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    Log 1173 - WILD Jaunt and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-16-2018 at 02:35 PM (163 Views)
    Created Sunday 15 July 2018

    Got a dream and a WILD loop to note, though I've forgotten much of the non-lucid portions of the latter.

    Scrap Group 1
    Flying around at daytime. I thought I was LDing after waking up from this, but I can't prove that.

    Dream 1 - Hidden Designer Base

    The visuals were clear. I was entering a community center, one of numerous structures within a massive building complex. Apparently, I was infiltrating the place as part of a mission, of which wasn't entirely outlined at the moment.

    Numerous people were waiting in the front lounge, several distinctly cartoon figures. Of the latter group, I identified Bugs Bunny, and a heroically built cowboy. An armed guard and receptionist screened a gate further ahead. To get past them, I had to cause a commotion, which I managed by provoking those above-distinguished animated characters into attack each either.

    I sneaked through a cafeteria kitchen, and made my way into a small public computer lab. There, I gather further instructions on my objective. There were details of a high-profile clothing designer (slim woman in her 50's), and, more importantly, a secret bunker she'd hidden underground near the very site I stood in. I was tasked with breaking in there unnoticed, and steal a prototype of her latest dress. Much as one would spoil movies or games, I Googled a guide describing the target site's layout, making note of various alarm and gas traps. I then took a different nearby exit past another security gate, a middle aged black woman guarding the area. For a moment, I wanted to go back to look for random trivia, but was told I needed a library card, to which I admitted not having.

    Skip back to the lobby, then to the gate near the kitchen, all of which had been emptied. I continued onwards out a backdoor. This took me to a wide courtyard, night sky above. In the center was an even larger structure, the site of my mark. Contrasting the surrounding buildings, this one was completely unlit.

    Anyway, I opened a roll-up door on the side of the building, and broke in. Inside was an entire warehouse of fancy clothing, many already arranged in racks. I soon heard the steps of footsteps approaching, so I hid behind some of said clothes. In appears the designer, along with a group of execs and a full guard detail. She promotes her wares, odd, given the near pitch-darkness. There may have been word about contraband, or at least something of questionable legality. To better conceal myself, I turned invisible. This proved highly impractical, for doing so not only required my yelling out at the top of my lungs (I even shouted "FIND ME" at times!), but to also frequently repeat the action. And yet, it seemed the others were none the wiser. There were a few close calls, though it was due more to a clumsy misstep than from any noise I made.

    After prodding around, I found a hidden hatch near a pillar, the entryway to the bunker. Opening it revealed a stairway spanning to inscrutable depths. I continued a few stories below, before turning a hallway. At the end of that was the only door in sight. Inside that was a narrow room. All its walls were built of solid steel, save for the furthest one, which was made of bullet proof glass. A lower level was visible below, the area almost completely darkened, if it weren't for a spotlight featuring a small safe. The mark, no doubt.

    I noticed various unlabeled dials and levers nearby. Now, I knew better than to just activate any of these willy nilly... except I did so anyway. Such overeagerness cost me dearly. Within seconds, alarms were blaring, my exit was sealed shut by a vault door, and the hissing of gas could be heard above. I could just imagine that designer's smug amusement at my predicament. Still, I "figured" this was only a game. And so, through an interface, I merely exited to the 'main menu'. Quite a disappointment, losing the way I did, but it was better than dying.

    Now, I found myself in a cold forest during an especially brilliant night. Gigantic walls of an enormous city could be seen in the distance, its many sparkling lights not diminishing the view of the cosmos above. Such an unbelievable view had me in awe. It also almost lead to awareness. Unfortunately, just as I was bordering lucidity, that cat woke me up.

    Dream 2 - WILD Jaunt

    WILD transition in bed. I rub on the mattress to confirm. There were supposedly several housemates arguing in another room, but I disbelieved that entirely. It took a few tries at rolling out the bed before I fell to the void, where I rubbed my hands thoroughly before waiting out a transition.

    My first warp took me within dark caverns. I flew out the nearest exit, then got instantly teleported again. Next stop was in a misty forest of dead trees, a strange purple light in the distance the only source of visibility. Soon, I stumbled upon a campfire. A savage witch was performing a ritual there, her hair unkempt and cloak in scanty tatters. Various figures were hidden in the tree's branches, possibly others of her kind, if not far more frightful things. I carefully approached the sorceress for a closer look, only to get pulled away by a mysterious force.

    I was then warped in a snowy forest at night. Visible in the distance was a whimsical town, quite small, yet glistening with extravagant lights. Like something out of a Disney movie. I flew by a few houses, but couldn't really get too far before yet another transition.

    This time, I ended up in the outskirts of a town at early dawn. Contrasting the above, this was a bleak and derelict site. I strolled by a few of the more exposed buildings, but saw no one around.

    The dream collapsed soon afterwards. Don't recall other things clearly. Pretty sure I end up flying somewhere at daytime, with the possibility of being lucid. Something of my visiting distant relatives in a small house. Next was a false awakening, where some weird kid was in the lounge. Then, something of getting into an excessively brutal fight with my brother? Don't recall how this ended.

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