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    1. 12-14-13 Dream Journal

      by , 12-14-2013 at 06:26 PM
      I have been really trying to improve my recall recently and it has helped to dramatically increase the vividness of my dreams. I have been remembering two or three dreams a night since my last update, but I haven't had the time to actually write a dj, yay for Saturday

      Dream One: Drug Lord
      I am at a retreat camp that my family owns (in the dream only sadly ), I run up to my brother (also in the dream only... weird) and start yelling at him. He has started selling drugs and I am very upset at him.... because he is stepping on my toes and will bring "the heat" down on me.

      Apparently I am a MASSIVE drug lord and have made billions of dollars producing and selling all kind of drugs. I have managed to do all of this and remain completely anonymous, nobody has any idea who I really am. I am angry that my brother might get found out, he isn't as smart as I am.

      I give him a huge bag of money that I am estimating was around 2 or 3 million dollars for him to stop what he is doing, and say I will give him another bag every month if he stops forever.

      Dream Two: Fa and Sexy Time
      I catch myself waking up and want to try to DEILD. I wouldn't say I am so much lucid at this point, as I am more just straight up awake. I re-relax my body and start trying to visualize a dream. I remember something I read from a DV member the other day about trying to feel a falling feeling, then you might transition to a FA or a lucid. So I start trying to imagine that I am falling, and I quickly start to fall back asleep. I repeat to myself "I am falling" "I am falling" "I am falling" getting more and more sleepy and quite.

      I wake up in my bed, crud that sucks it didn't work. I don't even think to RC because this feels just like real life, like I had woken up. I glance next to me and there is a naked woman on the bed next to me.... okay cool (durp doesn't think to RC lol). Sexy time ensues.

      This was the most vivid dream I have ever had, it was incredible! I want to describe more so that I will continue to remember in the future, but I don't really think it is appropriate so I guess I will just leave it at that. Okay I lied there is one part that is just to good to forget. It is just something she said, she looks right at me and says "well... let me see what you've got... it's what I came for after all........ humph... I show her....
      "HMMMMM... I see you have something to admire... here let me.... okay you get the picture, pretty freaking cool!

      Dream Three: Return of Giant Monster
      I am at my grandparents farm staying in a trailer. I look out the window and see a HUGE bird creature gliding down to land in the field. The bird creature is at least 10 ft tall and has a 20ft wingspan with human hands on the end of its wings.

      It glides around the farm making two circles, each time as it gets over me I here it sending a telepathic message, it says "Let peace and harmony rule this place, let only the blasphemer break the peace" As it circles around a second time I hear it repeat the same message.

      Then it lands and starts walking around, it moves less like a bird and more like I imagine a large dinosaur would.

      Anyway I am running out of time now so I am just going to say that the bird was evil, and it broke its own peace and tried to kill me and my grandparents. It killed one of our dogs and was able to shape shift into it to try and get into our presence. In the dream me and my grandparents both felt like we had fought this creature before, and had made preparations to fight it again. It was a pretty scary dream, and very vivid.