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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1172 - Hungry Summons

    by , 07-15-2018 at 03:35 AM (143 Views)
    Created Saturday 14 July 2018

    Got that DILD and a few other things to note. The non-LD portions aren't very clear, however.

    Scrap Group 1
    Swimming deep in the ocean with marine biologists. We could somehow speak clearly while underwater. The others had me join in eating live baby shrimp. I quickly regretted doing that; I don't even like the stuff when cooked! Cut to me in a fancy apartment with family. I'm embarrassed to find I've been afflicted with fleas.

    Dream 1 - Hungry Summons

    Scene 1 - Some Looped Emergency or Other
    The visuals were blurred. Don't have too good memory of this. I've various false awakenings in an unknown home. Various family members were there. Something dangerous was occurring. I was bordering lucidity, but only just. Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Marloss Sacrifice
    False awakening in an unknown bedroom, the morning sun peeking in from white-clothed shaded windows behind me. Remembering the above, I make a reality check via feeling for something in hand. Sensing as much informed lucidity. I reshaped this object, intending it to take the form of my guide, E. But, when I glanced beside me, I found it was a complete stranger. This was a plain-looking woman in her 30's, a light skinned and auburn haired Caucasian. Similar to my guide usual form, she appeared exceptionally tall and quite stout.

    Initially, I was a bit wary. But, for her part, the woman soon proved to be very... uh, amiable. Just as I'd warmed up to her, the lady became mournful. That's when her mouth suddenly warped, melting into a toothless maw of slagging flesh. The monstrous female chomped at me, aiming straight for my face. I could only hold her back by a wrist's length. She expressed great remorse, claiming she was acting under compulsion to devour me. Her bites became more frantic and unpredictable. It was only a matter of time before my strength would fail.

    In panic, I immediately conjured a Marloss Berry on my right hand, which appeared as a giant, flesh-like cherry. Any other time, I would've eaten it myself. But, instead, I'd offered it to the creature above me. I described the food being exceptionally filling and tasty. The monster woman was skeptical of such a claim. So, I crammed the berry into her mouth, taking care not to let her take my hand with it. And like that, the demoness' hunger subsided.

    The woman's face soon reverted to normal. Her hair, though, constantly changed every other second, going from long with a fringe, to a bobcut, to childish pigtails, among others. The odd lady then got curious of the above magic. She wondered if I could summon her a trophy, of all things, and got ingenuously jubilant when I promised I'd do so later.

    This moment lasted for two more minutes before the dream collapsed.

    Scrap Group 2

    Reloop of the first part of the above dream. A guy with brown hair and glasses was helping me out. I'd false memories of this happening the first time.

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