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    Log 1099 - Morbidity and Fury

    by , 05-02-2018 at 11:46 PM (162 Views)
    Created Wednesday 02 May 2018

    Got one dream in memory today, part of which I had lucidity. There's a lot more to it, I'm sure, perhaps even another lucid scene...

    WBTB, then insomnia, before this dream started.

    Dream 1 - Morbidity and Fury

    Scene 1 - Smooth, Fuzzy Frohawk
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in the bathroom. While shaving, I noticed my hair had randomly changed into a mishmashed frohawk, fuzzy at some parts, and smooth in others. Took about minute before I figured out the dream. Things destabilized. There were various forgotten scenes before a transition to below.

    Scene 2 - Corpse Curiosity
    Stuck at the void. Still aware. I got morbidly curious of how people would react to finding a corpse in public. While remaining a disembodied spectator, a scene formed ahead, blurred at first, then mostly clarifying over time. This depicted a large arborous park in the middle of a city, overcast day sky above. Exposed behind a bench and trash can was the body of a dead woman, 40's, average build, slightly tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and in warm-colored formal wear. There were no apparent wounds, nor signs of decomposition.

    Passerby's appeared within a minute's time. At first, people didn't seem to notice her, or perhaps they just didn't care at all. Later, a mother and young child seated themselves on the bench. It took the kid's inquery, then horrified reaction, to finally get people to acknowledge the tragedy. Before any emergency personnel arrived, a pack of reprobates started openly looting the dead woman's belongings.
    This disturbed me enough to lose awareness. Unwitting transition.

    Scene 3 - Toy Air Counterattack
    The visuals were a bit blurred. Semi-lucid (knew this wasn't real, just not necessarily a dream). I was walking between the aisles of a toy store. Notably, I was an extraordinalily tiny figure within this enviornment, perhaps no bigger than a sugar ant.

    Soon, a woman (gigantic from my viewpoint) passes by. In fact, this was the above-mentioned dead lady, only very much alive at that point, of course. I float up to eye level, where I waved and shouted a greeting at her. Upon noticing me, the woman was driven into a snarling rage, swatting and striking at me without relent. Reactively, I created a fighter jet, forming it such that I was already flying it. I swooped around the angry giantess, dodging her attacks. Concurrently, I blasted her when given the chance, taking shots at and behind her joints. These may as well have been toy munitions, for they had no effect, save for enraging the woman further.

    One bad turn, and the jet was caught in the giant woman's hand. She then made the unusually diligent effort to try and peel me out of my vehicle. Well, whatever she had in mind, the dream ended before she could act out on such.
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