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    8/14/2020 Maybe Lucid?

    by , 08-15-2020 at 06:47 AM (58 Views)
    Last night I went to bed tired and had to wake up early so I decided not to try a WBTB attempt, so I wasn't really expecting to have any lucid dreams. When I went to sleep I just re affirmed my intention to remember my dreams. However I had a series of dreams that were awesome. In them I felt much more "me" in the dream. Like it was first person, and I was in the plot, and they were very vivid and fun. I thought about it throughout the day because I would love to have more dreams in this genre, but I have not been able to think of anything I thought or did differently to provoke them. It's a mystery.

    What was really interesting about the sequence of dreams is that in them I thought I was lucid, but I think they were more like dreams about becoming lucid, with only the very lowest levels of any real self awareness or memory because the plots where crazy and I never questioned them, and in the dreams I never considered I had any other body or activated memory at all.

    Dream One: Dream Warrior Clan
    I am standing with my two sisters in a trial ground of sorts. My whole extended family is standing around the three of us and we are lined up ready to begin a trial. At this time the dream is very vivid and first person and in the dream I imagine that I am lucid now, in fact I realize that all three of us are lucid and this is a dream sharing dream! In fact that is why all my extended family has gathered, because there has finally been a night when all three of us are lucid so that the trial can be conducted! (This is why I don't believe I was actually lucid, because I was fully engaged in this plot at this point).

    I am very excited because I have wanted to dream share with my sisters for a while now and it is finally happening! My uncle M.L steps forward and starts laying out the challenges of the trial. At the time I understood that my family was like an ancient clan of dream warriors, and the three of us were being tested to see if our training had prepared us to join.

    He shouts to begin, and I look up and see a crazy scene of a hoard of all types of monsters, fantasy, sci fi, everything, running and jumping down floating hills and other floating landscapes toward us.

    I understood that the trial was to fight them off. My sisters engage both running forward shouting war cries and attacking the closest of the monsters, I watched them thinking they looked very bad ass. I thought that I probably wouldn't have to fight because they could handle them but the monsters where much tougher than they looked, and some of them were like captains that had dream control and dream powers themselves.

    My sisters had each only managed to defeat a small handful of the monsters each, and as I looked around the swarm extended as far as I could see in every direction, even from about because there were floating landscapes above us they were jumping down from also.

    At this time I am not really emotionally invested yet, I am just preparing myself to have fun fighting like I normally would. But as I am looking around trying to find a tough monster I hear my sister A.S cry and like she has been hurt and as I jerk to turn to see her, she is on the ground and a big werewolf monster that is like twenty feat tall and all white is standing over her holding a big club over his head to swing down at her.

    And I get REALLY MAD! Like more mad than I have been in years in any dream. And I start to summon up my deepest rage and strongest powers, and time slows down.

    And I enter a place beyond rage of calm deadly focus, of pressure, and destructive intent, and I want to kill them all.

    I am scared I will hurt my sisters, so I look to find my other sister A.B. and am impressed that she is still holding her own. I hold both of them in my mind so that I don't accidentally hurt them, and begin releasing my power.

    I summon my Techno (I gift in a previous dream) which begins to well up from the center of the earth spreading my Techno rhythm to the whole planet. The ground begins to shake and a steady thumping emerges from all matter.

    I summon my two swords (which won me title king of the arena in a previous dream) which fall into my outstretched arms descending from the sky.

    As I look around I think that I could defeat all the monsters with the power I had already summoned, with my rage, my rhythm, and my swords. But I am feeling strong, and am so full of rage that my sister is in real danger even though this is just a trial, and I am angry with my family for letting this test get so out of control so quickly.

    So I decide to really cut loose and summon my strongest dream power, I summon my pressure (also a power from a previous dream). Living within me is a million year old demon spirit (my deepest rage and primal arrogance and violence) that is always sleeping and only wakes up when it senses another million year spirit. It is awoken and summoned by my rage and my spirit begins to swell to a great density, gravity, and pressure. I make sure that I am still holding my sisters in my mind so that they are not crushed.

    I begin resonating with my techno beat and gently float up into the air, I lower my gaze unto the monsters that are now all paused and looking at me, and I let them meet my gaze as if to ask them who amongst them would dare to stand before me.

    And they all start running. I notice that my extended family that was monitoring the trial is scared and shocked, and they are running too as I was angry with them for endangering my sister, and not holding them in my mind to make sure they were not harmed, so my power is violent towards them also, but still not as focused with rage as toward the monsters.

    I claim dominion. Non will stand before my violence and power. I gather my rage and power, and flexing my arms back and body I challenge all foes within my dominion to face my power, I challenge them all. And I kill them all.

    In the dream it wasn't a long fight at this point. I really just wanted to express my anger and with my strongest anger summoned I flexed all my power and let out a shout, and the next second all the monsters where gone and the dream transitioned.

    With all the monsters gone the trial ground looks peaceful again. I start quickly flying away because I don't want to be here anymore. My sisters and family are gone and I am all alone. As I fly up into a blue looking sky I hit a wall and realize the sky is just a painted dome with clouds and blue painted on it. It seems really hard, and I know that it's not supposed to be passable, but I feel like it is like the nether roof in Mindcraft and I know how to glitch myself upwards through it to get out and to the roof, outside the laws, to the space I'm not supposed to get to.

    So I glitch myself through the ceiling and I end up in the vast area, and feel and incredible amazement at what I see. This space is full of everything our dream warrior clan has ever captured, confiscated, or created. There are weird devices and buildings all over and I don't really know what any of them are but I feel like they are a great treasure and am very curious to explore them.

    As I am feeling this amazement and curiosity the dream ends and I wake up.

    Analysis: When I wake up I felt excited like I had just had an awesome lucid dream, but also very emotionally drained. I still felt scared for my sister, but also excited like maybe they were actually semi-lucid also and will remember the same dreams (they did not). I don't usually feel strong emotions like that and the excitement, fear, anger, deep rage, shame of completed violence, and excitement and curiosity again at the end where almost overwhelming. I started committing the dream to memory so I would not forget it, and after rehearsing it went back to sleep.

    I had more dreams in the first person nature of this dream through the night, but non of them were as intense as this first one. I really like the first person nature of the dreams though, almost a semi lucidity. I feel like recognizing dream signs, and activating a lucid mindset in these type of dreams to really DILD would be possible.
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