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    Log 1273 - Magic Rooftop Free-For-All

    by , 10-23-2018 at 11:49 PM (498 Views)
    Created Tuesday 23 October 2018

    Got a fragment and that WILD to note. There were plenty of other things, but I've since forgotten of them.

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about a WarioWare game? There was some divisive socio-political content in the game. Cue flame wars.

    Dream 1 - Magic Rooftop Free-For-All

    Scene 1 - Mobile Stability
    The visuals started dim and a bit blurred. WILD transition in bed during the dead of night. I slouch to the living room. I rub my hands, but this causes the opposite of stability. At the point of collapse, I spun in place, and kept moving around in general. Things were corrected within 30 seconds, but I went on longer just in case. I walked towards the back door, only to immediately phase halfway through the ground. I shrunk myself to about 1 foot in height, hoping this would fix things. Destabilzation. Warp.

    Scene 2 - Wizard Battle
    The visuals were brighter but still a bit blurred. I was flying over a walled medieval city during early morning, the environment rendered in cel-shaded CGI. Common folk were lingering about on the walls, and on the rooftops of buildings below. At times, there was some occasional lag in the others' movements. In fact, much like in some lazy cartoons and anime, several people didn't seem to have any animations at all...

    In an instant, the surroundings were replaced, now taking the form of an Imperial age Chinese city. Furthermore, things appeared "drawn" in 2D. Various figures were in darting all around on the rooftops. I swooped in for a closer look, to find I'd stumbled into a wizard battle. Much like a multiplayer deathmatch, these robed mages were blasting each other with the elements, while avoiding such attacks with levitation, illusions, and simple cover. A few appeared as long haired young men and women, a few others as white bearded old men. The rest were either wearing concealing clothing, or were too far away to distinguish.

    My visual perspective skews. Now, my own "avatar" appeared below in an isometric top-down view, appearing as a brown haired guy not exactly to my likeness. Tactile and audio sensations were retained in said avatar. I realign my view, and joined in battle. But, upon shooting a single fireball, things began destabilizing. I instantly discorporated back to a top down view to correct this. Anyway, I attacked the mages indiscriminately. With a raised hand, I fired various spells,a fire stream spell with my right, and with my left, ice waves. I then merged of the two, the combination swirling into an orb of both elements. It seems I was far more aggressive than the others. In the end, I chased away all of my opponents off the buildings, forcing them to contend in the streets below.

    Destabilization. Warp

    Scene 3 - Thanks For Noticing Me
    The visuals were dim once again. I was back in the living room, faint twilight providing some illumination. I take one step forward, only to find something was holding me back. Specifically, the coils of a massive, black scaled serpent, which was wrapped on my torso. A glance beside me revealed the real culprit: my guide, E, in her naga form, her narrow eyes and toothy grin gleaming in the darkness. She appeared thinner than usual. Still, E's distinct chortling further confirmed her identity.. She pulled my head to her arms. I all but burned with inquiry. Unfortunately, I sensed the dream was at its end. At the very least, I thanked her for being with me even for that brief moment. The dream collapsed within seconds.

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