The dream starts fading into brown. So, I stabilize and anchor myself by muttering "deeper". In time, the environment reforms. I'm then floating over a grassy flatland with the distinctive blocky textures of Minecraft. Eh, done that. I grumble "deeper" a few more times, and willfully drop through the ground.

      As it turned out, this plane was only paper thin. I'm unexpectedly "flipped" into another area, its gravity completely reversed. After readjusting myself, I see I'm hovering high over a series of grass-topped, narrow plateaus. Still had the same cheap, boxy textures as before, if a bit brighter and clearer. Let's go deeper.

      Dived head first through the ground again with the intent to "flip" planes once more. Once inverted, I see I'm ducked down on a pebbly brook. This time, the visuals were realistic, though a bit dimmer. Still, this was much better overall. I played around with the water, splashing it around and letting it drift past my hands. Got a little too caught up with this; couldn't help but appreciate its lifelike, cool dampness.

      Well, I snap out of this after a minute or so. I tried looking around, only to find I can't move my neck. Stay calm. Just move on. I used my "Codec Device" to call my dream guide, E, but there was no response. Then, seconds after I gave up, a small, 8-bit figure appeared in view from my left. This seemed as a lady in a black cloak. She spoke to me in white text, though the words scrolled too fast for me to accurately read everything but her name (only remember it was an adverb; "Still", I think?). I'm quite certain this sprite-lady gave a snippy explanation as to why my guide wasn't going to show. She walked off-view immediately afterwards.

      Then, a bright spark bounces around in front of me. This begins shattering the environment. I maintain my grasp for half a minute before the dream collapses entirely.

      Scrap Group 1
      Waking up in a hotel room on a fluffy, pink covered and white bed. Next to that was an even smaller, pinker bed designed for children. The area was a bit messy. Mom and dad were nearby.

      Found several large roaches around the house, encountering them in some very unlikely spots each time (besides the laundry room). As I wake up, I feel a creeping sensation. I'm uncertain if it's real or not, and hesitate. Eventually, I blew air at it, where I then feel and hear the distinctive humming of large insect wings. Oh crap. I freeze in panic, and, once possible, instinctually try brushing it off. There's nothing there, just an illusion.

      Dream 2 - "Reality" Bites

      The visuals were clear. I was sitting in my home's dining room at daytime. Levon was nearby.

      As I was eating a meal from a bowl (porridge, I think), my lower left-most flat tooth snaps right off. I spit it out, and taste a distinctive mixture of blood and wheat. After staring at it haplessly for a few seconds, I rush to the bathroom. A look in the mirror did indeed confirm what I feared. I couldn't believe any of this, prompting a breathing test, yet this "proved" the "reality" of the situation.

      Still, I refused to accept any of this. As denial, I began running out the door to fly. Mom concurrently opened the door from the outside. Anyway, I leaped in the air and... faceplant. Hard. How embarrassing. The others muttered in confusion. Seeing as I couldn't humiliate myself any more, I just practiced some handstands, much to the further confoundment of everyone else.

      I wake up soon afterwards.

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    5. Log 300 - Simple Seated Stroll and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-25-2016 at 01:19 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 24 February 2016

      I managed to get a DILD, and a vivid one at that. Aside from that, there were a number of dreams I could recall today, more than in recent times. Probably a side effect of my new WILD anchors. Anyway, I know I remembered scraps of a dream after the first awakening, but forgot that by now. Before the first dream below, I could somewhat remember being in a desolate urban shopping district, where I played 16-bit era video games. There was some interaction with a bizarre, monstrous woman, one with arthropodal features, whom I nonetheless treated as a friend. After a few other dreams, there was also something about Futurama, where Fry turned into some giant, hideous slime creature, and beckoned for Leela to let him eat her, the latter of whom became conflicted on the matter for some reason. Finally, there were also fragments related to being in an urban environment or cityscape, all of which influenced similar dreams listed below.

      Spoiler for Spoilered to save space:

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    6. Alien Codec Call

      by , 02-20-2016 at 05:53 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 20 February 2016

      I succefully attained a WILD, and got what I believe was one of the TOTMs. There was a dream before the first awakening, which I partially recalled immediately after it occurred, though I remember nothing of it now.

      Spoiler for Spoilered to save page space:

      Spoiler for MEDIA REFERENCES:

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